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Spoilers are currently unmarked, so read with caution.

     Season 1 

  • Shane’s [[spoiler: final Words before he gets Poisoned? “Ya’ll jealous?”.

  • While trying to solve their first puzzle.
    Andrea: We're not doing very good, man…
    Sierra: We need a mathematician, where's the mathematician?
    Timothy: Would you shut up? I'm asian, I got this!

  • Timothy wants to volunteer for the death challenge in episode 4, so that he can play perverse games with Lele.

  • From Episode 4, "Mannequins": While Joey and Lele are competing in their challenge, the rest of the guests upstairs speculate about what exactly is going on and their suspicions about whether Joey or Lele would die in the challenge, leading to Timothy saying THIS:
    Timothy: So, like, he's not dying. Maybe he's getting, like, you know, hit with some ghost dicks...
    Oli: What?

  • Joey and Lele's death challenge in Episode 4, "Mannequins," is actually hilarious to watch. From making out with mannequins to Lele having a menage a trois with mannequins, to Joey banging a mannequin coupled with Joey and Lele's awkward reactions during the whole thing while watching each other in the latter Casanova Wannabe acts, it's guaranteed at least some hilarity in both their commentaries during the challenge and the challenge itself.

  • Also from "Mannequins": While Glozell is dying due to the effects of the murder journal, Timothy has THIS to say:
    Timothy: She's twerk-dying!

  • When Sam first appears, knocking on the windows, the group is given a jumpscare and Matt actually falls out of his chair, sideways onto the floor.

  • From Episode 5, "Freak Show": The way Timothy gets caught by the Guardian during the group challenge. He tries to act as a distraction, only to literally slip and fall on the grass and so he gets caught.
    • Also from that same group challenge in the same episode: Matt tries to get Sierra and Eva to act as distractions, but the Guardian ends up nabbing him anyway. The way he describes this entire event going down is hilarious in itself.

  • Matt and Lele's constant bickering, in some of it's more lighthearted moments, can be pretty funny.
    Matt: After you!
    Lele(while writing down Matt's name): Matt!
    Matt: You can put me in at any time. I'm coming back for sure.
    Lele: (reveals her vote to the group, basically rubbing it in Matt's face. Everyone starts to snicker.)
    Matt: Actually, you know what. I'm going to be the bigger man and guess who's name I'm not writing down?
    Sierra: Mine?
    Matt: Lele's.
    Lele: Well, you're going to heaven.
    Matt: And you can go to hell.

Timothy being a Deadpan Snarker in the later episodes.

Oli: The music is going to attract the mermaids.
Joey: Yes, but I don’t want them inside the house!
Timothy: Yeah, they’re gonna get wet all over the carpet. It’s a really nice carpet.

Timothy: This demon is gonna be pissend, ‘cause we broke so many nice globes...

  • At the beginning of episode 8, the group has to solve three riddles, Lele constantly tries to randomly guess the answer or take credit for someone else's answer, then comes the final riddle and everyone is quiet, until Lele says fire. Everyone dismisses it at first but it turns out to be correct. Lele's smug expression makes it all the more hilarious.
    • Immediately afterwards they open the chest and find a piece of gold in the chest. Joey and Lele take one quick look before reaching in to grab it. They begin to fight over the piece of gold until Lele gives up and smacks Joey, Joey calls her a golddigger and Timothy says this:
    Timothy: I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no Oli's, know what I'm saying?
    Oli:(proudly adjust his jacket) This is Ostrich!
    • Lele immediately begins to laugh hysterically, Oli looks pissed, Joey doesn't get it and Eva just ignores her friends completely and continues to solve the clues.

  • From Episode 8, "All Out War": Oli commenting on being fed up with Eva and Lele flirting with Colin, one of former owners of the house.
    • Joey even rolls his eyes as the girls start to flirt with Collin.

  • Oli, the Great White Hunter, desperately tries to get a gun from Collin, but Collin ignores him and gives his gun to Timothy, Oli is not pleased.

  • From Episode 9, "Wicked Hallucinations": Lele and Eva attempting to calm Vincent, with Lele calling Vincent "sweetie" and Eva claiming that the group likes lightbulbs.
    • From the same episode: After solving the first puzzle, Oli realizes that HE LEFT THE MAP THEY NEED IN THE GREENHOUSE. Cue Oli running to the greenhouse to get the map, only to—while running out to rejoin the others—trip and fall flat on his face.

     Season 2 

  • From Episode 1, "The Masquerade, Part 1": Oli ripping up his invitation to the dinner party, while Eva sets hers on fire.
    Oli: No, no, no! I am NOT going to another party by Joey!
    Eva: Not today, Satan!
    Oli: Last time, eight people died! Worst house party ever!
    • Also from the same episode: Gabbie's comment, while Alison is leading the group to the ballroom just after Liza was kidnapped by a vampire, is this:
    Gabbie: Is nobody concerned about Liza? She literally just got taken by a really hot dude!
    • ALSO from the same episode: While Alison is fighting a vampire, Jesse has this to say:
    Jesse: Oh shit, should I help?

  • From Episode 4, "A Nation Divided": While Alex and Destorm compete to find the gem first to live in their death challenge, the rest of the guests watching from the balcony end up impromptu creating a song of nothing but the words "scoop and check" in an attempt to help them. Alex and Destorm even take a moment to STOP AND DANCE TO THE SONG, despite the fact that they should be fighting for their lives.
    • Even earlier that episode, during Capture the Flag, Joey and Gabbie end up wrestling on the lawn. The behind the scenes records includes this gem:
      Gabbie: You need this dress for the billboard, Joey!

  • From Episode 5, "The Gingerbread Woman": Despite the fact that it's a death challenge, Liza and Tyler's eating contest is hilarious to watch, especially when you have both of them in the commentary increasingly complaining about stomachaches to the point of wanting to die than eat any more food.

  • Also from Episode 5: When the Sorceress appears, Tana throws a lollipop at her. Seen as a Moment of Awesome by the fandom, but also hilarious as the Sorceress is clearly miffed and yells at her to "pick it up!"

  • From Episode 6, "Endless Winter Night": The guests, partway through the episode, have to collect tears from a fairy. In order to do so, they must make her laugh. After failed attempts at jokes and trying to look funny, they eventually end up chanting the spell they initially used to reach the fairy realm in a 'ratchet' style while dancing.

  • From Episode 7, "Automaton Love Story": Jetpack Girl is funny to watch, given how she temporarily stunned Cedric to save the guests from his rampage when first appearing in the episode, how she describes the automaton bride breaking down and breaking her boss Cedric's heart in the process, and her reaction to Tyler accidentally stepping on a landmine.

  • From Episode 9, "The Dark Dimension": Alex and later Andrea attempting to distract the Devourer is kind of hilarious to watch, just because of how silly it gets with the two taunting the Devourer and miming its actions from time to time.

     Season 3 
  • Matt Nikita and Manny's confessional's throughout the episodes
  • "The Clowns Here Kill, Part 1": The YouTubers reacting to the invitation and its contents.
    • "Bitch, where's my burger? I did not order this." - Nikita
    • "Oh, bitch, what?" - Manny
    • Roi brushing his teeth while reading the invitation. He ended up brushing his forehead.

  • Also from "The Clowns Here Kill, Part 1": MatPat attempting to stall after he and Rosanna get spotted by the clowns and had their ferris wheel cart lowered to the ground, so they won't get killed by the clown waiting for them at the bottom with a sledgehammer.
    MatPat: Oh, oh I'm having a hard time getting out of here. Oh, this is so hard. Oh, we're not stalling at all!

  • ALSO from "The Clowns Here Kill, Part 1": When Joey, Roi, and Colleen are trying to free Colleen from her cuffs in the RV, the code for her handcuffs is: Milk, Life, Delicates. Colleen immediately knows what "Delicates" mean...
    Colleen: Now I'm a lady. I know what that means. There's panties somewhere on this bus.
    • This is followed by both Colleen AND Joey yelling at Roi (who is currently freed) to keep looking for panties on the bus!
    • It gets EVEN FUNNIER when Colleen asks if they need to count the panties they're wearing. Roi denies wearing panties, but Joey's response?

  • Yet another from “The Clowns Here Kill, Part 1”: When the group encounters the first clown, Joey and Colleen express a fear of clowns, with Colleen even asking if anyone likes clowns. Cut to MatPat saying he finds clowns delightful.

  • Kind of meta here, but in Episode 1 (as well), when the Killer Clown Clan attacked, Safiya fled to hide with the producers and camera crew.

  • From Episode 2, "The Clowns Here Kill, Part 2:" After everyone finds out they have a death challenge they need to vote people into, JC tries to be rational about how to do it:
    JC: Are there any volunteers?

  • Manny and Colleen's commentary when the group is chasing down Bahar and capturing her in the beginning of Episode 3, "Venomous Affections."

  • From Episode 4, "The Man With No Name:" Teala and Rosanna running for their lives from the Man With No Name during their death challenge is somewhat hilarious, especially with Rosanna screaming a whole lot while doing so.
    • Actually, in general, EVERYONE screaming and running from The Man With No Name throughout the episode is pretty hilarious, including Nikita's strategy to lure the Man With No Name away from the rest of her team:
    Nikita: Come here, Daddy!

  • Everyone's (Especially Matt's) reaction to realizing they need to find finger's
    Matt: Yay I love finding severed body parts!

  • From Episode 5, "Strong Like A Demon:" After Rosanna and Safiya are captured and put in jail by the Strongman and his girlfriend, Veronica, the Strongman and Veronica take the time to make out with each other. Cue Safiya covering Rosanna's eyes so she doesn't have to watch.
    • The above doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Also from earlier in the same episode: The whole arm-wrestling contest between the guests is pretty funny to watch overall, especially the matches of Rosanna versus Colleen and Joey versus Manny.

  • From Episode 6, "Twin Dolls:" While Colleen is flirting with Mortimer (who previously flirted with Nikita in the first episode), Nikita has this to say:
    Nikita: Honestly, Mortimer was like so one hour ago, so Colleen can have him.

  • From Episode 7, "Funhouse:" When the group goes to check the front door, Rosanna can be found bouncing up and down just to see because she was stuck behind her tall friends.

  • Also from Episode 7: Matpat going first into the elevator and being spun around in it. His reaction:
    Matpat: SOMEONE STOP ME!
    • Joey getting disoriented after ending up in the sideways room of the funhouse is also funny to watch.

  • Some of the people getting captured in Episode 7 by Willie is also hilarious, particularly Matpat and Manny's reactions to getting caught.

  • From Episode 8, "Wicked Witches:" Joey attempting to act like a straight man to distract a witch in order for Nikita and Rosanna to get the bones they need to undo a curse.
    • Another moment from the same scene: Afterwards, Nikita, Rosanna and Joey ALL mess up saying the word "gate" in their spell, resulting in them having to chant the spell all over again.

  • Also from Episode 8, "Wicked Witches:" Manny running around in the invisibility cloak and trying to find all the items he needs to undo the pig snout curse, as well as his commentary on trying to find said items.
    • Heck, just Matpat and Manny getting chased by the witches in general in this episode AND their commentary on being chased alone is hilarious.

  • From Episode 10, "The Carnival Master:" Matpat distracting the zombies, including him yelling "Zombieeee, ZOMBIEEEE" at one point.
    • From the same episode: Nikita and Matpat attempting to guide Joey, who is blinded with the hangman's hood, around the zombies and three of the buildings in Everlock so he can complete a puzzle. The commentary is what makes it even more hilarious to watch.
    • From the same episode: Nikita attempting to guide Matpat, who is blinded with the hangman's hood back to Fatman Slims trying to get him to walk straight because he's the only straight one left
      Nikita: Walk straight
      Matpat: Okay!
      Nikita: Your the only straight one left.
      Matpat: I've been the only straight one left for a LONG time.
    • The time cards for the flashback and the present are quite amusing as well.
      Flashback: Oct 13th, 1978
      Present: 40 Years Later
      Present: Yet...Still in 1978

    Season 4 
  • In Alex's teaser, he stands next to a statue of some Ancient Greco-Roman statue of a woman, then proceeds to wrap his jacket around her exposed right breast. Not one that many comment on, but amusing nonetheless.
    • Bretman's teaser has him trying to put lip gloss on what appears to be a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil.
  • Episode 4: Tana shows off her bust and twerks in front of the Emperor, recalling a strange scene from Season 2 Episode 6. I.e. She FLIRTED with him, in front of his mother. Good Lord, girl.
  • Also in Episode 4: When the guys are overhearing the rebels that just captured them, Mortimer tries to interrupt and buy time for them so they all don't get killed. Unfortunately, this results in the following:
    Mortimer: Excuse me, I can't help but overhear...
    One of the rebels: Immediately points a sword at his throat
    Mortimer: Alright, that's, uh, sort of my throat...
    • It gets even worse after Mortimer tries to get the rebels to cooperate with him and the rest of the guys by claiming that they have secrets to share in exchange for staying alive. Alex's attempt is the following:
      Alex: I still pee my bed.
      Rebel: That is NOT useful information!
      • Joey's attempt is even worse as he bluffs and claims to know about the spear. But....
      Joey: It’s a spear that’s long, and that’s, uh, powerful…
  • Episode 4 has all the guys doing specific challenges to prove themselves as warriors. Alex has a bow and arrow challenge. Not only does he fail it, but he fails it badly.
  • Episode 6 has Mortimer turning to stone, but many viewers agree that the 'stone' version of him barely looks like him, which makes it hilarious.
  • Episode 8's death challenge features Alex, once again, screwing up at hitting a glass bottle with a slingshot, with flashbacks to his bow and arrow challenge to prove how bad of an aim he has.
    • Bretman is in the lead at first in the death challenge...but when he gets to the third part of it, which is rowing the boat down the lake to get the Jolly Roger flag and back, he doesn't notice for several moments that his boat is still tied to the dock, despite rowing for his life.

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