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standalone animations

Animator Vs. Animation IV

  • The ending: After four shorts, the Animator and the Stick figure finally make peace, and begin working on animations together. The figure even teaches him new techniques and helps him improve.
  • The fighting stick figures waving at the Second Coming when the Animator refreshes them.
  • Seeing the Second Coming play and have fun with his new friends and not blowing up the computer is just adorable.
  • The stick figures playing with the emotes on Facebook. One pets the crying face, and then they work together to throw it into the paint on the animation program, which cheers it up.

Animation Vs. Minecraft

  • After every episode prior has had the main stick figure start off on sour terms from the word go, seeing this episode start with the Second Coming happily skipping across the monitor is refreshingly adorable.
  • After being freed from his Demonic Possession, the red stick figure becomes horrified and guilt-ridden over attacking his friends. What do his friends do? They are happy to see that he is okay and give him a Group Hug.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming in the fact that the Animator doesn't show up at all, but has left his computer up and running for the stick figures to romp around in. Compare this level of trust with him ending their tasks on sight in 4.
  • As mentioned on the Fridge page, the Second Coming crafts diamond armor and weapons for everyone else before crafting any for himself. Since he knew he had a finite amount of diamonds, he made sure everyone else was protected before he worried about himself.

Animation Vs. YouTube

  • During the battle YouTube selects the original Animator Vs. Animation video, and everything calms down as the Second Coming and Green look at the video in wonder. It's a really touching moment of remembering the origins of this series, especially when the Second Coming layers himself over the first drawing of Victim, to Green's amazement.

Animation vs. League of Legends

  • Before they are sent into the world of League of Legends, the stickmen are having lots of fun. They watch Alan playing the game, enthusiastically beg him to play again and when he leaves, wear masks made from the champions' portraits to goof around. After fighting for so long, the stickmen are finally having a good time in ages.
  • After the Second Coming destroys Purple's tower and claims the victory for his team, he is given a celebratory toss by his friends and they all celebrate in joy. Admit it, you couldn't help but to smile at the occasion. Then, they see Purple sitting in the corner in shame. He was the one who turned his back on his friends to get the Ender Dragon's egg and left them to die, and doomed his village to the Ender Dragon's wrath. But what do the Second Coming and the aforementioned friends do? They forgive him and offer him a chance for redemption. He accepts.

Animation vs. Pokemon

  • Upon releasing Totodile, the Second Coming immediately falls in love with him, not even caring when he bites his arm. On the other side of the coin, Totodile clearly isn't eager to leave him when the Second Coming is caught, timidly hiding behind his leg.
  • When the policeman demands that the Second Coming return the Totodile, the Second Coming initially moves to hand it over, only to just put the Totodile on the ground, presumably to let him choose whether or not he wanted to return. It's only when the Totodile makes it clear that he wants to stay with him that the Second Coming tries to flee with him.
  • The Second Coming is able to get a full team of Pokemon via The Power of Friendship.
    • Pidgey is caught in a Pokeball, but doesn't bother to resist; the "successful capture" click is immediate, even though the Pidgey was unweakened.
    • The Totodile that the Second Coming took from the lab happily rejoins him once the Second Coming reenters the game.
    • Mareep tries to stealthily follow the others, until they catch on and happily invite her to join.
    • Heracross is spotted drowning in a lake. Totodile rescues him.
    • Slugma is spotted being prodded by some jerks trying to get him to fall into the water. Heracross tosses them into the water.
    • Oddish is spotted being chased by a Farfetch'd. Mareep thundershocks the latter to get it to back off.
  • Up until the Elite Four, all six are following the Second Coming. It's possible that most of them didn't even have their own Pokeballsnote  until the Second Coming was told to withdraw them by the Elite Four gatekeeper(who said only one Pokemon could follow him), making it all the more heartwarming that they stuck around.
  • Ethan eventually acknowledges the Second Coming's ability as a legitimate trainer, admitting that he was the one taught the lesson when he thought he'd be teaching the Second Coming one.

AvM shorts


  • When everyone's grieving Green's death, before he respawns, Yellow can briefly be seen comforting Blue. Also, none of them give The Second Coming any grief for killing him.


  • When the villagers get lots of resources, they don't stop worshipping Purple like he feared, but instead build him a much better castle. It seems like they really respect him as a leader, even aside from his handouts.
  • Also the fact that Purple seems to like Blue and Green by the end.

The End

  • After being rescued from falling into the void by the other stick figures and several Villagers, Blue and Green Group Hug Red, Yellow, and the Second Coming. After a few seconds, the Villagers join the hug.
  • The Dragon Egg ends up hatching into a Baby Enderdragon!


  • When the Second Coming opts out of going into another portal with the others, there's no attempt on the part of either himself or Green to get the other to come along with their own plans. They just shake hands and calmly part ways to do their own things. Becomes more Heartwarming in Hindsight in the tail end of "The Dolphin Kingdom", where Green is the one to finally break down over how much he misses the Second Coming. Sad as that scene is, the fact that their last meeting went rather amicable means that there was no Parting Words Regret involved.
  • The fact that the Second Coming has a picture of him and all of his friends. Bonus points when you consider the possibility that the Animator made it for him.
  • Despite not wanting another chaotic adventure, as soon as the possibility of his friends being in danger crosses his mind, the Second Coming doesn't hesitate to race to the portal where everyone else went.
  • When the fighting stick figures are huddled around a campfire after their SkyBlock run goes south, Blue is the only one with any food, a measly two carrots. Despite how hungry he is, he notices that Red and Green are hungrier and decides to give each of them one, leaving nothing for himself.

The Dolphin Kingdom

  • While the context is a Tear Jerker, the fact that Green also has a copy of the group photo the Second Coming has is rather cute.
  • The episode ends with the whole group reunited at last! Doubly so since the two parties were crying over each other moments before. Once the Fighting Stick Figures see the Second Coming after the latter mines through the wall to meet them, after a few seconds of Stunned Silence, the whole group tackle hugs him before throwing him into the air like they did in "Animations vs League of Legends."

AvA Shorts

The Virus

  • It's nice to see the animator and animations living and helping with each other. Especially when a great threat came, the two of them work together to fight it. Something that was impossible to see in the first three "Animator Vs Animation" videos.
    • Orange and the Animator even have a special high-five/handshake!
    • The first thing the Animator draws, when the virus lunges at them, is a shield to protect Orange (followed immediately by a giant scribble "tying up" the virus—the virus just dissolve-bites it in seconds, but it's the thought that counts).
    • The way the two of them work together to draw weapons—a hammer, a rocket launcher—suggests they've been at this a while. And when they use the fly swatter, they practically perform a duo attack, with the Second Coming bringing the fly swatter closer and stepping on its handle, while the Animator holds the upper part of it before letting go to flatten the virus.
    • When the Second Coming and the other stick figures are in trouble, the Animator drags ViraBot away from them to attack it. Directly with his mouse cursor. Twice. (The second time, his cursor isn't so lucky.) When ViraBot lunges at the Second Coming after hatching and destroying his hammer, the Animator is shown quickly moving his cursor out of the way, implying that he knows (or at least, suspects) that the virus can do damage to it. And yet when his stick figure friends are in danger, he quickly goes out of his way to protect them, even at risk of briefly losing his control of the computer.
    • When the virus destroys the Animator's cursor, all the stick figures react with visible alarm that says "Oh no! He's gone!". And let's look at their reactions again; After the Second Coming loses his pencil, the stick figures (including him) are seen evacuating inside the walls, clearly frightened by the virus. But when the Animator gets his cursor destroyed with no way to get it back? After a short stunned silence, they turn to ViraBot in cold anger before (attempting on) giving it a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.

The Chosen One's Return

  • After the Chosen One has destroyed ViraBot once and for all, he creates a portal so he can leave. However, the Chosen One faces Alan and says farewell to him. If he still hated him, he would've finished what ViraBot started or told the other stick figures of the torture Alan put him through. However, he does neither, suggesting that his grudge has faded (likely from seeing how the Second Coming and his fellow stickmen were able to reform him into a better person). Meanwhile, Alan isn't mad nor fearful towards the Chosen One, and lets the Second Coming and his friends enter the Chosen One's portal from their own will. (You can actually see that just before they enter the portal, they turn to look at the Animator. If Alan said a word of protest or even just looked unsure, they likely would have hesitated.)

The Flashback



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