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Trying to make a Filthy Frank Funny Moments subpage would be considered pointless due to most of his videos being both vulgar and offensive at best, but just for the benefit of the doubt...

  • Japanese 101 is described by Frank as a series that teaches Japanese words "that you probably shouldn't say in public".
    Frank: [Michael Jackson] used to be a koku-jinnote  And now he's a...(points to haku-jinnote )...that's right! Dead.
  • In a really, really sick and disgusting way, "SHIT FILTHY FRANK SAYS". You're a terrible person if you laugh at it. But we won't judge you any less.
  • The joke from the pick up lines segment in HOW TO GET LAID:
    Frank: I'm actually really funny. (Opens what appears to be a calendar full of jokes.) Why did the chicken cross the road? Internally: Shit, I don't know this one. Get it together. Because... because a chicken's a mammal...
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  • "It's just Taco Bell--what could possibly go wrong?" Cut to Frank screaming on the toilet, smearing his poop on the walls, covering his face with poop, and vomiting.
  • Filthy Frank doing the cinnamon challenge. Yeah.
    Frank: I don't know what the big deal is, it's just cinnamon.
  • Frank's rant on memes.
    • He starts off the video by saying "Welcome. Do you enjoy anal sex?" in Japanese.
    • This exchange.
    Frank: 12-year-olds are like tumors! You can't get 'em off your back, and they grow really fucking fast! 12-year-olds are like Santa Claus' apprentices! Their sacks haven't quite full size... yet.
    ??? (offscreen): Ayo, that's gay, man!
    Frank: HEY!
  • Any one of his videos where he lists different cultures or accents.
    • The Running Gag of Southeast Asia (and its countries) smelling like shit.
    • Hey ese, I'm breaking into your car!
    • His pickup line video.
    Thailand: Hey, I was just wondering if you- Okay, that's a dick. Okay, st- okay-
    Japan: Oh, I'm gonna take you to the rice fields tonight!
    Middle East: Oh, I'ma take you to the bomb shelter tonight!
    China: Oh, I'ma take you to the sweat shop tonight!
    Egypt: Oh, I'ma take you to the... *beat*... desert.
    North Korea: Well, you're not dead.
    New Zealand: Well... *beat*... at least you're not a sheep in this time.
    Uganda: Oh, I'm gonna take you- Ohh... oh, you're dead. Okay.
    Kenya: (Frank waving his arms around)
    Chernobyl: Oh boy, I'ma take- Ohhhh, what the fu-
    Afghanistan: Can I defuse your vagina?
    Russia: Oh boy, I'm gonna take you to the- okay, you have a gun. I'm sorry.
  • His summary of America in four words in "HOW TO ANSWER THE PHONE IN 30 CULTURES":
    "Baseball! Apple pie! Wrestling!"
    • In transitions of Greece, Samoa, Donkey Kong, and frat parties:
      Frank: I HAVE NO MONEY! *laughs anguishly while Prometheus throws a trash can at him*
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    • "Hello? Man, fuck Verizon!"
  • The Overly Long Gag of "HOW TO EAT IN 30 DIFFERENT CULTURES" (now deleted, but there's reuploads of it) that is Frank wearing a hat similar to Safari Man's, repeatedly taking food from the counter, while Mexican music plays.
  • LIFE HACKS. Need we say more?
  • In "FRANK SAYS", when Frank tries to get Pink Guy out of the bathroom, he asks "What are you looking at?" This draws attention to two rather conspicuous sweaty handprints on his shirt around the chest area...
  • "EPIC NOSEBLEED". Good lord.
  • "What Not To Say On Your First Date".
    • "What did the mushroom say to the other mushroom? Nothing. Mushrooms can't talk, you dumb shit."
    • "I love banging pregnant women, and I like threesomes too."
    • The only line that doesn't get a FAIL after it is "I have a black dick." (WIN)
    • "I would like to extend to your my urethra."
    • "You would look really good with an East Mongolian mongoose up your lube."
  • In this video, Frank stated he drew something for his art class and brought up said drawing... which is a dick with a smiley face. Frank deliberately gets shocked by his own drawing and tries to get away with it.
  • Frank's video about Jersey Shore has too many golden quotes to count.
    • His description of the show as "Italian faggots running around".
    • He says that to resemble the show's cast, he'd have to cover his body with the diarrhea of a Pakistani child.
    • "...What in the great vaginal fuck is a Jersey Shore?"
    • "What the fuck is a Snooki? Is that a rat or something?"
    • "Every time I watch it, I just grow a new vagina!"
    • "YO YO YO, I'M BLACK!"
      • Made even better by the annotation that appears that reads, "Thumbs up for the terrible black impression!"
    • Let's not forget the best one, "I WAS JUST WATCHING POKEMOOOOOOON!"
  • In his Japanese 101 video on how to say "420 blaze it", we get to see Frank blazing live, using "Malaysian Airlines"—which is essentially a carrot and some lettuce.
  • His ukulele cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" near the end of the ultimate batsu game.
    • He then ends the episode saying "Kill me" in a very stoic manner.
  • "Now, I believe there have always been stupid people. But the Internet provides greater opportunity for stupidity to be expressed and paraded."
    Singing voices: Professor Filthy Frank, Ph.D in severe Internet retardation. (beat) He also smokes crystal meth.
    Frank (up close to the camera and whispering seductively): Oh yeah baby, lemme get some of those tits, you know what I'm saying? Lemme suck on some good ole dick, you know what I'm saying? (starts laughing for half a second before it cuts)
    • The two running gags in the video: Frank's strange yet hilarious cover of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", as well as the various characters that appear in the video being shown crying with the caption "(insecurity intensifies)".
  • The end of "Big Mama".
    Frank: HA! Pink Guy, you can't rap fo' shit! (laughs)
    Black woman: Excuse can't rap fo' shit. At all. AT all. So I don't even know why you talking 'bout him.
    Frank: ...How much am I paying ya?
    Black woman: (takes off sunglasses) What? What'd you say?
    Frank (a bit louder): How much am I paying ya?
    Black woman: I don't know, 14 dollars?
    Frank: FOTEEEN MOTHAFUCKIN' SMACKAROONS! So you best be shuttin' the fuck up.
    Black woman: Really? Really?
    Frank: Yeah.
    (black woman gives Frank an Armor-Piercing Slap that knocks his glasses off)
    Black woman: You ain't paying me SHIT, you broke-ass nigga!
    (Frank corpses)
  • The sheer prospect of Frank being nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (by HowToBasic, no less) is amazing, but then you realize that Frank, being Frank, is going to put his significant twist on it. He did.
  • Frank makes a back-to-school survival guide.
    • The intro. Good lord.
    • On appearance.
    Frank: First and foremost, don't be this guy.
    (pictures are shown of various douchebaggy clothes while scare chords play in the background)
    Frank: Like, please, for the love of Chin Chin, do not be this guy.
    • While discussing a cheating method (which insists of writing the answers on your thigh).
    Frank: It works especially well for guys who have hairy legs like me. It just blends into the jungle.
    (shot of Frank lifting his shorts to reveal his very hairy thigh and "1+1=6" written in marker)
    • "Health tips".
    Frank: Finally, just make sure you become friends with the minimum of two weird white kids. Like those really weird white kids that sit alone at lunch. Cuz you know...(gets close to camera) wanna be on the good side. Just in case.
  • Frank's rant on weeaboos.
    • Dreams don't come true.
    Frank: You know, when I was younger, I used to want to be Thomas the Tank Engine. (angrily shakes camera) BUT THAT SHIT NEVER HAPPENED! (looks sad, holds back tears) We all have dreams. I just wanted a piece of Percy's ass, ya feel me? (starts cracking up) Y'know, I just wanted a piece of that helicopter's ass. (cracks up more)
  • At the start of "BAD INTERNET RAPPERS", we see an event that happened in 2012 in which Frank's best friend Pookie betrays him. Frank breaks down in tears and Pookie sorrowfully apologizes...then it suddenly cuts to Frank shooting Pookie. All while a (purposely shitty) cover of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" plays in the background, layered over itself.
  • In this Jap 101 video, which teaches the Japanese translation of "I eat ass" (the ultimate pickup line), Frank attempts to show the audience that it works by approaching a girl in a library and saying it. It fails.
  • This moment from the 2014 Christmas Special.
    • The bit where Frank asks Chin Chin for help curing Dade. Chin Chin is thrashing around on the table screaming that he won't help Frank and that he doesn't care, until Frank promises chromosome sacrifices, whereupon Chin Chin appears in a chair, sitting inquisitively, saying "Now I care."
      • The sequence where Chin Chin gives Frank henchmen.
        Chin Chin: You will need protection. It's dangerous.
        Frank: Why?
        Chin Chin: Dade's Chocolate is a rare commodity. Many realms want him dead.
        Frank: What the fuck?
        Chin Chin: I will provide you with henchmen.
        Frank: Henchmen? Now we're talking! What kind of henchmen you got?
        Chin Chin: I found two black kids in the parking lot.
        Frank: Are you fucking kidding me?
    • The sequence with Dr. Sack, especially when he pulls out his gun.
      Dr. Sack: No, that's not gonna happen. I'm gonna protect myself.
      Frank: WOAH! Alright, buddy, buddy! Shit just went from zero to a hundred real fuckin' quick
  • "HUMAN RAMEN". Frank has a recipe for the ultimate ramen: human ramen, a ramen that is so insane that political leaders and terrorist groups alike are banding together to stop it. To show his viewers how to make it, Frank volunteers himself to be the final ingredient.
    • The image of Frank sitting in a ramen-filled bathtub. "I don't even know what this show is anymore."
    • Frank repeatedly getting shit thrown at him while he's in the bathtub.
    • Him seductively rubbing spices on his hairy legs.
    • Him making a phone call to a woman, trying to persuade her to come over and join his human ramen bath to taste him.
    (crunches on leek) "You hear that baby? That's all me, 24-7 G muthafucka, 24-7 G."
    • The scene is made even funnier when the cameraman can barely contain his own laughter, shaking the camera with George trying his best not to laugh as well.
  • Four words: Filthy Frank, anime hunter.
  • The 'WINNIE THE POOH CONSPIRACY THEORY' video, in which he gets overly irrational trying to find out why Eeyore lives under a bundle of sticks while everyone else lives in 'luxury tree stump condos', chalking it all up to a conspiracy.
    "So my question is why is Eeyore treated like such shit!? I can't take it!!"
    • At one point he literally starts banging his head on a wall in anguish, crying out Eeyore's name.
    • At the end when Frank is living on the street, he sees a dead rat on the sidewalk and proclaims "Dinner is served!" Until he realizes it is actually his friend Stuart. At this point he begins tapping it with his finger (!) in an attempt to do CPR.
  • This proves out to be foreshadowing in the sense that Frank would return with what many call his filthiest video yet, "RAT CHEF". He dresses up as Guy Fieri, complete with flaming button-down T-shirt, and takes to the streets to find "ingredients" to use for making "5 star cuisine". He then gets his friend Shaman (the short man from the 2014 Christmas video) to try it out, and when he realizes what Frank has made, he is understandably grossed out.
    • The video resolves itself with Shaman consoling a dejected Frank and cheering him up, saying that he enjoyed the food. Frank even confesses his love for Shaman, and even tries making sexual advances.
    • However, when Frank tries giving him baby rats, everything goes right back to square one.
    • "It's my mom's recipe." A line he repeats almost every time the Shaman asks him what exactly he was thinking serving him dead rats.
    • ""Shut the fuck up"
    • The various corpsing moments in the scene with Frank and Shaman.
    • The Stinger of the video, with Frank interacting with some passersby that see him filming. In character, no less.
    • Before The Shaman goes for it, he has a smile on his face as he opens the tortillas... Which slowly but surely falters as reality sinks in.
    Passerby: Nice outfit, dude!
    Frank: What's he talkin' about, man?
  • His reaction to Zayn leaving One Direction.
    • "Now I have to become a 5 Seconds of Summer fan! They're so much uglier!"
    • Him scoffing at the #Cut4Zayn trend that began sparking on Twitter, rebutting it with his own trend: #OD4Zayn. What ensues from this point onward is probably some of the darkest comedy that Frank has ever delivered, and for such a Grossout Show, that's saying something.
  • Frank's pretend overreaction to being told that he has a weird voice.
    • The results of Frank going outside and filming old people. "I hope you all get CANCER!"
    • Frank showing that Brazzers tweeted him, saying that they also eat ass.
    "What can I say? It's a disease."
    • The way Frank says "WAHT DUH HEYUL".
    • The HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL bit. Never has Voice of the Legion been used so hilariously. Not only that, but his laughing was so loud that a neighbor knocked on his door. Frank then tried playing it off by adopting his Japanese persona and saying that he doesn't know English.
    • When told that his fanbase is ruining his show, Frank says that he has no idea of that...while making a finger gun gesture to his throat. It then cuts to him sobbing loudly in the bathtub while eating pistachios.
  • ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS, which was gracefully summarized by Twitter user @Jsmithayyy, who said, "I legitimately have no clue what's happening in any of your videos anymore."
    • On the board of contestants, Frank is nicknamed "Kamikaze Failure Frank", since he served in WWII as a kamikaze pilot for 20 years; however, he just couldn't die (which is kind of what inevitably happens during kamikaze).
    • According to the board, a remote-controlled drone is the only one without any losses.
    • While in an interview, Pookie is billed as a crystal meth enthusiast.
    • During his interview, Brock tries talking and throwing broccoli at the same time...only to drop his broccoli.
    • The actual races, which consist of a bunch of grown men shouting and throwing money in a shoddily thrown-together "track" with crawfish that could probably be outpaced by snails. Then hip-hop music starts playing.
    • Apparently, the previous Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics had some kids die in a coal mine.
    • When the crawfish fail to sufficiently progress, Frank unveils his secret weapon: a container of genetically modified crawfish. They're white mice.
    • This exchange.
    Manny Pacquiao: That's bullshit, man!
    • The interviewer trying to give an interview to the drone.
    • After building up the reveal as to who Alpha Centurion is (they have a 300,000-2 W/L ratio), we finally see that it's Shaman. Not only does he get into a scuffle with Brock, but he beats him up with his own broccoli, only for the drone to come in and chase him off.
      • Doubles as awesome, given that they RECORD from the drone's POV as it chases off Shaman
  • ''IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO", a Take That! against prank videos which consists of Frank saying horrible things to people's faces, then lamely attempting to justify it by saying "It's just a prank, bro!".
  • "DUMBASS GETS PEWDIEPIE TATTOO" is glorious in it's own way, just doing self deprecation humor towards themselves and just being more of a "You lost a bet" type of video. All to get a PewDiePie tattoo.
    • Makes it 10 times funnier that Felix himself appears in the video (by webcam at least) and all does is look in confusion, takes off his glasses, and all he says is "What the fuck, man."
  • "PEOPLE I HATE" is just a barrage of hilarious. From the "IT'S TIME TO STOP!!" transition slides to picking on his own fan base.
  • "I HATE VEGANS." Just "I HATE VEGANS." Good lord.
    • "Hey! I'm vegan. Can you give me this medal? Because I deserve it."
    • Frank tries to oppose veganism by saying he's "vegetable rights activist."
    Frank: Yes, my poo is very hard, but I do not eat vegetables, because vegetables feel pain.
    Potato: I FEEL PAAAAAAIN!!!!!
    • The confrontation between Frank and the Snake Lord.
    Frank: See, this is the problem with you people—
    • "Wheelz is an upstandi—er, sitting citizen..."
    • "Listen man, listen to me, you ungrateful little fuck. If you don't shut your fuckin' face, I'll make sure you never fuckin' walk again. You hear me? I'll make sure you never walk again. You ungrateful little shit. Do you understand, how much money I dropped for this, you think this is about charity? Because I don't fucking care about charity."
    • The wheelchair in question, an absolute abomination on all fronts. Especially the engine, which Frank has to pull-start.
    • The Overly Long Gag involving Frank answering all of Wheels' complaints with duct tape.
    • The test ride, which devolves into Frank and his film crew joyriding the chair.
    • The scene of Wheelz' life after the show.
    Frank: There's nothing like a happy ending.
  • From "HUMAN CAKE", we have the usual HowToBasic antics. First he manages to fuck up an entire carton of eggs, then he pulls a perfect one from the aether, and then he throws it at Frank. The scene is so ridiculous that Joji even drops the Frank voice to call HowToBasic out. And Throughout the whole scene, Idubbz' moustache was hanging off his face.
    • Then there's Frank/Joji laughing his ass off while everyone who ate the cake throws up on the table.
      • Idubbz' vomit is pink for some reason.
    • "Shut up, you fat cunt!"
    • Max and Frank's honeymoon in HowToBasic's shed. First, Idubbz has to hold the door shut because Max kept trying to escape, and then, it gets so wild that the fucking roof of the shed comes off!
    • The ingredients they got to make the cake are ten times funnier considering we see said Youtube stars giving them/sending them to the Cancer crew, which INCLUDE:
      • Max and Frank forcing Jon into spitting out food he was eating.
      • Randomly forcing Damien/Makemebad35's shoe off and clipping his toenails.
      • Max randomly approaching Jack in a bathroom stall and asking for his pubic hair. Could also be a Call-Back to when Jack accidentally ruined the "Have u seen chef?" joke at a convention one time.
      • KSI sending his pubic hair to the Cancer Crew (and admitting he had a jog to have them be sweaty for them) and possibly cutting his crotch in the process.
      • Joey Salad's part. Holy shit. He gave Max and Frank his piss but they held a container in the bathroom that Joey was pissing into. Max's complete gross-out at the fact he didn't stop takes the icing on the cake.
      • Special mentions go to Felix and Anthony Fantano, Felix sending his ass hair in a box and Frank speculating how much it'd cost on ebay, while Fantano sent them toe nail clippings (all while his introduction was shouting "WHAT UP CUCKBOIIS!!!) and taping a bag of them in a note that simply said "HERE BITCH" to them.
      • And then the best one: Max and idubbbz going to get spit from Michael, all while Frank calls him "The God".
    Frank: "WHO'S THERE! I have a belt, and I'm not afraid to hang myself!"
    • Real Frank's intro. It must be seen to be believed.
    • When Real Frank and Fake Frank meet on the rooftop.
    Fake Frank: Chin Chin paid me in chromosomes, that's why I did it!
    • Frank claiming that everything we've seen of the omniverse so far is just one fifth of everything. He even starts cracking up at the amount.
    • Chin Chin's evil scheme is just to put Frank in a hole.
    • After a few shots of Yadaran flailing around, calling out for Frank, Pink Guy looking scared and even Chin Chin being unnerved, Frank (from in his hole) shouts "Who the FUCK is THAT?", the scary music cutting out completely.
    • Chin Chin's final act - flipping off Yadaran before he is banished, laughing in his face.

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    Pink Guy 
  • Pink Guy's covers of "Bitches Ain't Shit" and "Fuck tha Police" turn gritty rap songs into goofy ukelele ballads; you'll never look at them the same way again.
  • Dick Pays Rent will have you in stitches because of the funny voice he uses and how much it Crosses the Line Twice:
    I let the beat drop like old people with polio.
  • Pink Guy's Kermit-y voice.
    "I want to lick your anus..."
  • And his habit of breaking things.
  • And his dancing.
    There's no such thing as the
    Friendzone, friendzo-o-one
    The only reason that you're lonely
    Is 'cause you're fat and gay
  • Watch Pink Guy's cover of "We Can't Stop" and see how quickly it escalates.
  • In Jungle Boy, while Pink Guy's rapping he suddenly leans over and starts incoherently screaming. It is then followed seamlessly with the line "So do you feel high?"
  • His music video for "KILL YOURSELF". Not the lyrical subject matter, but the random shit Pink Guy, Prometheus, and Red Dick are doing. Red Dick inserting a stick up Pink Guy's ass, for example.
    • At the end, we see Pink Guy walking with a long staff. He eventually slips and falls, knocking over a bowl of noodles in the process. He sees the spilled noodles and lets out a Big "NO!".
  • "PINK GUY'S PUNISHMENT", where he gets viciously egged to death for all of the dishes he broke.
    • However, there's only one egg that actually hits him—right in his left buttock. His cry of pain is very much audible.
    • Then Red Dick comes along, sees Pink Guy's corpse, and desperately tries to revive him. Then he starts spitting a brown liquid all over Pink Guy's face. You can practically see him trying not to laugh.
  • At the end of his stir fry rap, Frank comes and comments on how good the stir fry looks. Holding the pan over a trashcan, Pink Guy repeatedly looks at the pan and back at Frank, and then dumps the contents into the trash can. He then says "Ey b0ss, fuck you mang" while Flipping the Bird. Cut to a distressed Frank as what is subtitled as "heavy Mandarin" is heard in the background.
  • More often than not, the other characters will hear Pink Guy's rapping as his incoherent screaming, only more hysterical than usual. "ERECTYLE DISFUNCTION RAP", for example shows that the titular rap over his lament about having and being unable to fix his erectile disfunction as loud, continuous weeping.
  • "PINK GUY ELEVATOR PRANK", a video about Pink Guy messing with people in an elevator, set into an opera song. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • "2 GIRLS 1 ORGAN", which has Pink Guy and Black Friend (who is playing the organ) hilariously bouncing to the beat of the latter's organ
  • Pretty much every Pink Guy video where he messes around with the public. For example, "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME" and "PINK GUY IS CRAZY"
    • In "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME", Pink Guy and Black Friend are seen singing along the titular line. Their singing becomes more Wangst-y overtime to the point Pink Guy bursts into a fit of coughing in the end.
  • The Stinger for "Ramen King" and "Fried Rice" has Safari Man favoring some omelletes for dinner. What does Pink Guy do? Spit out an egg into a pan.
  • Pretty much the entirety of 17 certain songs from "PINK SEASON"
    • I HAVE A GUN
      • When Pink Guy plays this song in "A WAR IS COMING", Green Cunt shrills over how good the song is. It also borders as Fridge Hypocritical Humor, as Green Cunt is stated as gay, yet this song is about not calling someone gay.
    • unnamed japanese track
    • CLUB BANGER 3000
    • HENTAI
      Judge Mr. Goofy—
      Goofy: A-hyuck!
      Judge: What do you have to say for yourself?
      Goofy: GUH-HYUK-HYUK! Guilty!
      Lawyer: Your Honor, my client would like to plead insanity!
      Goofy: A-hyuck-hyuck! Nope!
      Judge: Wait-wait! Hold on, hold on! Uh, Mr. Goofy, you're saying that y-y-you-you were conscious—
      Goofy: Hyuck-hyuck! A-yup!
      Judge: You were conscious and aware of your actions?
      Goofy: A-hyuck!
      Judge: Is that correct?
      Goofy: A-yup!
      Lawyer: Goofy? Goofy, what the— what the fuck are you doing?!
      Goofy: A-hyuck-hyuck! Gosh! I did it!

      Lawyer: Goofy, you're on thin ice, buddy!
      Goofy: A-hyuck!
      Lawyer: C'm on, shape up!
      Goofy: I did it.
      Lawyer: Yeah-yeah, I know you did it. Yeah, we all fucking know you did it, okay? But we can get you off! We can get you off—
      Goofy: A-hyuck! I'm a murderer!
      Lawyer: We all know you're guilty.
      Goofy: A-hyuck! Guilty!
      Lawyer: Look, Goofy: I'm Mickey's best lawyer, okay? He wanted me on this case because he cares about you!
      Goofy: Ha-ha! I'll fucking do it again!
      • If you listen closely to when the lawyer is telling Goofy about how much money Mickey is putting on the line for the trial, you can actually hear his laughter in the background that sounded similar to the gay mickey video.
    Other Characters 
  • All of Frank's characters speak in mumbling and shrieking, rarely actually saying coherent words. The subtitles do the rest of the work.
  • This gem from "I HATE MEMES":
    Mr. Magic Man: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    Lemon: *pounding his head on a calculator* OH! 21! 21! 21!
    Mr. Magic Man: I LOVE YOU!
  • When Pink Guy summons Chin Chin in "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS" to combat Red Dick, he emerges from the bushes and says this gem:
    • After Chin Chin defeats Red Dick, Prometheus is clearly seen horrified by the sight of the Dark Lord... until the next scene where he smacks him out with a trashcan.
  • SALAMANDER MAN WHIPPING SCENE will be the funniest ten seconds of your entire life.
    • Salamander Man spoke his first words that weren't "YEEEES" or "NNOOOO"—"Oh shit!"
    • When he gets his last whipping, Salamander Man leans a bit too far forward and falls onto the bike he was holding, which then creates a little domino effect.
    • While the actual whipping is pretty side-splitting, the best part is the Freeze-Frame Bonus at the end where the camera turns and you briefly see the cameraman's face.
  • "Ghetto Juggling" is a very strange video that needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Everything about the rapper Politikz from "BAD INTERNET RAPPERS".
    • "Fuck Lil Wayne! And the government's corrupt! Fuck the government! Cuz I don't give a fuck!"
  • Racist Santa from the 2014 Christmas Special.
  • Speaking of the 2014 Christmas Special, there was Dr. Sack (or whatever his real name is), who out-thugged Frank and his posse of 2 black guys.
    • He's essentially one of Frank's actor's college professors.
  • Let's not forget Brock Lee. Even Dr. Sack agrees his broccoli skills were pretty frightening.
    • "H-He's dropped his broccoli."
  • What happens when you take three psychopaths (Filthy Frank, MaxMoeFoe, and HowToBasic) and have them bake a cake? Lots of tripping, vomit, and smashed eggs in Vomit Cake.
  • From MaxMoeFoe's channel comes this video with Pink Guy and him as Edward Scissorhands. In a way, it's similar to what actually happens in The Force Awakens, as Han Solo does gets "fucked" over by an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette. In this case, Kylo Ren.
  • This gem from the BTS:
    Max: *To Ian, who's wearing his Green Cunt attire* Jump down, jump down, and then say some fuckin' gay shit.
    Ian: *jumps down from the counter* I'M GAY!
    *Everyone bursts into laughter*
    Pre-Filthy Frank 
  • Let's just establish that Early Installment Weirdness is going to be crudely smeared all over these entries.
  • They couldn't even make a suicide PSA without taking it to some extent.
    • Lake (the guy who plays Dade) committing suicide.
    Lake: This is it, George! I hate life! I'm tired of it!
    George: DON'T DO IT, LAKE! DON'T DO IT!
    (Lake "jumps", cut to him flailing and screaming on the ground)
    • The actual PSA.
    Lake: Hey. I'm Lake Markham. Some of the things we showed you there are pretty funny. You know what's not funny? Suicide. Every year—
    Deep-voiced man (offscreen): Hey, douchebag! The only reason kids commit suicide is 'cause you're alive! Why don't you go commit suicide?
    Lake: Hey man, I'm trying to do PSA! (looks back at camera) So, every year (man continues yelling), more people die from suicide, STDs, AIDS—HEY MAN, THAT'S NOT COOL! THAT'S NOT COOL! OKAY, MAN?
    Deep-voiced man: Go eat some cereal, Dumbo! Hey!
    Lake: ...MAN! You're just...cramping my style. I'm trying to do the PSA, so that people don't get hurt feelings! Man! What's...DUDE, come on!
    Deep-voiced man: Go jump off a building! Goddamnit! No one likes you!
    Lake: Man, okay, that's too far. You need to go to church.
    Deep-voiced man: ALRIGHT! Alright, see ya!
    Lake: (looks back at camera) More people die from suicide than STDs, AIDS—
    High-voiced man (offscreen): Hey, dumbass!
    (Lake begins to cry and leaves)
    High-voiced man: Yeah! You!
    Lake: I HATE YOU ALL!


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