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Heartwarming / Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

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"True doll love."
  • Ken buys a really rare charm bracelet for Barbie's birthday, but Nikki tells her that the girl who has everything won't settle for such a simple gift. However, among all the hundreds of birthday presents Barbie receives that year, she ends up liking the bracelet the most.
  • Barbie letting Raquelle steal her spotlight for once.
  • When Barbie gets plastic pox, Ken keeps her company despite the chance of catching the disease himself. Not even Barbie's sisters felt willing to take this chance. Ken does become sick later, so Barbie returns his favor.
  • After Ryan turns down a date with Midge due to her mostly dated ideas on where to go for some fun, Barbie offers to let her join her in an activity that people of both the 1960s and the 2010s can enjoy—hanging out at the beach.
    • Imagine how joyful the addition of Midge to the cast made viewers who owned dolls of her before her lengthy disappearance from toy stores.
  • Barbie assuring Teresa, Nikki, and Midge that she considers all three of them her best friends.
  • In "Bizarro Barbie," Raquelle, yet again frustrated by Barbie—this time, Raquelle's trying to coin the phrase "gorg" as short for "gorgeous," but failing—wanders off to "find a more gorg group of frenemies." She finds herself in a Bizarro Universe where she's the prettiest and most popular person around...yet after a few hours of adulation and praise from everyone she meets, she realizes that deep down, she needs Barbie and her friends to give her a reason to live (namely scheming and manipulating). She rushes back to the "real" Malibu and, upon finding Barbie, Nikki, and Teresa looking for her, hugs them. The girls are shocked, and Barbie caps off the episode by telling Raquelle that they found a new cafe, and couldn't go without it's "totally gorg." Raquelle smiles at the camera—and then Barbie!—as the girls walk off arm in arm.
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  • The Amaze Chase shows Closet treating his pairing with Ken as an exciting opportunity for father/son bonding, a striking contrast to the Evil Closet's condescending behavior towards Ken in the previous TV special.
  • Barbie and Ken's relationship in general. He's so thoughtful and caring, and she's so appreciative of him. Their romantic moments are some of the sweetest things the show has to offer.
  • In "Dr. Barbie", Chelsea comes down with plastic pox, and Stacey and Skipper spend most of the episode fighting over who gets to be Barbie's nurse. They eventually come together when Chelsea needs a shot she's too scared to get, and give her a big hug from both sides so she won't be afraid.
  • Even when Ken's in-store man cave messes with her boutique's business because of how some of the roughhousing guys in there, Barbie is very hesitant to ask Ken to shut it down. The reason being that she knows how proud he is of creating it, and she doesn't want to make him do it solely because of this. Ken spends a lot of the series cheerfully running around and bending over backwards to support her in all her endeavors, but this goes to show it's completely mutual.
    • Ken, for his part, immediately bricks up the place the moment he realizes that what he created is causing trouble for Barbie. No hesitation and not even a single sign of regret for doing so if it's for his girlfriend.


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