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Filthy Frank is probably one of the most sickening series on YouTube, and that's saying a lot. But once you see a few episodes, you'll understand why. It's called Filthy Frank for a reason.


  • "FILTHY COMPILATION 2": The Lycra-suited guy note  who randomly shows up and vomits a yellow liquid.
  • "FILTHY COMPILATION 4": Frank and Pink Guy vomiting ice cream and making strange facial contortions.
    • Salamander Man with blood around his mouth is both this and Nightmare Fuel.
  • "FILTHY COMPILATION 6": After convincing a captive he finds in his closet to give chromosomes, the captive proceeds to drool red liquid into Frank's hands.
    • And then Frank drinks it.
  • "NOISE COMPLAINTS" is one big squickfest with one Vomit Indiscretion Shot every few seconds. Everyone in the whole video is vomiting something, from chocolate to what looks like blood.
    • The guy vomiting blood comes back for the start of a couple episodes. Yay fun.
  • The naked masked men from the music video for "Dick Pays Rent".
  • "RAT CHEF", all of it.
  • The image of Frank regurgitating banana and trying to feed it to a dead stork in "WORST ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST".
  • "VOMIT CAKE". The name alone should tell you all you need to know.
  • "TERIYAKI GOD" is probably Pink Guy's nastiest cooking rap yet. Even seasoned veterans in Frank's fanbase report being unable to watch the video without feeling sick. If you were able to stomach Pink Guy spitting food into the frying pan in "FRIED NOODLES", then imagine a whole video of that plus even worse stuff, like Pink Guy getting his ingredients from nasty places like the toilet and under the fridge. Seeing the meat cooking alongside fur clumps, dust, and cobwebs in the pan will probably kill your appetite for a while.
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  • Hell, Frank's first debut video "FILTHY SHIT" is already nauseous enough, as he talks about how he has explosive diarreha but runs out of toilet paper. The rest is history...


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