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From this moment forward, a legend was born.

  • The I HATE MEMES video, especially after the first half. Mister Magic Man attacks Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Salamander man with rage comic memes. All hope is lost, until Frank summons none other than Lil B, the Based God.. Also bonuses as a CMOF.
  • Pink Guy can actually singnote .
  • Pink Guy now has a compilation album with 37 minutes of all of the Awesome Music he's made.
    • AND IT'S 100% FREE!
    • And it reached the Bandcamp front page!
  • When Lord Chin-Chin kidnaps Salamander Man, instead of dismissing the situation like the jerkass he is, Frank asks his fans for help to get sacrifices. Doubles as Heartwarming Moment.
  • When Chin Chin appears in "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS", what does Prometheus do? THROW A TRASHCAN AT THE BASTARD!
  • Some of Pink Guy's rhymes are pretty clever.
    "H 2 to the O with stilettos, now that's a high tide, call me Billy Mays cuz I'm still living in 1999."
    "I got a burger and a thingy of fries, I think we disguise our lives when we speak, but we show it with what we eat. We defeat eternal demons with heaps of internal shitty meat."
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  • Also doubles as a Funny Moment; when Lemon Guy is juggling his lemons to cast a spell on Pink Guy, in one moment he throws his lemon up and it lands on the doorknob perfectly. Lemon Guy's nonchalant expression as he goes to get the lemon just accentuates it.
  • Frank becoming a big damn hero in this video to save Salamander Man from Chin Chin.
    Frank: Nobody plays better ass-flute than Salamander Man!
    • Salamander Man then proceeds to play The Legend of Zelda theme on his asshole.
      • Double points for Chin Chin, of all people, recognizing this as "true art".
    • Frank encounters a brown Lycra Man who demands he take off his mask and reveal himself. Frank slowly removes it, stands, and makes a dramatic pose, before uttering the immortal line:
      Frank: It's Filthy Frank, motherfucker.
    • Salamander Man's also quite the nose-flute player.
  • One time, Frank tweeted that he was gonna teach his viewers on how to say "420 blaze it" in a Japanese 101 episode. A while later, he actually did.
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  • Are we not going to mention that without Pink Guy, one of the biggest phenomenons of 2013 may not have ever existed?
  • "TYPES OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET". Jokes aside, Frank covers a lot of important ground in that video with regards to social media culture, and pretty much anyone who watches that video will be nodding in agreement to most of his points.
  • Frank doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 'Nuff said.
  • Pink Guy and his accomplices from the Harlem Shake video doing a LIVE Harlem Shake.
  • In Frank's rant on weeaboos, we get to see the returns of Salamander Man and Safari Man!
    • Not only that, but Salamander Man plays a bit of his nose flute song from 2013.
  • The end of Frank's video on bad Internet rappers, where Pink Guy comes out of nowhere to shoot Politikz after having appeared for 5 seconds earlier in the video. After all, he had threatened Frank with a gun and forcibly given him his mixtape.
  • Frank's full name is Professor Dr. Filthy Frank, Ph.D. You want to know what that Ph.D is in? Internet retardation. And to be honest, such a Ph.D was practically made for Frank.
  • If "George" isn't fucking with us, HE'S GONNA BE IN THE NEXT STAR WARS MOVIE. It does not get more awesome than that.
  • The start of his Japanese 101 video for "I eat ass".
    Frank: I teach my national language from my home country. Because Japan is the best country in the FUCKING world!
    (Frank makes Godzilla roars overlayed with footage of Pink Guy pelvic thrusting and Kim Jong-un walking up to a podium)
    Kim Jong-un: Japan is the fucking best. And Filthy Frank is the emperor.
  • Admit it: the overcrank shots in "CHIN CHIN ARRIVES" were pretty damn awesome.
    • The shot of Chin Chin spewing out a funnel of smoke overlayed with hip hop. I mean, nothing gets better than that.
  • In "ILLEGAL CRAWFISH RACING OLYMPICS", Frank states that he's known as "Kamikaze Failure Frank" in the races due to his 20 years of being a WWII kamikaze pilot, except for one thing...he couldn't die.
  • For the creators: the amazing cinematography in "CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE 2015".
  • HUMAN CAKE gets so many beloved YouTubers together in possible one of the most disgusting collaborations in existence.
  • Really, just the very existence of his video "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO," due to the fact that it is a huge call out to pranksters on youtube doing horrible things and getting away with it because it is "just a prank, bro."
  • "CHIN CHIN'S RETURN," which finally picks up the FF Lore and shows that after a year of exile and being replaced by a clone, the real Filthy Frank is finally coming back with the intent of taking on Chin Chin. Topped off perfectly with the "CHIN CHIN VS. FRANCIS OF THE FILTH" title near the end of the video.
    • The return of the real Francis of the Filth:
      Frank: Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!
    • "Some might say that I'm a peace^lord, I don't know. Do you really want to test that right now?"
      • In fact, Frank has become so powerful that he actually scares Chin Chin now.
      • There are hints throughout the series that the peace^lords are the most powerful beings in the Omniverse, eg. Frank being able to steal from deities but is apparently unable to face the peace^lords, and the Gatekeeper, an eternal being, being afraid of them. Frank is now one of them.
  • For a mixtape as unforgivably crass as Pink Season, it's truly a testament to the power of the FF fanbase that it managed to have success on the charts, reaching #70 on the Billboard 200!
    • Several months after the mixtape's release, after merely one tease, Pink Guy returned with an entire remix EP with Pink Season remixes from producers including Getter (who Pink Guy has worked with before). The video accompanying it amplifies the awesomeness due to its insane production value and visual effects.
  • Anytime he does the "Loser Reads Hater Comments" videos and makes a bunch of Take That! remarks towards his haters; e.g. People with bad grammar and Insane Troll Logic.
  • Yadaran is a Peace^Lord, the only one confirmed so far. He is strong enough to effortlessly banish Chin Chin, who earlier in the episode had managed to trap Frank, who has power at least equal to Chin Chin, in a hole. Doubles as an Awesome Moment for Chin Chin; he's the one who flips off a Peace^Lord.
  • Frank and Pink Guy are the only ones who can become God.


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