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Ever wondered what would happen if the characters of If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device weren't constrained by the grimdarkness of the 41st millenium? Hunter: The Parenting has you covered, and it is unsurprisingly heartwarming!

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Main Chapters

    Chapter 1: Adorable Family Trip 
  • After Kitten tells the story of the Fiddler, he gets embarrassed about being a talkative nerd and even apologizes it. Marckus is quick to comfort him — first by gently admonishing Kitten for apologizing (it's implied it happened a lot more in the past), then by reassuring him by saying he's always impressed by his knowledgable boyfriend.
  • Despite being The Comically Serious and blunt as a brick wall, Door's first concern is always his son's safety. He makes a point to comfort Boy while exploring the tunnels, and when the fighting starts he's more concerned with Boy's safety than his own.
  • When the group first approaches the entrance to the tunnel, Boy is hiding behind Marckus and clutching his pants leg. It's good that Boy is comfortable with his uncle and feels safe with him (safer at any rate).
  • After the battle is over and the Licks are hauled into the Golden Goose, the first thing Marckus does is lean against Kitten, given his injuries.

    Chapter 2: If the Vampires had a Tortured Wrestling Match 
  • While context for it is kinda messed up and it goes sour eventually, it is pretty sweet to see Door join Marckus on his commentary and dropping some of his serious persona, even outright grinning. You can tell the two are enjoying goofing off with one another like brothers do, and in a way their TTS counterparts didn't really get a chance to.
  • Door praising Boy for his joke. While humor of it comes from the fact only he would find a John Cena reference like that clever or funny, it is nice that he's being encouraging to his son's attempts at humor, a kind of positive affirmation that's very good for a shy, easily scared child like Boy.
  • The eyecatch for Episode 2 briefly has Big-D looking on fondly as Kitten and Boy talk about videogames and other things. Then it's ruined(?) by Big-D looking at the audience with an unsettling grin shortly after.
  • The post-credits scene shows Shitbeard, looking far calmer and happier than weíve ever seen him, politely plugging the channel's Patreon and encouraging the audience to support kids who go to college. As he speaks, he slowly fades away into a white light, seeming to imply he actually made it into Heaven. Considering how much he seemed to loathe being a vampire and how itís implied he was a good person before being Embraced, itís nice to see the possibility that he got some kind of happy ending.

    Chapter 3: Hunter's Hunters Hunted 
  • The eyecatch for Episode 3 has two:
    • The first shows the Licks playing Uno in their cave, with Shitbeard and Ape having fun, as Pyotr looks only mildly unsatisfied with losing compared to his demeanor of being quietly livid with them.
    • The second shows that Big-D and Kevin have started bonding to the point of Big-D letting Kevin wear his clothes after getting his wizard robe bloody and full of holes, and are simply chatting over a glass of wine.
  • After Boy helps incapacitate Pyotr, most of the Family congratulates him for his efforts in stopping a dangerous Vampire. Door naturally is the proudest of them all and as a reward for Boy, he promises to bake a cake with any meat flavor of his choice. Boy rejoices like any other kid would when being rewarded with dessert by their parent.
  • In a mildly twisted sense, Boy's wonder at watching Pyotr's corpse burn away in the sun. He sounds like he's just witnessed a rainbow for the first time.
  • One of Marckus' suggestions for breakfast is cream crackers, presumably as a way of eulogizing Shitbeard after he showed such disdain for his own vampirism.
  • After all is said and done, we get a scene with Door and Marckus. At first, Marckus thinks Door is going to lecture him about jumping out of the window (with Marckus even admitting, in retrospect, it was a bad idea) only for Door to instead offer to take him to the firing range. Marckus agrees, but only if Door plays G-mod with him and Kitten to which Door agrees. It's a nice moment of both the brothers reaching out to one another to try to bond with one another over mutual interests.
    • After Door agrees to play G-mod with them, Marckus and Kitten both practically Squee with excitement over all the cool stuff they'll get to show him.
  • After Kitten gets the stilts, he comes across Marckus still on the ground with Big-D unconscious next to him. When Kitten questions why Marckus didn't try to get to the road, Marckus responds that he couldn't just leave his dad. While Big-D and Marckus have their issues, it's clear they do ultimately care about each other.
  • The aftermath of the battle with Pyotr has the Family huddling together in front of the Golden Goose — Marckus is lying down in Kitten's lap due to his extreme injuries, Door sitting next to them while Boy clings to him (having just shot Pyotr to save his father), while Big-D is trying to soothe his hurting mouth with an ice pack. Their reward for defeating with Pyotr? Watching as the sun burns the unconscious Vampire to a crisp. After everything they've been through since the first episode, it makes their final victory that much sweeter... until the police show up at their house, that is.


    Kitten and Big-D's Primer on the Supernatural and Local Folklore 
  • In the first audiolog, Big-D and Kitten take a moment to mock how much of a picky eater Marckus is, but it degenerates into compliments because they still adore him. Big-D also makes it very clear that he values his family greatly and is incredibly proud of them.
  • On a meta level, the first Audiolog sees a return to the roots of If The Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech Device with Kitten presenting various subjects with Big-D who proceeds to expand upon and mock in a direct parallel with Little Kitten and the Emperor.

    The Probing of Kevin 
  • The first sign that Big-D realizes Kevin isn't like the other Licks is the latter's emotional attachment to Mr. Smerples, his pet cat. Even though Kevin calls him "evil" (for repeatedly peeing on his rug), he's very attached to Mr. Smerples and is offended by the idea of Big-D insulting his cat.
  • By the end of the audiolog, Big-D honestly and genuinely sympathizing with Kevin's plight. He has heard the story of a young man who lived, died, and unlived in misery, never truly achieving anything and being abused and gaslit by the ones holding power over him. For as much time as he and Kevin spent shooting barbs and insults at each other, Big-D seems to truly understand and perhaps even respect Kevin a little.
    • As Kevin makes it clear the kind of reality he lived in, and how utterly defeated and hopeless he is, Big-D proceeds to give Kevin the biggest reason he has to end the threat of Vampirism; He sees the vampires as dangerous threats, but he does not see them as inherently inhuman. He sees several of them, particularly Kevin, as sick, tormented souls trying to survive, and as much as he loves killing the unrepentant murderous ones, he wants to help the ones who hate what they've become.
      Kevin: My only hope is to embrace a shadow of this dream, to embrace the Beast, and hope freedom is on the other side.
      Big-D: Freedom never comes through surrender.
      Kevin: Perhaps not... but it's the only chance I have left.
      Big-D: If you truly believe that, there is little that can be done. The sad quirks of circumstance will see you degenerate into a monster, and die as one. But if you so choose, there may be a chance to claw your way out from this, to find a different path... for all of you.
      [Big-D unlocks the cage, and steps within biting distance of Kevin in an act of trust]
      Big-D: You need only rise, and take it.

     Big-D's "Guide" to Avoiding Arrest 
  • Big-D contemplates having Pyotr's ashes made into a diamond for Marckus's wedding band, both as a gift to show support for his son, and to give Pyotr a (mostly mocking) send-off by turning his remains into something beautiful.
  • While Big-D normally is critical of Marckus and isn't afraid to tease him, he does nothing but praise Markus and his intelligence when he realizes he gave a near perfect testimony for Big D to play off of.
  • His assumed alias for the interview with the detective is made of information he got from Kevin, mainly to conceal his own identity, but he reveals it was also done to create a paper trail to ensure Kevin's flat isn't sold off while Big-D is hosting him.
  • When selling Kevin's apartment is brought up Kevin's first concern is his cat. Big-D offers for the family to adopt him themselves.
  • A major reason Chapman cites for being so happy with his status as a Ghoul is that it'll let him spend more time with his kids thanks to the longer lifespan, and keep up with them even when they're in their 30s with the strength and endurance boost.
  • Just the fact that Big D and Kevin have struck up a real friendship, enough so that Big D trusts Kevin enough to free him from the attic and let him walk around freely.
  • Whenever Big-D think about Boy, his thoughts veer of in a tangent about how much he loves his grandson and how adorable he is.
  • Kevinís sister apparently knows something terrible has happened to him and is trying to find him.

     Something is Wrong with Horse 
  • Whatever Horse's deal is, this episode makes it clear that the hunters view him as family.
    • Big D treats him like a son, one he has had some wacky adventures with and can confide in in ways he isn't sure he can with the others.
    • Kitten deals with him like someone dealing with a sibling-in-law they don't know well but want to treat well.
    • Markus treats him like a brother to get up to shenanigans with and include in uprisings, with genuine concern for his health.
    • Door treats him the way he does Markus and has fond memories of listening to stories together.
    • For Boy, he's Uncle Horse, albeit now he is a bit scared of him.
    • For Horse himself, he acts the part of the bedbound family member, patiently listening, barely flinching at their barging in or raised voices. Despite the general Nightmare Fuel of his prophecy, it might just have been him geniunely trying to warn Boy of coming disaster. He even refers to Boy as his nephew when Boy and Door leave.
  • The only reason the family trade shifts watching Horse for the night is because of their concern for the person before.
    • Kitten insists that D head back inside, as his bandages need to be changed and spending the night with a clearly violently ill animal is bound to lead to infections. He offers to stay because it's the only way D will actually take care of himself.
    • Marckus offers to watch Horse for Kitten so that he can clean himself up after a particularly disgusting accident, even carrying himself on his makeshift crutches without the use of his legs into the pouring rain to help.
    • Door offers to watch Horse so that Marckus can rest his own injuries, and only asks that Marckus get Boy so Door's important chore of hunting (boars, rather than vampires) is finished properly.
  • The heart-to-heart between Door and Marckus is quite touching, showing a level of empathy and emotional awareness not normally seen in Door. Door realizes how upset Marckus is and coaxes him into a discussion about it. He never belittles Marckus' emotions and does what he can to reassure him.

    Marckus Goes Pubbing with his Weirdo Friends (and gets in a brawl) 
  • At the end of the ad at the beginning, Big D makes a note to pick up some trading cards the next time he's around Gävle, either as a gift for Marckus or to play the game with him. Either or, he's wanting to connect with him over it.
  • The conversations and interactions between Marckus and his friends feels incredibly genuine and organic, with them discussing work and hobbies, defending themselves from Brok and his goons, and helping each other recover. It's nice to know that after all the shit Marckus suffered through, he can rely on the company of loyal friends.
  • When Grimal mentions Kitten, who's her ex, always has things to be mad about, Marckus responds there are a lot of things to be mad about, with far more seriousness in his voice than rest of their banter. He is okay with joking around with her about his fiaance, but will clearly not stand for any serious badmouthing of him.

    The Blender Crusade: In Spiteful Defiance of Corporate Villainy 
  • Though it was all to just try and get a blender for 99p, Big-D treated Giles with kindness and respect during his time at the store.

    The Blender Crusade: ASSAULT ON THE ELDERLY (A Financial Horror) 
  • Giles may have done it just to get Big-D out of his hair, but him paying for the blender after Big-D lost his money was still a moment of kindness, one Big-D very much appreciated.


    Highly Controversial Debate (CHOOSE YOUR SIDE) 
  • As a holdover from his God-Emperor predecessor, Big D shows his genuine belief that Humans Are Special when he insists that humanity should have advanced so rapidly in 84 years that creating something like a blender should cost them next to no time or resources.
  • Kevin rebuffs the idea that D has any sort of "right" to cheap kitchenware, and points out that no one has the right to demand quality products for next-to-no cost. He may just be speaking from experience as a former accountant - plainly noting the margins of such a transaction - but considering his history of being used by those above him, he might also be speaking in defense of those who actually have to produce things like blenders.
  • The sheer fact that Big-D, Kevin, and Chapman really did go for a ride on the miniature train together.
    A Life Well Lived 
  • D, despite being confronted with a newly-turned vampire who just murdered her entire family in a hunger-frenzy, is remarkably calm and kind, recognizing her as a victim rather than a perpetrator. He doesn't offer any words of comfort, but neither does he condemn or attack her. Instead, he gently helps her outside, listening attentively to her tell the story of her life, her regrets, and her hopes for a peaceful afterlife. All the while D is completely silent, before encouraging her to watch the stars with him for what's left of the night before the sun rises. If there were ever any doubts that what D told Kevin about believing Kindred can be redeemed was anything other than the sincerest truth, this puts them to rest.
  • A shout-out to the old lady as well. Despite the grimness of her situation, she was selfless as she'd spent her entire life helping others; raising her brother, raising his children and even entertaining her great grandchildren. She even loved her caretaker who also returned such feelings. Kinda turned to a Tear-Jerker and Nightmare Fuel at the end.
    • One thing that defines vampires in the World of Darkness is that with their immortality comes an unrelenting terror at the idea of suffering the Final Death. As part of God's curse, vampires will stoop to ANY extreme to keep themselves alive, forcing their father Caine to watch as his children murder each other the way he murdered his brother. Despite this near-literal mandate from God Himself, the old woman takes stock of the fact she's become a monster and calmly allows herself to meet the first sunrise of her new existence, ending the threat she posed to innocent people without any intervention from the Hunter. She was so kind that not even the ramifications of the First Murder could force her to be a monster.
  • Same goes to the Caretaker who was implied to have turned the elderly woman into a vampire to grant her a chance of living life to the fullest. Albeit in a twisted way.