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The home for all the completely insane (or relatively sane) theories regarding The Imperium Of Man Comes To Gensokyo. Be aware, however, that theories deemed heretical may be subject to summary execution.

Someday The Thread Will End

  • Confirmed. Gloriously.

The Harvester Is Actually A Double Agent Working For Tzeentch

His powers and skill set seem more geared towards a servant of Tzeentch than a Nurglite daemon. He loves to play mind games with his chosen victims. His most potent attack (seen thus far) was to trick the Black Templars into killing each other. He is a Master of Illusion. And most importantly, he seems to be developing into a Chessmaster. Do these traits not just scream 'Tzeentch!' at you?


The Harvester Is Actually Working In Collaboration With Arcturus From An Alternate Universe (Or Possibly The Future)

Alternate Arcturus (known from here-on in as Alturus) comes from an alternate dimension where Bickerstaff never turned to Chaos. As a result, Zee was never possessed by Laernariel, and never turned into a vampire. This meant that she died at some point. Without her and her unique set of skills, the Imperium was unable to prevent a great catastrophe. In an attempt to prevent the catastrophe, Alturus made a Deal with the Devil with Harvester to save his wife. To achieve this Harvester messed with Bickerstaff's head until he turned to Chaos, and the rest is history.

The Harvester Is Controlling Tyranthraxus, Or Vice Versa, Or Is Working With Him, Or Is Tyranthraxus

Both exhibit marked Tzeentchian tendencies and slightly less Nurglite ones, they may be fragments of the same demon, at the very least working towards the same goal.


Inquisitor Hrima is a Tzeentchian Agent

There is something sinister about him, and it's stated that not even the other Inquisitors know what he is doing half the time. He aids Arcturus in finding the Brotherhood of the Striking Cobra, and aids Remilia's attempts to become an Inquisitor. The first of these uncovered a plot thread that seems to point towards the Thousands Sons, and we know that Ahriman has something in store for the team; it is entirely possible that Hrima is one of Ahriman's agents within the Inquisition. Plus, his name appears to hint at this - Ohrmuzd is a name for an entity in zoroastrianism, much like Ahriman, and 'Hrima' is an abbreviation of 'Ahriman'

Magnus Intended To Lose

Even being blind-sided by Bickerstaff's intervention and the capabilities of the Immaterium Engine, Magnus is a Traitor Primarch. It seems suspect that he would be defeated so easily. It makes more sense that he was intentionally not putting up much of a fight in order to advance some other plan.


The Emperor Did Not, And Has Has, Manifested On Gensokyo

Most sources indicate that the Emperor was not alive anywhere near the time of Gensokyo's Sealing. Tewi was simply lying because it was strategically advantageous. The Emperor who manifested on Gensokyo over the course of the roleplay was not the Emperor, but someone or something with a large psychic signature impersonatig him. This explains how Yukari knows him; she doesn't know the Emperor, but rather has met the creature impersonating him before and has no other name for it. This would mean that Zee is not in fact a Living Saint, but something else entirely..


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