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The next Hours arc will focus on Batman.
Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man are pretty much the main characters of the series at this point. Supes and Spidey have had After Hours and Happy Hour respectively, so it stands to reason that the next arc will be Bats-centric.
  • I don't know; Happy Hour was pretty Bat-centric, too.
    • Given all that's happened in Bat-canon recently and the appearance of Darkseid at the end of 'Happy Hour', I'm willing to lay money on the odds that the next arc will at least incorporate Batman RIP and Final Crisis.
      • Jossed, Zero Hour actually was mainly about Green Goblin and Deadpool. Doesn't mean the one afterwards won't involve Batman, though.

Now that Disney owns Marvel Comics, Mickey Mouse will become their new boss, and unleash a Reign of Terror upon the Marvel Universe.
We're talking, of course, about the foul-mouthed, fascistic Corrupt Corporate Executive Mickey from the Jonas Brothers episode of South Park. Since DC is owned by Warner Brothers, Disney's historical competition, the tyrannical Mouse will forbid the Marvel characters from interacting and associating with the DC characters. A new story arc will focus on how they cope with this evil takeover.
  • Or, it could start like this, only to be subverted with a neat twist showing how everyone believes this will happen, only for Disney to show that it loves superheroes, with a shout-out to the mouse giving Marvel a new show, and a show of Uncle Pennybags by letting DC stick around as fellow heroes.

The next comparison videos will cover the area of Marvel and DC that hasn't been mentioned yet: Cartoons
Bored of just watching movies all the time, the heroes instead decide to watch Justice League and The Avengers and reflect on how their adventures are going on there. The kicker? Next thing you know, a whole slew of those characters will start inviting themselves to Stan's Place, and by the next story arc, we will have a full scale team-up between more than just the core members of the two companies.

Green Goblin will be the next villain.
Related to the theory that Batman will be the next superhero because we've gotten Supe and Spidey, we've also gotten a Supe and Spidey villain, and GG has now Taken A Level In Badass following his fight with the Joker. And yeah, I know they introduced Darkseid at the end, but that could be used to build-up for season 4.
  • Appears Jossed for Season 3, although you never know for Season 4. The Randomverse Green Goblin isn't really the Big Bad type, though.
    • And now with Reboot!Green Goblin in the picture, this actually has a better chance of occurring in Season 4.

The thing Green Goblin was injected with gave him Deadpool's ability to break the fourth wall-including the fact that they're in a web series.
It would explain why he came up with ending the episode on a cliffhanger scene, and why he seems more nuts than usual.
  • Confirmed in Zero Hour 3.
  • Does this mean Lex also knows he's in a web series?

Zero Hour will eventually turn into a Deconstruction of the Ensemble Dark Horse trope.
Green Goblin and Deadpool, the series' two main Ensemble Darkhorses, have gradually gotten more and more screentime, especially in Zero Hours 2 & 3, culminating in both of them getting sent to the future, After the End, instead of Superman. This will eventually turn into subtle commentary on just what happens when you let quirky side characters hijack the plot from The Heroes, just because they are popular.
  • This seems to be the case so far. When Goblin and Deadpool arrive in the future, Future Lex does not have much hope in them. Not to mention everything that happened in Episode Five... Needless to say, Lex isn't too happy about letting them save the world.

When Zero Hour starts up again in the Fall of 2010, Deadpool and Goblin will be revealed playing cards or reading comics to pass the time while Lex was just staring in disbelief.
They both have the power to break the fourth wall and so they might be aware of time that passed. Also, it might serve as a take that to the fans who had been wondering when Zero Hour will start again?
  • They might do that, but not because the both have the ability to look past the fourth wall. Goblin LOST his ability because of Lex, so now he's just regular Gobby. More than likely, Deadpool would have just asked Goblin to play cards with him and he agreed.
  • Well, it didn't happen, but Deadpool did at least acknowledge the time passage, saying he waited six months for episode 4.

Some Bionicle character will make some sort of appearance
Why? Filler, most likely. Maybe a Bionicle: Mask of Light or Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (yes, I know Mask of light was back in 2003 and The Legend Reborn was 2009. Shut up) Vs. that Direct to DVD Iron Man movie. Why those two? Because both Tahu and Mata Nui sorta look like Iron Man. That, and the Bionicle comics are published by DC.

Spider-Man's nightmare of his revamp by Sony! will have at least one Hilarious in Hindsight moment

The Flash will eventually show up in the series.
And he will play a pivotal role in the arc he appears in, after which he'll become a regular. Meanwhile, one or more of his Rogues Gallery will join the villains' bar.
  • Of course, the only way that'll happen is if they ever happen to actually get around to making his movie, which has been in Development Hell for quite some time. It doesn't help that Ryan Reynolds, who was originally posited for the titular role in the tentative Flash movie, eventually got the starring role in Green Lantern (2011) instead.
  • It WOULD make sense for Flash to be inducted into the regular cast at some point; after all, Wonder Woman's a regular cast member and she doesn't have a live-action movie like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern do.
    • Flash has been shown in two more recent videos—the video pitching the much-talked-about upcoming Justice League movie with Robin John Blake as Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, and the video showcasing the upcoming "Goku vs. Superman" showdown.
    • Flash has finally gotten his own feature video, where he argues with Quicksilver over the advantages or disadvantages his own series on the CW has in contrast to Quicksilver's own major film appearances. Quicksilver's only got one advantage over Flash—the fact that he's got a hot sister in Scarlet Witch—yet he himself doesn't seem to realize it.

The presence of Ghost Rider in the series means there's a chance Spider-Man will reclaim his memories of his marriage
.Considering that Mephisto is Ghost Rider's chief nemesis, it's only natural.

Joe Polachi is actually The Joker

Joe Polachi is a Joker, but not The Joker
  • I'm basing this off of the fact that it was never ACTUALLY confirmed yet if Darkseid actually killed the Joker. There's the probability that Darkseid just got fed up, and returned the Joker to his reality, yet in the transfer, he was accidently replaced by the Frank Miller-style Joker. Again, I can't stress this enough, I haven't read any DC comics.

Lars will betray Lex near the end of the season.
Because he's that much of a douche. And Spidey likes the hair.
  • Considering that Lex doesn't ever thank him, and he is obsessed with getting back Lance's head, Lars may feel like The Unfavorite.
    • Confirmed

Captain America's entrance to the show will be epic!
  • Random Guy seems to hold Captain America above most other superheroes ( after all, it was Captain America who got Superman of all people out of his Heroic BSoD!), so it stands to reason that his formal introduction into the cast will involve something either very heroic or very funny, or both!
    • Confirmed!

The Meow Mix in Batman's Pocket Has Something To Do With Catwoman.
  • Suddenly it makes much more sense.
    • And with Catwoman's upcoming presence in the soon-to-be-released The Dark Knight Strikes, maybe it'll become a Chekhov's Gun.

Joe Quesada will appear in the series as a Big Bad.
This is related to the Ghost Rider WMG above. Since the real-world reason for the events of One More Day was Executive Meddling on Quesada's part, it will become a plot point in this series, and there's going to be a major calling-out of Quesada by Stan Lee himself in-story (with the Real Life Take That! in the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip, where One More Day got subverted, playing a major role).

The DC Relaunch is going to be included, or at least, joked about.
After all, Peter's deal with Mephisto was included as part of the After Hours plot, so it doesn't make sense for a rebooting of the DCU to not be at least mentioned in passing somehow.
  • Batgirl will show up to help, and someone will ask her "Didn't you use to be crippled?"

Darkseid has become an Omnicidal Maniac
Darkseid obviously did not take the Joker's revelation well. It seemed like it went so far that Darkseid was driven insane. Now he wants to destroy all realities in his outrage at being a fictional character.
  • Not really. He plans to reveal the fact that comic book characters only exist for their companies' sales and can be rebooted at any time if they affect the companies' bottom line, and by said revelation he aspires to rob the heroes of willpower to do anything further or even to oppose him.
    The logic of the reboot is the TRUE Anti-Life Equation.

Red Skull will show up as a future Big Bad
With Captain America being a regular face in the series now that he's gotten two live-action appearances and several animated movie appearances up to this point, it's pretty much inevitable. Thing is, though, when the Skull appears, one of two things will happen: (1) He'll be how we all know him to be, and possibly even worse for this series; or (2) he'll be made somewhat Lighter and Softer, kind of like how Green Goblin's been made more hammy and lovably Ax-Crazy as opposed to how he is in the comics as recently lampshaded by Darkseid.

The next Big Bad will be a Marvel
The first three seasons all had DC villains for the Big Bad. Lex Luthor, The Joker, and then Darkseid. Marvel is due a supervillain by this point. Red Skull would be a reasonable option, but Galactus would also work. I don't know if there's an Ultron toy out there, but it would possibly make a good choice too. Regardless, the Marvel universe is due to toss out a villain with big plans for Stan's Place.
  • Or, considering his role in the films, Loki could be the next Big Bad.
  • Or, since he's been a recurring threat for so long, Doctor Doom could finally have his go. After all, who better to finally give Marvel villains a chance to shine then the guy who formed the second Legion of Doom with the other villains.

Mephisto will the Big Bad of Season 4.
Zero Hour de-constructed the idea of Money, Dear Boy. Given how One More Day is arguably the single most hated and injuring incident in comic books, Season 4 will deal with the problem of Executive Meddling. Mephisto will be a powerful and dark figure, but unlike Darkseid he'll be completely aware about being a fictional character. He will be Eviller Than Thou to Darkseid(possibly demoting him to The Dragon), who can't simply be broken by the idea that he's fictional or even an action figure. His motive? Use Executive Meddling and Character Derailment to kill a character at the meta-fictional level. He will utilize "enforcers" who trick characters or alter their minds to become derailed versions of their regular selves. For example, Mephisto would bring Batman's parents back and let him have a happy family, which will lead to him becoming Crazy Steve. The ultimate objective will be for the audience to abandon their heroes, destroying the medium itself.