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Tear Jerker / Escape the Night

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It has come down to the point where everyone's heart drops while watching the show...pun intended.

Also, due to the sheer number of deaths listed on this page, SPOILERS ARE OFF, and YMMV.

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    Season 1 

    Season 2 
  • Episode 2: Lauren's death, especially with Alex's emotional breakdown.
  • Episode 5: Liza's unexpected demise after a Hope Spot moment. They were all going to live, but then the Evil Sorceress shows up...
  • Episode 7: Gabbie's Cruel and Unusual Death, mainly because it was a case of And Show It to You. Gross.
  • Episode 8: Alison's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Episode 9: Alex finally dying in the Dark Dimension. Some take comfort in the fact that he's with his girlfriend after that.
  • Episode 10: Joey's final appearance on Confession Cam in the season was unexpectedly sad, and was ranked ninth-saddest among the Seasons 1-2 final confessions. Mainly because he was Tempting Fate and was an in-universe Hope Spot for him...

    Season 3 
  • Episode 1: Literally the first three lines of Joey's introductory narration-recap, complete with the replay of his previous death at the end of Season 2.
    Joey (Voiceover): I thought I had defeated the Evil for good this time. I thought I was going home. I was wrong.
  • Jc's death in Episode 2. To explain: Matpat voted Jc into the first death challenge because he didn't know Jc did a lot to help the group during that episode, as they were in separate groups at the time. Not only does Jc actually go into the challenge because of this, but he chooses Matpat himself to assist him, not realizing that Matpat voted for him in the first place. Matpat fails, and not only does this result in Jc's death, but Matpat's confession afterwards shows that he feels absolutely terrible for not saving Jc.
  • Episode 5: MatPat's death, even if temporary. Heartbreaking to watch. Even more so with Platonic Life Partner Ro and her response.
  • Episode 6: You would think that with the Trailers Always Spoil thing, the fans would be prepared for this. Apparently not - the voting scene leading up to it, Colleen's reaction to the betrayal, and the fact that her Cruel and Unusual Death was performed with an Iron Maiden...that hurts our heart as well as hers. In fact, out of the Seasons 1-3 deaths, hers was ranked the second-saddest (though arguably, her death could be even sadder than Ro's).
    • To a degree, the flashback sequence pre-episode, and the Backstory of the Monster of the Week: The owner of the Dollmaker's Shoppe was trying to keep his business open and so made a deal with the Carnival Master to try to do so, giving him hope when the Carnival Master said that customers would be "knocking down his door" to buy his dolls...only for him to be stabbed to death in his sleep by the two twin dolls he addressed as his "children" that are revealed to be this episode's Artifact Guardians.
  • Not a death, but still just as saddening: In Episode 7, Nikita and Manny's elimination challenge has both of them dreading either one of them dying, both of them vowing right before they go into the challenge that whoever comes out, they'll get vengeance on the ones who voted them in. Nikita repeatedly apologizes to Manny after she completes both the first room AND the final room in the challenge, with Manny supporting her despite that meaning that he's more likely to lose the challenge. Once Nikita does win, Nikita is relieved that she'll stay alive, but is equally horrified because she and Manny were under the impression at the time that Manny would die due to his loss in the challenge. Both of them cry over this, joining each other in the elevator and hugging each other before heading out of the Funhouse together is what makes this even more saddening. Due to the twist of this episode's death challenge, however, neither of them die — which is a relief for the both of them, but horrible for the person that voted Nikita into the challenge.
    • Then the fanbase is horrified when they are reminded that Safiya was the one who voted Nikita in, and was thus fishhooked by Willie, the Monster of the Week. Many still cry outrage because of the "stupid Plot Twist".
  • MatPat crying over Safiya's dead body post her death.
  • Rosanna's death, and the entire death challenge leading up to it. When it's too obviously clear that Rosanna won't complete the challenge before the other three contestants do, MatPat and Rosanna exchange the following last words before her death:
    MatPat: You're the best friend I could ever ask for, Ro.
    Rosanna: I love you.
    MatPat: I love you too.
    • It ends with MatPat telling Rosanna to be brave as she is led to the witches' altar to be sacrificed.
      • After Rosanna's death, MatPat comments on how heartbreaking it is knowing that Rosanna is dead. Even after the group cleanses the artifact, EVERYONE takes a moment to acknowledge Rosanna's death and that it sucks.
  • Episode 9: Manny's death at the hands of Nikita. She had the option of killing him or herself and he was begging her not to shoot him.

    Season 4 
  • The fact that anyone who dies in this season is Killed Off for Real (in-universe) and may never again be Back from the Dead. Makes them weigh on your heart a lot more, as they have no second chance.
  • Episode 2: At the very end of the challenge, it is stated that the winner had to command the Pharaoh to kill the one who lost. Poor Justine…again.
  • Episode 1: A quote from Destorm. "Me and Tim go way back. I said 'Tim, what you doing here?' He said 'I died, too.'" Cue Episode 3 death challenge.
  • Episode 4: DeStorm and Alex's alliance was quite short-lived as they had to battle each other once more. This time, though, the former is implied to have made a Heroic Sacrifice, saying that it was “for Lauren”. As in: He. Deliberately. Broke the rules of the challenge. And got killed for being a Rebellious Spirit.
  • In the Episode 5 challenge, Gabbie and Tana ran out of time, the protection shield fell, and both, and I mean BOTH OF THEM DIED. And the kickers? One, everyone else arrived just in time to witness it; and two, just before the challenge, they were hoping that they would both come out alive like in the last challenge they had done together (Season 2 Episode 3). Tempting Fate at its finest, but still…
  • Mortimer being turned to stone in Episode 6 when the Gorgon first attacks the group. Colleen and Rosanna are both clearly unhappy about it, with both of them citing their trust in him in their confessions. Even the Sorceress vowed to pay vengeance to the Gorgon for this.
  • Episode 6 had Colleen's death. What makes it worse is that Matpat, who was helping her in the challenge (Alex and Colleen, who were voted into the death challenge, got to choose between Matpat and Nikita to assist them), doesn't get a chance to even try defending Colleen, as he's instantly teleported out of Purgatory and back to Jael and Ryu, cursing his failure to save Colleen from death. Remember that Matpat failed to save Jc in Season 3, too, so that makes it two people he technically failed to save.
    • What also hurts is that Alex, in his confession, admits that he thought that if he put the amulet that commands the Minotaur together fast enough, he might be able to save Colleen from death. He didn't make it in time.
  • Sinbad pulling a Taking You with Me against Ali Baba and both got killed, in Episode 7. Fatima crying over her now-dead love's body is even more heart-wrenching.
  • Alex's death in Episode 8. His last confession only made it did the Ethereal Choir in the background.
  • Yet another Episode 9 Heartbreaker: Poor dear Ro was trying to tame, or at least train, the dinosaurs. It did nothing to help her. The screaming made it worse…note 

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