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  • Uncle Ben vs Jor-El.
  • Superman is not at all amused that he represents the nerdy loser PC side of the Get a Mac ads they're parodying while Spider-Man is the good-looking, normally dressed everyman Mac. After some bickering, they decide once and for all to show to the world that they are nothing like their inspiration and do the video in their civilian forms...only to find that they look more like the commercials than before.
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  • Iron Man vs. Batman 3
    Iron Monger: Hi, I'm a Marvel.
    The Joker: And I'm the Joker!
    Iron Monger: ...Welp, can't argue with that logic. I'll see you around.
  • And how could we forget Iron Man VS Batman #5?
    • The following Iron Man vs Batman begins with Iron Man wandering around and moping, having a drink, listening to music and watching TV. And then Batman suddenly turns up:
      Batman: What are you doing?
      Iron Man: Oh, like you care. I'm drowning my sorrows in alcohol, what does it look like I'm doing?
      Batman: No, I mean what are you doing in my house?
  • Goblin Bloggin'. All of it.
  • During the "Wolverine v. Rorschach" video, the titular characters, plus Sabretooth, decide that the combined awesomeness of their movies will make people's heads explode, leading to this moment...
    Rorschach: And all the whores will look up at us and shout "Save us", and I'll whisper "No."
    Wolverine: And I'll say "Sorry, darling."
    Sabretooth: And I'll say... scale of 1 to 10, what kind of whores are we talking about?
  • What do you get when you put one of the darkest comic book characters ever (Rorschach) in the same room with one of the funniest (Deadpool)? Pure frickin' hilarity.
    • "I smell a sitcom!" Leading to the creation of ''Rorschach And Deadpool: The Series, which is one big Funny Moment after another.
      Rorschach and Deadpool!
      A nut and a fool!
      He's a mental case.
      Music's not his thing.
      So I wrote the theme!
      I'm so talented- copyright Deadpool!
      Copy and I'll sue!
      I think that the song should end right HERE.
    • Rorschach realizing that shooting Deadpool is essentially pointless, especially when he asks-"You don't die, do you?" Deadpool's response? "NOPE!"
    • Deadpool's reaction to Manhattan's "notable appendage".
      Deadpool: "Hi, I'm a Marve- WHOA!!!"
    • Which was called back in Green Lantern vs X-Men: First Class.
    • Deadpool tries the Sitcom attempt again with Rorschach and Wolverine. Hilarity Ensues.
      • "Rorschach and Wolveriiiiine! They make a great teeeaaaam! Heeee's a psychopath. Heeee's also a psychopath. I don't think that the premise really works." (Is shot by Rorschach again.)
        Deadpool: So how does this thing work again?
        The Comedian: Eh, we just fight over our movies, that's all.
        Deadpool: Huh...okay. (clears throat) Hi, I'm a Marvel...(aims a gun at The Comedian)
        The Comedian: ...and I'm a D—(gets shot by Deadpool)
        Deadpool: ...and boom goes the dynamite. Deadpool wins! (beat) What?
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  • Deadpool beating up Dudepeel's head. It happens near the end though.
  • Deadpool and Green Lantern. Especially the second bit where he serenades Ryan Reynolds.
  • Deadpool giving Thor insult advice:
    Green Lantern: (to Deadpool) He got that from you, didn't he?
    Deadpool: It was either that or Hammer Time.
    Green Lantern: Good call, good call.
    • From the same video:
      Green Lantern: Hey, at least my film is escapism.
      Thor: My film is escapism as well!
      Green Lantern: Please... your trailer makes it look like you spend half the movie in flannel shirts looking like Kurt Cobain on steroids, just wandering around, taking in the local flavor of Albuquerque. That's not escapism, that's an independent film from 1996! Hell, that's every independent film from 1996!
  • From Green Lantern vs. First Class, Professor X using the Jedi Mind Trick on Green Lantern, and the callback to a previous video, dealing with a naked blue character- in this case, Mystique. "WOAH!"
    • The entire opening qualifies: It consists entirely of Magneto ranting about mutant superiority and what not while dropping a locker on Green Lantern to prevent him from talking.
  • In Captain America vs. Green Lantern, the Captain actually manages to handle Deadpool. Let that sink in for a moment.
    Deadpool: Excuse me, but when you said "Avengers assemble," should I have taken that as an invitation?
    Captain America: (sigh) Deadpool...(holds up a cell phone) it's for you.
    Deadpool: Oh. (takes the phone, which clearly has no one on the other side) Hello? Hello? Alright, two can play the Quiet Game!
    Hal Jordan: Nice job, Cap!
    Captain America: Hey, I punched out Hitler. I can handle Deadpool.
  • The musical episode.
  • From the "Batman vs Avengers" video, after Captain America tells the others to stop fighting over their movies & get along.
    Batman: "My God, he's almost as bad as Clark."
    Iron Man: "You should see him on the Fourth of July."

  • The parody of Star Trek (2009), which has Spiderman and Wolverine fighting over who's the captain, Deadpool as Scotty, Batman as Spock ("Wouldn't it make more sense for Clark to be Spock?" "You've got the ears, just roll with it, sir.") Not to mention: "Fire everything!" "FIRE EVERYONE!"
  • The first Harry Potter parody.
  • This:
    Deadpool: *after Dexter wins his "Emmys"* Congratulations, Dex. And while we're here, can I interest you at all in being a part of...RORSCHACH AND DEADPOOOOOOOOL! AND DEXTER'S HERE TOOOO-*shot*
    Rorschach: *runs onscreen* We've only got a few minutes, run, RUN!
  • All of the attempted Transformers parody, including the beginning, which features Deadpool and Wonder Woman in bed together. Also: Spider-Man angsting over Marvel losing the comic rights to Transformers...
    Spider-Man: This is the worst decision Marvel has ever ma—
    (Deadpool holds up the head of "Dudepeel", the version of him from X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
    Spider-Man: This is the second worst decision Marvel has ever made!
  • Deadpool as Lt. Aldo Raine:
    Deadpool: And by our cruelty they will know who we are! If our costumes don't give us away first.
    • And:
      Deadpool: And the Skrull will not be able to help themselves from the imagining the cruelty that our brothers endured at our hands, at the edge of our knives, at the edge of our knives that come from our hands.
  • The Spider-man reboot parody features our lovable webslinger saying probably the most famous DC Memetic Mutation ever, except his way:
    Scared Mook: W-Who are you?
    Spider-man: I'm the goddamn Spider-man.
  • Superbowl Old Spice ad. Deadpool. Magic happens.
    Deadpool: Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Now squint at your man. Now look at me in HD.
    • Later on:
      Deadpool: All hope is not lost! Poof! (he says this as the background is pulled away) What does that low-budget sound effect mean?
  • The Hangover II Parody:
    Beast: I beg your pardon, but would you dastardly curs mind informing me as to why you have transported me from my humble abode into this den of squalor and depravity?
    Sabretooth: Oooh, a monkey!
    • The goddamn Joker saying the line: "We had a sick night, bitches!"
  • The ending of the 'Stark Platnium' card commercial:
    Goblin: What's in your wallet? (Cut to show Goblin is talking to someone) Dude! I said gimme the freaking wallet! I have a pumpkin bomb, here, I will END you!
  • Shit Batman Says in its entirety. Especially the last few lines.
    Batman: You're a Boy Scout, Clark. You're naive, Wally. You're arrogant, Arthur. You're a jerk, Hal. (looks at Wonder Woman) ...wanna go out sometime?
    • Also after asking a number of villains to let him help them, he simply punches out the Joker.
  • Shit Spider-Man Says follows in the previous entry's footsteps, and has the funniest ending.
    Spidey: Well, the world may hate Spider-Man, but at least I have you, Mary Jane.
    (cue Mephisto)
    Spidey: Oh, come on!
  • Every single one of the Marvel/DC Christmas cards.
  • In Ways to Screw Up the Avengers Movie:
    "I'm here to talk to you about the Avenger Initative...Howard." Given the Stinger to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, this is now a possibility, damn you Marvel...
    "Huh, Mjollnir hath suddenly sprung to life in animated form!"

  • This exchange:
    Spider-Man: Wait, so that means you couldn't even see your movie!
    Daredevil: No. So, how was Guy Pearce in it?
    Spider-Man: ...Guy Pearce?
    Daredevil: Yeah. Well, I heard he was rumored to play me for a while and then people just sort of stopped talking to me about it. So how was he?
    Spider-Man: ...I think my spider sense is tingling. Gotta go!
  • The Running Gag with Professor X and Magneto playing chess.
    Magneto: I'm wearing the helmet, Charles, so don't even think about cheating.
    Professor X: I wouldn't dream of it. Your thoughts?
  • Ironman's alcoholic tendencies
    Spider-Man (talking about the Green Goblin): Honestly, who's stupid enough to get that drunk?
    Iron Man: Look, ComiCon went really well alright? I'd been very good, I was celebrating, everyone was doing it, we thought we could make it to Tijuana, they dropped the charges so just SHUT UP OKAY?!
    • Iron Man face-down on the table in the first After Hours, drunkenly slurring Iron Man.
      Batman: Tony? Tony, I'm driving you home. Tony, come on, get up.
      Iron Man: *mumbled gibberish* IwantsomeCocoPuffs.
    • Later:
      Spider-Man: Well, what'd you let him drink for? He's an alcoholic!
      Batman: I gathered that around the fifth round of Jaeger. Although a heads-up might have been nice.
      Spider-Man: Well, maybe you shouldn't have mentioned your movies!
      Batman: Maybe you shouldn't have invited him to a bar.
  • Lance's explanation of what happened to Superman in the first After Hours:
    Lance: K, well, stuff happened, and I was all 'Hey Superman' and he was all like 'Dude Lance what's up?' and I was like 'Goblin's all weird and stuff' and he was like 'Dude I should totally check that out 'cause I'm like Superman and I rock'. So then I showed it to him and I'm like 'Dude, what's that?' and then he touched it and it was like 'Dude no way I'm disappearing aaaaahhh.'
    • The fact that Lance recalls Superman saying this in Superman's own voice makes it even funnier.
  • In part one of the seventh chapter of "After Hours," Batman and Superman briefly revert to their World's Finest Comics incarnations. They constantly assure each other of their friendship, with Batman eventually exclaiming, "We're as close as two friends can possibly be without going over any boundaries that would be indicative of our being more than friends!" After Batman and Superman return to normal, they agree to pretend the reversion never happened.
    • The next shot reveals Spiderman so unsettled that he's up on the wall.
  • Almost anything Green Goblin does in the After Hours series, but particularly the time in Happy Hour that he took on all the brainwashed superheroes single-handedly and won... not.
    Goblin: I did it. I beat 'em all!
    Spider-Man: ... Yeah. That'd be great if it had actually happened. But we're gonna freakin' die!
  • From Happy Hour #2:
    Green Goblin: "Hey pretty lady, you want to make out?"
    Spider-Man: "Still me, Gobby."
    Green Goblin: "Oh... So you want to make out?"
    Spider-Man: "No. But you should definitely ask Logan."
    • Also this little part:
    • And at the end of the episode the Joker lets out one of his usual Evil Laughs as the screen goes black, then it comes back with Batman and Spiderman in the Joker's view right behind Lex.
      Joker: They heard me laughing didn't they?
      Lex: Yes sir.
      Joker: Yeah I need to work on that.
    • From the next episode:
      Green Goblin (to Wonder Woman): Hello, Mistress. The safe word is "pumpkin". Sound good? (Wonder Woman grabs him by the wrist). Pumpkin, pumpkin, PUMPKIN!
    • There's a bit of a Call-Back later when Batman grabs Green Goblin's wrist and he says "Pumpkin! Pumpkin!"
  • Spidey's wild ride in the Batmobile. "Please don't tell anyone I webbed myself."
  • Lex and Gobby both tripping balls on some serious sedatives in the back of the Batmobile. The part that really sells it is the bit where they have a screaming loud, yet perfectly civil debate about which film version of the Incredible Hulk they prefer at the top of their lungs.
    • Also, when a drugged-up Green Goblin fails to get Lex to talk, Batman drugs him up too... then we see the both of them singing and waving their arms in the back of the Batmobile. To add icing to the cake, Spiderman is Face-Palming.
  • When Green Goblin, enraged at witnessing the Joker smacking Harley around, goes on a huge spiel that is completely censored to hilarious effect. Several long seconds of "bleep!" accompanied with elaborate hand gestures and ending with, "—up Richard Gere's ass!"
    • Made even funnier when he realizes that everyone is looking at him and he's supposed to be drugged.
      • Green Goblin: (to a Gatorade bottle.) You hear that, Toto!
  • Also from Happy Hour:
    The Joker: Tell me, my friend - ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?
    Green Goblin: Yeah. He told me you're gay.
  • Goblin: (inner thoughts) "I'm doing your girl, I'm glad you're dead. I'm doing your girl, I'm glad you're dead. I'm doing your girl, I'm glad you're dead..." (out loud) I'm sure he knew exactly how I felt about him."
  • Also from Happy Hour:
    Spiderman: Even my girlfriend was murdered.
    Green Goblin: I can vouch for that.

  • From Rorschach and Deadpool # 1:
    • The Mook that Rorschach had been trying to question and Deadpool shot wakes up in the hospital:
      Mook: Ugh...what?
      Deadpool: (in a paternal tone) There's our little trooper! When we get out of here, you can have all the ice cream you want!
      Mook: Oh God! Wasn't there Security at the door?
      Deadpool: Well sure, but hey you know me! (mimes shooting his pistols) Pa-chew! Pa-chew!
      Rorschach: Remember, he already fears us. Now get him to trust us.
      Deadpool: Okay, so tell us what we want to know and you'll leave here with just the one gunshot wound. Or was it two? Well, no more than six. But you'll walk out of here alive! Probably. Well, maybe. Actually, you know what, I don't want to say for sure at this point 'cause he's gonna want to break your fingers and who knows what I'm gonna do to you! So, anyway, the point is: you're gonna die, we get the info, and everybody's happy! Except you, the dead guy. And don't worry, unless we find them, your family will be completely safe! But, full disclosure, we're actually really good at finding people, so just be thankful you won't live to see what happens to them! So, uh, can we hurry this up, cause I've actually got this thing...
      Rorschach shoots him.
    • The ending:
      Rorschach: How the hell did I end up being the good cop?!
  • Rorschach and Deadpool #2:
    'Deadpool': You think I don't have friends? I have plenty of friends! There's the friends I make up, the friends in my dreams, the ones who suddenly become my friends when I pull out a rocket launcher...
    • And, in the same episode:
      'Rorschach': Do me a favor.
      'Deadpool': Yeah?
      'Rorschach': Go get us some weapons. Lots of them. And meet me back at the hero bar in half an hour.
      'Deadpool': (really excited) Who are we killing?
      'Rorschach': I'll show you when I get there
      'Deadpool': Ahhhhh yeah! The heroes are gonna have so many questions for me that I won't be able to answer!
  • Batman has Spider-Man call Deadpool for help and the scene changes to the ending of the Rorschach and Deadpool video.
    Phone (with Deadpool voice): This is a ring tone! So pick the phone!
    Deadpool: Yeah? Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!
    Spider-Man: (hangs up the phone) He said "no."
    Batman: Give me the phone!
    • Once Deadpool arrives at Stan's Place Batman assigns him to protect Lance's head while they do research and not contact them until he finds a way to destroy it. Deadpool assures them "this isn't the first dismembered head I've had to take care of!"
  • Deadpool and Green Goblin's first meeting is funny as hell, as would be expected from the two craziest characters in the series.
    • Batman explains that Deadpool is the ideal candidate to guard Lance because his brain cells are in a constant flux making him Immune to Mind Control, and his Healing Factor makes him nearly immortal. Then Deadpool pulls a The Wizard of Oz stunt just after this with Lance's head.
      Spider-Man: (face-palming) "Ideal," right.
    • "DUDE! That entrance was awesome!"
  • "MUSHROOM CLOUD!" and the imaginary fight in general of Zero Hour 3.
    • "Brought to you by Stan's Place: The Heroes Bar. Serving alcohol to your role models! 1-300-Deadpoo. People with fetishes, please stop calling. And the Stark platinum Card. Gold Cards are for pussies."
      Goblin: You tried to nuke me; now I'm gonna kick yer ass!
      Deadpool: Nu-uh!
      Goblin: Yeah, because now I'm gonna spray you with Anti-Magic-Bullet-Spray!
      Deadpool: Dude, no way!
      [They proceed to babble incoherently at each other]
      Lex Luthor: (watching this on camera) WHAT THE F[beep]K IS WRONG WITH THESE MORONS?!
  • From Zero Hour #6:
    Lars: Boys, you will please begin the beat down now, yah?
    Creature: (indistinguishable growl)
    Lars: Yah?
    Creature: (louder indistinguishable growl)
    Lars: Okaaaaaay!
    • Green Goblin attempts to stop the plot with a minimum of effort:
      Green Goblin: [Shoving Lance's head at Lex Luthor] Here, take it, take it! Future you says 'don't blow up the world'. Goodbye.
  • Zero Hour #7: Darkseid's reaction to the ultimate fourth wall break, courtesy of Deadpool.
    What? Action figures...Mac parodies...Random Guy...wait between toys! No! No! NOOOOOOOOO!
  • The end of "Spider-Man and...? Part 2", where Batman decides that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. In other words, he spikes Spidey's milkshake.
    Batman: Keep dreamin', kid.
    • After Batman tells Professor Xavier to lay on the guilt in an attempt to snap Spidey out of his mental breakdown, the result is both Spider-Men screaming, 'IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" at the top of their lungs in increasingly less stable voices until the last one comes out as, "ISSS ALL MAAAAAH FAAAAAAAUGH!" Batman then tells the Professor to back it down to just 10%.
    • Spidey accusing Andew Garfield-Spidey of acting like he's in a Mountain Dew commercial.
    • Spidey cheerfully assures Iron Man that he's okay, and Iron Man clearly could not care less.
      Iron Man: (walks away) Oh, joy, my conscience is clear.
  • The running gag of people mistaking Batman's codpiece for a really big pocket.
  • While drowning his sorrows at the success of The Dark Knight, Tony's drunken karaoke sounds surprisingly good until he launches into a ridiculous flourish.
  • Imagining what will happen if Batman is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Justice League movie:
    Superman: you have access to the Batcave?
    Batman: Oh, yeah.
    Superman: Alright! Great! So we've got the Batcomputer, all of his tech equipment - that'll come in handy!
    Batman: I'm sorry, but I have no idea how any of that stuff works. Way over my head. I just figured out where the dimmer switch is yesterday!
  • The promo for the "Superman Vs. Goku" episode of Death Battle (Which has Random Guy voicing Supes) depicts Iron Man taking bets from the other heroes while Superman & Batman comment on the situations
    Superman: I'm not too sure how comfortable I am with this.
    Batman: You? They had me lose to Spider-Man.
  • Adam West!Batman in the Comic Book Movie Championships. The impression, the hilarious movements...just everything about him, really.
    Adam West!Batman: Yes, you' your wits about you now, BUT there still, remains, the fact, that, my movie...has jokes...while your a joke!
  • Seeing Deadpool expose the truth...the WHOLE truth to Darkseid, causing him to Go Mad from the Revelation A moment of awesome first and foremost to be sure, but seeing Darkseid, of all beings, mumbling and ranting about YouTube, Random Guy, and the wait between videos before passing out is worth a chuckle.
  • The Justice League Avengers parody, where Batman's "list of things he is without the Batsuit" goes on for several scenes, until Supes can't take it anymore. Also, Starro the Conqueror being played by a dried starfish with a glued-on googly-eye!
  • In "Seven Years Later", Spidey and Supes talk about their upcoming movies. Spidey mentions that some people think Superman's movies are a rushed attempt at catching up to The Avengers (2012) instead of introducing each hero first. Supes is quick to correct him:
    Superman: Ah, but we are introducing them first.
    Spider-Man: Ah, great!
    Superman: Yep! They'll all be introduced in my sequel.
    Spider-Man: What?
    Superman: That's right! Before the Justice League movie comes out, you can meet the Justice League in Man of Steel 2, which is not the Justice League movie, but introduces the Justice League, while at the same time being my own movie that will simultaneously be my sequel and a Justice League prequel that assembles the Justice League before the Justice League movie, but in no way is the Justice League taking over my movie which sets up the Justice League movie because the Justice League— and I've gone cross-eyed.
    • Afterward, Supes asks if Spidey is doing well as a member of the Avengers, but Spidey mentions he's not a member because Sony got his movie rights first. Then he details Sony's movie plans for him and he slowly begins to snap. Poor, poor Spidey.
      Spider-Man: And if none of that works, they'll just reboot me again. And again. And again.
      Superman: Spider-Man?
      Spider-Man: Marvel will be making billions off of She-Hulk, Damage Control, Wonder Man, and Werewolf by Night movies, and I'll be getting bit by that freakin' spider for the seventh time! And— and there's gotta be some "what if?" alternate history versions of the story, and— and we can't deprive the people of that. At this point, we won't run out of stories to tell until 2099, at which point they can just make a movie of Spider-Man 2099! Doesn't that all sound GREAT?! (breathes heavily)
      Superman: Well, the alternate history actually does sound kind of cool.
      Spider-Man: GAAAAAAAHH!!!
  • The ending of Days of Future Past Part 2. Superman and Wolverine return to the present from 2004 to find something has changed:
    Superman: Now everything's all back to norm—
    (Superman and Wolverine look around and notice the fact that the video is now widescreen, even moving their arms in the space where the black borders used to be before glancing at each other)
    Wolverine: Eh, it's close enough.
    Superman: Yeah, you're right.
  • Speaking of Days of Future Past, the Bryan Singer gag gets progressively funnier each time in Part 1. The first time with Superman being forced to read an apology notice is chuckle-worthy, Wolverine not even being able to say his name is worth a laugh, but The Watcher having his super-serious narration interrupted by the gag is pure gold. "Seriously?"
    • It gets better: this very joke is what clues Wolverine and Superman in that they managed to (mostly) fix the timeline.
  • Swamp Thing vs. Man-Thing. The latter's status as a Silent Snarker pushes it even further.
  • In Thor: The Dark World vs. Man of Steel, Superman talks about how the two of them are noble warriors. Thor interjects that out of the two of them only he is noble enough to pick up Mjolnir. Cut to Superman holding up the hammer asking "Oh, you mean this?"
    Thor: No one liketh a smartass.
  • After Random Guy failed to put up new videos for several months, we get this. It seems that Deadpool isn't happy about the delay either.
  • Superman getting tired of getting asked questions about his fight with Goku from Death Battle. He eventually agrees to do a second one just to get people to shut up.
  • Random Guy's back baby! Age of Ultron vs Dawn of Justice!
    Superman: Oh come on Bruce, do we have to fight right now? Everyone's going to be fighting everyone next year! I'll be fighting you, Tony's fighting Cap, Fox is fighting reality (cut to The Thing with the subtitle Fantastic Four 2)
    • Ant-Man celebrating that he's not the lowest grossing Marvel movie.
  • Superman and Batman (of all people) nervously attempting to cheer Ben Grimm up after the colossal failure of his movie. Supes and Bats attempt to praise the first half of the film and its somewhat decent production value. Supes then attempts to get Ben to mock Dawn of Justice, only to be angrily told to leave.
  • The 2015 Thanksgiving video:
    • Superman: The World's Finest co-star! (Batman: Oh god...)
    • Flash and Quicksiliver: Being in two franchises at once. Jinx! Damn it.
    • Daredevil: Netflix...(cue Elektra) and chill.
    • Thanos (staring at an Infinity Gauntlet): Too many things to count.
    • Deadpool: Whoever's in charge of stopping internet leaks at 20th Century Fox.
  • 2015 Holiday Wishlist
    • Deadpool's wish, something so explicit involving Bea Arthur that it's 99% bleeped.
    • The exchange at the end.
      Luke Cage: A sweeet Christmas.
      Iron Fist: Didn't Jessica already give you one on her show?
      Deadpool: HEY-O!
    • Thanos (still staring at an Infinity Gauntlet): Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something...
  • Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC...and I'm on TV:
    • The comic book adaptation craze has extended to the point of the Heroes Bar having The Walking Dead characters as patrons. Even Chris Hardwick.
      Vision: His enthusiasm is endearing yet oddly unsettling.
      Antman: Hey, I'd be enthusiastic too if I didn't have to host Shipmates anymore.
      • Hardwick decides that Morgan's appearance in the Hero Bar - which is just him saying "You KNOW what it is!" over and over again - is worth an hour's worth of discussion.
        Hardwick:We're gonna talk about Morgan's scene for the next hour-
        Antman: An hour?!
        Hardwick: -we're gonna get through this together, SO much to talk about tonight-
        Antman: Not that much!
      • "WHY IS HE SO #@&!ING EXCITED?!"
    • Green Arrow's nervous rambling is now Hawkeye's new ringtone.
    • The Villains' Bar has new patrons as well...zombies.
    • Ant Man celebrates beating the predictions that his movie would be the lowest grossing in the MCU, then realizes the Hulk is behind him. Only for Hulk to say he has nothing to complain about, while Black Widow is behind him.
  • Ghost Rider to Lance: "Look into you validate?"
  • Iron Man's Imagine Spot over the success of The Dark Knight. To Tony's horror, people not only pre-order tickets to see it but cryogenically freeze themselves, travel back in time from utopian futures inspired by the success of The Dark Knight in order to see it, make first contact with alien life forms who are also desperate to see it, Santa Claus shows up in July to see it, and Jesus Christ puts off the Second Coming and the Rapture until after the 7.30 screening ("I gotta see this bad boy."). Finally, he snaps out of it, and he and Batman begin their routine:
    Batman: I'm Batman.
    Iron Man: [Snapping] Oh, fine! Yes! Okay?! I know, alright?! You're Batman! You're awesome! Fine! Okay! I get it! Alright?! Huh?! HUH?! HUH?!?! ... GOD! [Iron Man storms off in a huff]
    Batman: ... Fine, I'm a DC, alright?
  • Justice League vs Infinity War: Superman's face keeps changing into various mustached characters with their facial hair removed.
    Superman: Surprise everyone! Guess who's in the movie!
    Vision: Judging from your appearance, I would say...Grand Moff Tarkin?
    • Later, we get this line.
      Superman: Guys, guys, can we just all agree that heroes shouldn't return from a long absence with facial hair?
      (Cut to a "poster" of Chris Evans sporting a Badass Beard)
      Iron Man: I have some audio to go with that image, too. (Plays audio of And the Fandom Rejoiced)
      • Throughout the video, Superman's face is replaced with a number of paper cutouts, including Mario and Ned Flanders...all of whom have their respective mustaches removed.
    • Batman trying to find a "graceful exit" from the video.
  • Avengers: Infinity War and Justice League (2017) (Non-Spoiler) on discussing the relative success of Marvel compared to DC.
    Aquaman: Oh, at this point, what is there to joke about? How many private jets RDJ can afford now?
    Iron Man: Wait, guys, what exactly are you tr- by the way, it's 4 if you're wondering- what exactly are you trying to say?
    • Drax celebrating Marvel's victory:
      Drax: "HA HA! YES! We are victorious! I shall behead them now, yes?"
      Star Lord: (chasing after him) "Woah woah woah!"
    • When going to see Infinity War in the end, Superman says that, based on previous Marvel films, it should be "the feel-good movie of the summer". Spider-Man suddenly acts nervous.
  • From, "Rocket and Groot and ???," Rocket reassures Batman that "we'll be on our best behavior."
    Groot: "I am Groot?"
    • Rocket tries to bait Green Lantern:
      Rocket: "I'm just saying, when the talking tree gets more movies than you, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life choices."
      Groot: "I am Groot?"
      Rocket: "Of course you deserved your success, it's trash talk, baby! Come on!"


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