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Tearjerker / Tobuscus

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  • The God of War: Ascension Literal Trailer. Despite being hilarious in some parts, the lyrics that were added to the commercial makes the whole scene ten times more heartbreaking.
    • "Oh well, at least you'll be close to me now..." I fall as my skin turns to ash and, Then so does my fashion; Every-THING, But the RING, As he CLINGS, To the thought of his daughter, As her ash clings to him... It's like an everlasting, morbid necromancer hug.
  • Toby crying. The second he lets out the first whimper, he turns into a hugely Adorkable Woobie that you just want to hug and protect. Even moreso because he's crying about his mom being sick.
  • Played with and played straight in The Depressing Song. For a song with lyrics like "I wrote this song just to depress you", it does a very good job.
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  • Seeing Toby cry about the death of Robin Williams.
  • Push, a serious song.

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