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Despite being a relatively small fandom in comparison to others, we have some fantastic fanfics ready to be read. The most prominent community is on Archive of Our Own, though there are smaller circles on FanFiction.Net, Tumblr, YouTube, Discord and other sites.

  • Title: The Escape the Night Novelization Series
  • Okay, I'll be honest here. Leah is arguably one of the best EtN writers out there, and we should all check out her works on the fandom.

  • Title: healing (isn't) linear
    • Author: CinderScoria
    • Description: They're all kind of broken, in a jagged edges sort of way, but that doesn't mean they can't fit with each other. The road to recovery is long and arduous - but if they travel it together, they can fill the cracks with gold.
      • Focuses on the survivors of the first three seasons and how they recover through their shared trauma together.
      • TV Tropes page is here.

  • Title: Escape the Night: The Lost Village

  • Title: Entering the "Escape the Night" fandom like....
    • Author: ETNMystic
    • Description:: Based on ColeyDoesThings "entering fandoms" series.
      • Essentially a guide to the fandom, with all sorts of Tropes in play.

  • Title: Survive Until Dawn
    • Author: NervousAliceCurious
    • Description: After a tragic accident tears the ETN fandom apart, the party of eight that started it all becomes embroiled in a perversion of their own creation—a new and improved game that will end in a favorite character's revival...but only if they are able to outlast everyone else! Snowbound and unable to call for help, they'll have no choice but to play along if they wish to Survive Until Dawn.
      • Based on Until Dawn, but with EtN writers and canon divergence.

  • Title: I'm Doing This For Them
    • Author: lrhaboggle
    • Description: That's what Alison told the Novelist, but just who was "them"? Thanks to "Escape the Night", we know about Joey and friends, but we know little about Alison or the people she loved. Who was she really willing to die for? Who was she trying to save? It's time this vampire princess' secrets were told. After all, the mansion is far big enough to hold a whole new side to the story.
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    • Sequel: Hail the Conquering Heroes
      • Description: Alison was assigned to be the guide and guard of the nine heroes. It was a task she didn't mind undertaking. She just wished the job description would've told her that she would pretty much be babysitting a bunch of feckless, reckless children for the night! (Alison's thoughts across the course of ETN S2).

  • Title: Fiaba Magica
    • Author: TheImaginativeLightbulb
    • Description: In this heightened fantasy universe, everything has fallen to pieces. The Snow Queen's at it again, taking children yearly back to her ice palace, forced to work as her slaves. But now, Matthew Patrick has been the most recently chosen, and Rosanna's having a deep struggle to cope with it. Now, she makes a vow to bring him back, and maybe even bring back all of the others who were lost in each Ravaging. Full of determination, she's setting off on her journey to save him, meeting new and interesting people on the way, and completing the largest adventure in her entire life, even doing more than what she originally bargained for.

  • Title: Fate Brings Us Together Series
    • Author: MysticalAuthoress
    • Description: An Escape The Night Canon Divergent AU, starting post-Season 2 onwards. Where Riley and Jetpack Girl fall in love, Vincent ends up living with them, and they may end up helping the Society Against Evil while making new friends along the way.

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