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  • In "GAY IS A BAD WORD" Frank shows sincere concern for people who were offended by his usage of the words "faggot" and "gay", and he even says that he deeply regrets deciding to use those words.
  • The true care that Frank expresses over his comrades.
    Frank: Nobody plays better ass-flute than Salamander Man!
    • Also, the rousing narration at the end of the aforementioned video just accentuates everything.
    David Attenborough: And thus, after years and years of searching, Frank and his friends were once again reunited, and despite Salamander Man's remarkable ass-flute capabilities, Frank had a bigger motive in mind. And Frank did not care about Salamander Man's ass-flute, but rather just wanting his friends back together. Because he knows deep down that without each other, they would not stand a chance against what is out there. With this, Frank cherishes the memories he's had with his friends, and together, hand in hand, leap into the shithole we call the future. My name is David Attenborough, and you can go fuck yourselves.
  • In his cinnamon challenge video, Frank has a moment where he breaks character for a split second, and in that split second you can see him genuinely smiling and laughing.
  • "Anal Beads" has this moment, which is way sweeter than it has any right to be.
    In the darkest of times,
    you were there for me.
    (I love you.)
    • The effect is either accentuated or diminished once you realize the context.
  • In the "Kill Yourself" video, we get to see Pink Guy, Red Dick, and Prometheus doing crazy shit like the friends that they truly are, and it just makes you feel good to see them together.
  • In his rant on weeaboos, Frank makes a very clear point near the end that he has nothing against anime or its fans in general and actually doesn't mind what you do just so long as it's not in excess. He even made a bunch of hints beforehand that what he's saying doesn't apply to every non-Japanese person who watches anime, only those that denounce their own culture, call themselves Japanese, think they can learn Japanese through the anime they watch, etc.
  • At the end of the ice bucket challenge video, there's this message:
    I am glad ALS is getting the awareness it deserves.
    I will also be donating 100 dollars to the foundation despite completing the challenge (many times)
    I hope you nerds find a cure
    • The genuine feel of the message makes it sound like it was written by George and not Frank.
  • After Dade dies at the end of the 2014 Christmas Special, we see that he had written "LOVE U FRANK... DADE" on the wall in chocolate.
    • The "in memoriam" montage that ends the video.
  • In "WORST ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST", Frank gives a very emotional speech about humanity's cruelty to animals for the food industry to prosper, and states that he rebuts this horror with his more dignified treatment of animals. By hunting and gathering, he can treat animals' demises with respect, and will always thank an animal once he catches it.
  • In "I HATE HIGH SCHOOL", Frank talks about how bullying is an epidemic that's spreading throughout the world, and he sounds very sincere. Then he says that people that are bullied don't know how to defend themselves. He apologizes for it.
  • The end of "I HATE VEGANS", where Frank, after spending a few minutes mocking and ranting about Vegans, tastes a vegan chicken sandwich given by Veggie Cunt. Much to his surprise, the sandwich is actually pretty good. Too bad his newly found liking of such food is swiftly ruined by Veggie Cunt revealing that the sandwiches cost $19.
  • In the stinger of "POKEMON GO IS THE END OF HUMANITY", where Maxmoefoe gets a text from his girlfriend only for him to swipe it away as he's busy with Pokemon Go. George cheekily tells Max that she misses him, to which Max corpses and laughingly tells George to fuck off.
  • Pink Guy searching other realms for Frank in "A WAR IS COMING..." and practically begging Salamander Man to keep him safe by the end.
  • The cute scene before the baking starts in "HAIR CAKE". Frank is explaining what makes the Shrimpson Boys such great chefs. Then he gives Maxmoefoe a kiss. Idubbz then asks "What are you, fucking gay?" and gets a kiss too.
  • "PIMP MY WHEELCHAIR" is basically a Humiliation Conga for a cerebral palsy victim named Wheelz at the hands of Frank and some local harassers in his neighborhood. Despite the tone of the overall video, the ending is rather sweet, with Frank fulfilling his promise of making Wheelz a wheelchair that would give him the respect and bitches he wanted.
    Wheelz: I can't believe this shit. Inna matter of two days, I went from havin' no whip to havin' a great whip. And a bitch, too! I can't wait to tell Frank about this!
    Narrator: Ah, there's nothing like a happy ending.
  • While Joji ending the show is a Tear Jerker, the fan response this time was mostly positive, unlike his "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" video. Many fans understood, and wished Joji luck on his new career. Hell, even big names like Etika and Smash Bros Legend ZeRo thanked Joji for making the videos. Even though some people were sad, one person made a perfect comment;
    Sharkcasterwood: "Don't cry that it's over. Smile because it happened."


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