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  • In an interview conducted as he was really breaking out into his full popularity, Toby was asked about his family. He revealed that one of his objectives in working so hard was to get enough money to move his parents from Florida to Las Vegas, because his mother was suffering from a respiratory condition that was aggravated by Florida's climate. He broke down while talking about it and took several minutes to regain his composure. It's rare that a guy his age has his head screwed on that straight.
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  • His fellow YouTube Stars wishing him a Happy Birthday.
  • Toby is doing a playthrough of Halo 4 with his niece. It's heartwarming to see the two of them have fun as they work their way through the game.
  • In one of his Vlog videos (which has now been set to private), Toby has just learned form his mother that his father is actually his step-father and has recently meet his birth father and his younger half-siblings. Despite the revelations, he still loves both of his fathers. Awww.
  • Tobuscus helping to raise money for his friend's eye surgery...With a KFC ad. Flitz would cry on the video but he's only half as capable.
  • Irresponsible Dad in the Get Bloody video, while still getting his son (and himself) horribly murdered, he seems like less of a hostile psychopath, and more of a Too Dumb to Live Bumbling Dad. He even comforts his son after his mom starts singing about how she doesn't miss him.
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  • Toby and Tim Tim playing Minecraft together in the Mine The Diamond music video. For once, the two seem to be getting along and nothing bad happens to Tim Tim at all.

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