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"Outwit. Outplay. Outcraft."
the tagline of the series

Kawaiivinny's Minecraft Survivor is a spinoff of the popular CBS reality game show, Survivor, created by Kawaiivinny that had it's first episode debut in August 8, 2012. The series itself is hosted on a Minecraft server.

The series follows the same premise as the original series but the difference is that the contestants can range from a minimum of thirteen years old. The series, which can be viewed on this YouTube channel, has six seasons with a seventh season being built.



Season One

Setting: Swamp Islands. The first season had 7 contestants, who began the season by battling it out to see who would enter the season's tribes, Red and Blue, and which first contestant would be eliminated. The season went on for 14 episodes and ended with AlcoholicRobot being the Sole Survivor and HystrixSA as the runner-up.

Season Two

Setting: Desert. The second season had 7 contestants, which was made up of 6 veterans and 1 newbie, share the same camp, while being split up into the Orange, Green and the additional White tribes. This season's twist was Isolation Island. The season went on for 11 episodes and ended with Radiant_Oblivion being the Sole Survivor and therealninjaboy as the runner-up.

Season Three

Setting: Two islands surrounding a volcano. The third season had 8 contestants, featuring 4 veterans and 4 newbies, on the Red and Yellow tribes. The twist was the Award Wall (with the Trading Depot making it's debut in this season). The season went on for 16 episodes and ended with deviouskyle251 being the Sole Survivor and AlcoholicRobot as the runner-up.

Season Four

Setting: Winter tundra. The fourth season had 12 contestants, featuring 6 veterans and 6 newbies on the Blue and Green tribes. The twist was the Base Camp Challenges. The season went on for 15 episodes and ended with brotherbird50 being the Sole Survivor and timon93 as the runner-up. Starting this season was the Fan Favorite poll, with timon93 being the winner of the poll.

Season Five

Setting: Underwater. The fifth season had 12 contestants, featuring 11 newbies and 1 veteran, which would be split up into the Yellow Tribe (dubbed The Titans) and the Purple Tribe (dubbed Gouf-Troop). There was no twist this season. The season went on for 14 episodes and ended with cmndrsikey being the Sole Survivor and FunnySwirl and EchoMaster2 being co-runner-ups. The Fan Favorite this season was stripytails777 / "Snover".

Season Six: Fans vs Favorites

Setting: The nether. The sixth season has 12 contestants, featuring 6 newbies and 6 veterans, which would be split into the Orange FANS Tribe and the Red FAVORITES Tribe. This twist was the Fake Tribals. The season went on for 12 episodes and ended with ToastCrumbley being the Sole Survivor, EpicDuck3 as the first runner-up (2nd) and Gamer888 as the 2nd runner-up (3rd). The Fan Favorite this season was ToastCrumbley.

This webseries has examples of the following tropes:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: The series' logos are just like the original series except that it's "Outwit, Outplay, Outcraft".
  • All or Nothing: The winner is the only person to win a prize. However, the winner can only claim the prize if he or she is above a certain age.
    • The prizes were a t-shirt (Seasons 1-2) and a 6 cm 3D print of their Minecraft character (Seasons 3-5).
    • Subverted in Season 4 where Speedy won a silicon wristband.
  • Audience Participation: The fan favorite poll from Seasons 4 and onwards, as well as the Favorites Poll for who would return in Season 6, with the latter being disregarded due to a couple of people hacking it.
  • Back for the Finale: Contestants eliminated in the game come back to vote for the winner.
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  • Back from the Dead: Season 5 had a twist that allowed two previous eliminates to return into the game.
  • Big Bad: Hufflepufficus tried to be this. YMMV on whether he succeeded as being one.
  • Big "What?!": This is Hystrix and Robot's reaction to Nemui being eliminated. While Kawaiivinny didn't outright say "What?!", this was her reaction upon finding out Nemui voted for himself.
  • Callback: The entirety of the trivia challenge from Season 6 was this as questions were asked about the previous five seasons.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The contestants must change their skins in accordance to their tribe. For example, the contestants on the yellow tribe would have mainly yellow on their skins to show that they are from that tribe.
  • Confession Cam: Kawaiivinny has allowed confessionals, which lets the contestants speak their mind without the worries of others listening.
    • Season 6 did not have this due to time contraints.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Subverted. Michael 918 said in his interview before the airing (and filming) of Season 5 that he was willing to backstab anybody. This is ultimately subverted due to Michael being targeted because of his interview and being eliminated first.
    • Arguably, Speedy is this, having backstabbed his closest allies in Seasons 4 and 6.
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  • Game-Breaking Injury: Subverted. Speedwinner 1137's elimination in Season 4 was due to sickness.
  • Graceful Loser: Most of the eliminated contestants surprisingly took their eliminations very well, compared to the few who did not.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Michael 918 said in his interview before the airing (and filming) of Season 5 that he was not participating in the game to make friends.
  • Jerkass: Some contestants can come off this way, whether it be in the show or in the comments section.
  • Lighter and Softer: The first 3 seasons come off as this due to the "friends playing a game together" vibe, compared to Season 4, which had some drama, and Season 5's mass strategizing and controversy. Season 6 has reverted back to this as everybody got along and there hasn't been any true conflict.
  • My Greatest Second/Third Chance: deviouskyle251 was last in Season 1, survived one elimination in Season 2 and won Season 3.
    • Others have managed to succeed in getting farther in their second run.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: Speedwinner 1137 in Season 4 and EchoMaster2 in Season 5. The latter was able to come back into the game later on due to a twist that allowed two eliminated contestants to win a chance to come back into the game.
  • Idiot Ball: SilverSurge held this in Season 1, which lead to his elimination.
    • Other contestants caused their elimination via this as well.
    • Vega in Season 6 threw the challenge to try and get Rachel out but the result was his closest ally's elimination.
  • Nothing Personal: Contestants will sometimes say this to whoever has been eliminated that round. This was most notable in Season 5's Purple Tribe, who were very "caring" about each-other, with most of them acting as if the tribe is a family.
    • Season 6 was this in it's entirety. Toast, at a Tribal Council, even said that he doesn't want people to be bitter after the game as it's just a game.
  • Out of Focus: In Season 5, after Michael 918's elimination, the Yellow Tribe suffered from this for the remainder of the pre-merge due to the Purple Tribe's losing streak until the Yellow Tribe's second loss in Episode 8.
  • Reality Show Genre Blindness: While this can be averted to due Kawaiivinny possibly not telling the contestants that the interviews would be released before filming (Season 5), two contestants in particular revealed their entire strategies on the interviews. As such, they were the first two contestants eliminated.
  • Reset Button: A special twist of Season 6 had the fake councils in Episodes 3, 6 and 10.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: One contestant in Season 5 came off as this, as well as a Jerkass in the comments section during the airing of Season 5. Said contestant said he wasn't like that and it was all a persona.
  • Sole Survivor: Just like the original series, this is the title of the winner.
  • The Ace: AlcoholicRobot. He won the first season and got second in Season 3. He was also very good at challenges, winning around four immunity challenges in both of his seasons combined. Considering how Season 1 had seven contestants and Season 3 had eight, this is very impressive. While he hasn't made it to the finale since, he's still proven to be a very strong threat.
  • The Bus Came Back: Seasons 2-4 contained multiple returnees, while Season 5 only contained one. Season 6 was Fans vs Favorites.
  • Unknown Rival: Timon to Dawson during the first three episodes of Season 6. Timon really wanted Dawson out with the latter not realizing it until a crucial moment.
  • Versus Title: Season 6 is Fans vs Favorites
  • Wham Episode: Any episode with a shocking elimination is usually this as it sets the tone for the rest of the game.

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