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  • Anytime the two of them are genuinely nice to each other since they usually pretend to be Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • The number of times Danny gushes about Space Quest and Sierra games in general shows that even after twenty years he still loves them.
  • Ross' encouragement of Arin through Doing Things the Hard Way in VVVVVV is genuinely really sweet.
  • The special version of the Stanley Parable demo they received that was specifically dedicated to Steam Train, and to Danny and Ross.
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  • The first episode of Leisure Suit Larry has Danny back and Ross is so excited and acting like a happy puppy.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker. In the second (and final) episode of "Oregon Trail", Danny told a story about how when he played the game as a kid in class, he named the characters after his family members. When the character named after his mom drowned, he pretended to go to the bathroom and left the class to cry for about ten minutes because he was so upset about his mom "dying".
  • Danny and Ross' seemingly genuine affection for oft-maligned character Cedric in the King's Quest V playththrough, and their reaction to his supposed death trying to defend Graham.
  • They make clear they're not exactly for the messages Barbie could send to kids. Danny says that the women that become doctors and lawyers are the beautiful ones while Ross says that it is their right to act how they want, along with women shouldn't try to starve themselves to look like Barbie.
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  • Ross and Arin's immediate indignation in Ride to Hell Part 2 when the main character makes a sexist comment.
  • In Duke Nukem 2, Ross gets so disillusioned playing the game, Arin decides to take over for him. Working together, they completely turn it around, finding the keycard, regaining their health almost completely, and redeem themselves. See it here.
  • When he was younger, Ross took revenge against his sister's bully using Myspace's comment system against the bully. Quote Ross, "Don't mess with my sister."
  • When Ross was younger, his dad stitching his cheek after a very nasty cat scratch.
  • The developers of Electronic Super Joy shouting out to Danny & Ross in the first level.
  • Barry & Ross laughing drunk at the end of Surgeon Simulator 2013.
  • The finale of Go Go Nippon! has Arin and Ross disappointed that they might be experiencing a bad ending with Golorful and Akira not being able to say their farewells. But wait! Akira is able to reach Golorful at the airport in time and Arin can't help expressing how sappy but adorable the ending is.
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  • The positive reaction to the first Danny and Ross episode of Steam Train in a very very long time. It shows how far they've come since their rough and poorly received first episode.
  • In episode 4 of Battleblock Theater, Dan calls Ross an asshole, and Ross responds by calling Dan a fucking cunt.
  • The conductors thank everyone for one year of Steam Train!
  • The new intro basically acknowledges that Ross has been the most consistent host through out Steam Train, minus Meow Train and Valentines Day, with Danny and Arin being swapping co-hosts.
  • Arin and Dan's love story in The Sims 4.
  • Due to a glitch with Leisure Suit Larry 6 it cuts to four hours later. Ross was supposed to head over back home for Christmas dinner but the Conductors and Barry had to make sure the footage they had was good and processed properly. So Holly came over with Christmas dinner and they did it there. Barry even puts up a picture of the four of them.
  • In Part 12 of "Leisure Suit Larry 6", Larry goes through a scenario where his date, Shablee, for the evening turns out to be a transwoman (they get this wrong as Shablee is actually a 'transvestite' according to the official documentation) and he reacts with horror and disgust. While they admit the game is a product of its time (and Shablee being a reference to Dil from The Crying Game as the film came out a year before Larry 6) and Dan flubs gender identity terminology a little bit (not out of malice), its clear that they both think that reacting with disgust towards transgender people is not cool with them, and they give a kind shout-out to all their LGBT fans. Ross in particular seems genuinely irritated at Larry for the rest of the video.
  • Ross and Holly got married on September 29, 2012, a little more than a year before Arin and Suzy tied the knot. And just like Arin and Suzy got did "Date Grumps" in 2014's Valentine's Day celebration, Ross plays a game with his wife Holly for Valentine's Day 2015, redubbing the show "Love Train". The intro is positively Adorkable- Holly flirts and Ross acts all awkward.
    Holly: (in a sultry acapella) Hey, Ross, let's play a game
    Ross: (flat and humdrum) Okay, I mean I guess I'm down with that- let's do it
    Holly: So all aboard the Love Train! Smooch-smooch!
  • Danny and Ross's sheer joy as they play King's Quest (2015). Their love for Sierra games shines through, especially as they notice all the little Mythology Gags like the tapestries on Graham's bedroom wall depicting cover art from past King's Quest games.
    • In Part 4, Danny tells how, when he and Ross played a portion of the game at E3, they decided of their own volition to leave some money to "pay" for the stale bread Graham took. The devs on hand were pleasantly surprised, because they were the only people to play the demo who did that instead of just stealing the bread.
    • Their reactions to Graham and Achaka bonding throughout Part 12 are adorable and sweet, as is their genuine distress at Achaka's death — part 13 even reveals that they took a 30 minute break to recover from it.
  • Undertale is a game that advertises itself as "an RPG where no one has to die", though they still give you the option of killing NPC's. Ross is delighted to see that Barry purposefully tries to avoid killing characters without prompting before he fully explains the rules. He continues to try to find non-violent solutions through subsequent videos.
    • After being heartbroken that there appeared to be no non-violent option for Asgore, Barry and Ross are delighted that you can spare him, and with his offer of allowing them to be 'like family'. Then Flowey kills Asgore, and Ross and Barry get pissed.
      • And despite their fury? Ross convinces Barry to spare Flowey out of sheer principle, despite being absolutely furious with him. Just as well, as doing so is effectively a Cruel Mercy in and of itself, as Flowey is unable to comprehend why they're being so nice to him, which drives him nuts, and they're pretty quickly rewarded for doing so with hints for how to achieve the pacifist ending.
    • At the true end, Barry decides to forgive and comfort Asriel, and is treated to the most emotional moment in the game. Their hearts just can't take it.
    • Due to High request, the grumps begin an Undertale Genocide run. The first thing Ross, notorious for his trolling sadism, and Barry say? "I really don't wanna do this. Everyone's so happy....."
    • Barry and especially Ross' sheer love for Papyrus, to the point where, during their Genocide run when they have to kill him, Ross gets up and LEAVES the room, unable to go through with it. Barry has to coax him back in so they can continue recording.
    • The grumps have a hard time with the final battle of the genocide route, so they decide to livestream the battle. Not only does Barry complete the battle in under 2 hours, after they were expecting to be there much longer, but of all people to show up JUST as they finish the battle? Commander Holly, who brought the grumps a butterscotch-cinnamon pie and a giant pot of spaghetti!! Also doubles as funny because Ross nearly breaks his teeth biting into cinnamon bark. What they're celebrating counts too. Brent, Brian, Jack, and Vernon get in on the fun too!
  • In the 2016 Singles Train episode, Danny and Kevin quickly get fed up with the awful Bratz game they're playing and decide to turn the episode into a Grumpcast where they discuss how there's nothing wrong with being single and how the most important thing is feeling good about who you are rather than seeking validation from another person or from society.
  • The Green Hill Paradise Act 2 episode. Not so much the video itself, as the fact that not only did the official Sonic YouTube account comment on the video and say they were not going to DMCA the fan game - they said to keep making more.

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