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    Fridge Brilliance 

  • Season 1: Tim and Andrea's roles - the Mobster and the Fixer (person who makes usually illegal arrangements) - compliment each other perfectly, especially when they are Platonic Life-Partners. Remember, he kills people, she covers it up.

  • Season 1: Why would the group constantly put Matt and Lele in the same group while searching for clues? Every time they join forces, they end up bickering which causes the group to lose valuable time. Matt and Lele probably wanted to be together so that they could keep an eye on each other. Remember, they each thought the other one was The Mole.

  • Season 3: Matt and Nikitas roles- The Detective and The Troublemaker compliment each other perfectly especially the fact that they are rivals and manage to Escape together. Remember, she causes trouble, he stops it.

    Fridge Horror 
  • All Seasons: the survivors would live, traumatized by their actions and possibly have Survivor Guilt. Meanwhile, the loved ones of the deceased would have lost a family member/friend/romantic partner...
    • To make matters worse, due to being taken out of time, the loved ones of the deceased have no idea what happened to them. They just left one day and were never seen again. In some ways that’s worse than knowing the details.
  • All Seasons: if the show actually happened in real life...
  • Season 1: Justine was Buried Alive. On average, it takes 5 hours for all of the air in a coffin to be used basically it took 'em that long to die. Damn. No wonder she's after Tim's wig in Season 4.
  • Season 2: Jesse voted for Alex in Episode 2. What if it was Alex that was voted in with Lauren?
  • Season 2: The Helm of Obedience in general. As Tana said, the wearer had NO CONTROL over their actions: they had to follow the Helm's voice's orders or get killed.
    • What if Joey was told not to kill the first man he saw from the porch, but to shoot one of his fellow YouTubers? Would he have chosen to do it, or would he have refused?
    • It has also been implied on the Fan Wiki that the voice of the Helm of Obedience is that of the Cursed God.
      • Season 3 makes this much more explicit with the Collar of Control.
  • Season 3: Both Manny and Colleen voted for Matt in Episode 4. What if Matt was voted in with Rosanna?
  • Season 3: Both Matt and Colleen had announced they had babies on the way going into the show. And then they got eliminated, with Matt's son having been born just days before his elimination to boot. Thankfully, Colleen was confirmed to not be pregnant during filming and Matt was brought Back from the Dead.

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