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Despite being several seasons of dark, death-filled events, there are some Heartwarming Moments, some of them doubling as the characters' Moment of Awesome.
Matthew Patrick And Rosanna Pansino Reuniting After Her Death In Season 3

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     Season 1 
  • Joey being the only one to NOT vote Justine to be buried alive (other than Justine voting for not herself) in Episode 3. Even when it fails, Joey continually protests against Justine being buried alive regardless of that being what they're supposed to do from the voting, calling it "sickening." He even outright refuses to help the rest of the group bury her for the most part (other than kicking some dirt on the coffin when the rest of the group pressures him to do so). Even when Joey initially voted for Tim to go into the coffin, he expressed in the commentary that he didn't want ANYONE dying this way.

  • The revelation that neither Tim or Oli would die to gain an artifact in Episode 5. It definitely upped everyone's morale and motivation to get out of the house.

  • Everyone thinking they can finally leave after retrieving all the artefacts, Sierra and Lele are already making plans to go shopping together, Matt and Tim are joking about having to feed Tim’s cat and getting back to their girlfriends, while Joey, Eva and Oli are just glad this night is going to be over. Only to have all their hopes crushed just one minute later.

  • Both this and a Tear Jerker, but Matt regretting accidentally killing Sierra in Episode 6.

  • Tim being the only one NOT to hate Matt during episode 7.

  • Tim commenting in his commentary that he would rather shoot himself in the head than let Eva die in Episode 8, despite the fact that they're both in a death challenge and neither one of them want to die. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker for what happens after this...

  • Vincent's relieved face at being finally released in Episode 9 and also realizing his hallucinations were gone. Given all the torment he went through with the being stuck in an electric chair, only to flee to the house and then end up becoming its prisoner instead of it being the "home he never had," as well as all the hallucinations and visions he suffered from during this time, it's about time he finally got some rest.

     Season 2 
  • Joey helping Liza get free from the chains in Episode 1, and then the two of them working together to get past the vampire guard. Joey expressing that he didn't want Liza going through what he went through (vampires previously drinking his blood) really made it hit home.

  • In Episode 2, Alex tells the YouTubers to vote for him instead of voting for his girlfriend, Lauren. Jesse is the only one that honours his request. This is also his Heartwarming Moment, as well as his Moment of Awesome, according to the fandom.

  • In episode 3, Alex, Destorm and Jesse go missing. Despite the fact that Destorm and Jesse we're acting like assholes to the group some members are genuinely concerned for them. Although they didn't realise that Jesse and Destorm willingly left the group instead of being kidnapped like Alex.

  • In Episode 4, after the Dark Army won the Capture the Flag game, the 4 YouTubers in that group share a massive group hug.

  • Sampson helping Liza and Tyler kill the Gingerbread Woman in Episode 5.

  • Also in Episode 5: everyone's reaction to both Tyler and Liza returning from the challenge…before the Sorceress showed up, of course.

  • In Episode 10, Jetpack Girl leading Riley away and reassuring her that things would be okay after Riley breaks down post-killing the Sorceress.

     Season 3 
  • Everyone's reaction to Joey's arrival in Episode 1.
  • Calliope smiling after Matt said that he could only trust her.
  • Everyone's reaction to Rosanna returning victorious from her death challenge versus Teala in Episode 4. Matt's reaction especially brings it home, with him gasping at the sight of her and being one of the first out of everyone in the group to hug her.
  • In Episode 5, Safiya covers Rosanna's eyes so that she doesn't have to watch the Strongman make out with Veronica.
  • Nikita and Manny's friendship and the two of them being supportive over each other, especially shown in Episodes 3 with Manny worrying over Nikita being stuck in the death challenge against Roi, Episode 5 with Nikita cheering on Manny's win in the death challenge against Mat, and Episode 7 where both Manny and Nikita are voted into the death challenge, and vow to each other right before going in that whichever one of the two survives, they'll go get revenge on the ones that voted them in. Another moment in the same challenge is both of them crying after Nikita wins, realizing that it could potentially mean Manny dying (though they found out later that he would also survive this challenge).
  • Ro and Matt's close friendship also led to many Heartwarming moments so far, such as Matt and Ro going on the Ferris Wheel together in Episode 1, Matt comforting Ro when she cries after voting Nikita in during Episode 3, Matt trying to protect Ro from Veronica in Episode 5, Ro's commentary on Matt after his death in Episode 5, Ro giving Matt his detective badge back to him in Episode 7, Ro comforting Matt post-Safiya's death in Episode 8 and Ro and Matt's last exchanged words before Rosanna is killed by the witches in Episode 8.
  • Matt coming back, period. The reactions would need their own folder.
  • Matt's conversation with Mortimer in Episode 8, with Matt expressing concern for Mortimer's wellbeing after having overheard Mortimer and Calliope's cryptic conversation about "something happening" to Mortimer.
  • Maria and her brother Sam reuniting after being uncursed in Episode 8. Everyone in the group takes a moment to acknowledge how sweet it is, and that it reminds them of the original purpose of all these death games: Even if they're the ones dying, they're dying to save others, so their deaths aren't entirely in vain. What really hits it home is that Rosanna, who just died in this episode, was one of the people that helped bring Sam back to life AND was the one that persuaded Maria to be not killed by the witches, even if it resulted in her being cursed and sent into the death challenge. Even if Ro died, she still spread a lot of kindness and goodness.
  • Right when everyone's starting to turn on each other at the start of Episode 9, MatPat diffuses the situation by pointing out that all of them are "a hot mess" - he's already died, Joey's still technically dead, and Manny's failed a few challenges. When he gets to Nikita, who bear in mind had callously disregarded Safiya's death and caused him to explode, he just congratulates her on "kicking ass" in the challenges. Nikita thanks him and everyone redirects their attention to finding the last artifact.
    • In general, outside of him exploding at Nikita in episode 7, MatPat is constantly keeping a level head and doing what he can to keep people from going after each other, a character that the previous two seasons lacked. He suspects Joey (but to be fair, he was hiding something pretty big) and will vouch for voting someone into a challenge for pragmatic reasons, but someone's attitude and personality is almost never a problem for him.
  • Despite everyone having some degree of problems with Nikita, they all agree to rescue her from the collar of control, as opposed to focusing on gathering the rings for it and forcing her to take part in the challenge of the episode.
  • MatPat vowing to get Blanche, a pink horse stuffie, out alive. And he kept that promise.
  • Both Joey and Nikita going off to save MatPat after he was captured by zombies in Episode 10.

    Season 4 
  • The fact that Joey is willing to be The Atoner after 3 seasons of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder Counts in its own right.
  • Tana refusing to command the Mummy to kill Justine after Tana wins the challenge in Episode 2, even though she has to do so in order to get the first Jeweled Key. Unfortunately, it didn't work in the end.
  • Though also a Tear Jerker, Justine attempting to straight-up kill the Mummy before it can kill her, even though she already lost the challenge, with Tana cheering her on to keep fighting.
  • Despite past grudges against each other, Destorm and Alex help each other out through the coin challenge in Episode 3, with Alex initially giving Destorm one of his own coins, and then (during the later coin exchange) Alex giving Destorm a few more of his coins when he realizes Destorm is one of the ones with the least, only for Destorm to give up half his own coins to Alex. Seems like we have a new alliance, everyone!.
    • Destorm plays on his Jerkass reputation to make it look like he's going to screw over Alex even after Alex had already helped him by taking all but 7 of Alex's coins. Then at the last second he switches the bags, leaving Alex safe at the cost of his own participation in the Death Challenge.
    • Also from the same episode: Colleen willingly giving up some of her own coins to Joey, just as he's at risk of going into the death challenge.
  • In Episode 4 Destorm completes the Heel–Face Turn he's been grudgingly heading towards by performing a Heroic Sacrifice in the Death Challenge. Since his opponent is Alex, his final words are "This is for Lauren".
  • The reunion of MatPat and Nikita with the remaining members of the group. Extra points to the hug between the Soul Siblings. In fact, this was one of the scenes shown in the episode preview for those unable to watch the episode in full.
    • Same episode, when Joey chose to have his name go in the voting pile instead of his friends, to save them from the Minotaur. Considering his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder in the last couple of seasons, this is a huge change of pace.
  • Next episode, we have an even BIGGER change of pace: when Alex is voted in for his third challenge of the season, Joey VOLUNTEERED TO take his place, as it wasn't fair, and he wanted to prove himself. Damn. Now, if only he didn't miss the golden opportunity to say "I volunteer as tribute".


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