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  • Acting for Two: It'd be quicker to list the characters who AREN'T played by Frank's actor.note 
  • Artist Disillusionment: Overlapping a bit with Creator Backlash.
    • George desperately wanted his lives as himself and Frank to stay separate. At the time, he hated the side of the fandom that wanted Joji back, whether on the show or the music sense. He did cool down after 2016 with the revelation of Chloe Burbank.
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    • This reached its logical conclusion when he decided to officially announce the show's end, with one of the main reasons being that he doesn't enjoy producing that content anymore.
  • Bilingual Bonus: In the video WEEABOOS the Japanese he speaks roughly translates to "There are two Jewish people in my closet, they're both dead".
  • Creator Backlash: George concerning the Harlem Shake. He's become less bitter about it, but still doesn't understand why it took off.
    • George really just wanted to be left alone outside of the context of the show. He blocked anybody who references the show on his personal accounts and regularly begs his fans not to mention Frank on his Twitter and Instagram, although this dwindled down following his retirement from Filthy Frank.
  • Development Hell: The Joji album, which was intended to release in summer 2014, only to get pushed back to fall and ultimately die.
    • Some fans can assume with Joji's "return" as PinkOmega, the Joji songs could be retooled into the project's music.
    • Or not, considering Joji yet again decides to take on the music, rebranding PinkOmega as Joji once again. Although this trope is still into play as Joji's juggling school/FF/other projects.
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    • Rough explanation, as the Joji album is infamous for this: As mentioned above, the album was going to be released in 2014, but Joji decided to push it to the fall and then just cancelling it due to disillusionment with the fandom. He then tried to re-invent a persona for his much more "serious" music under the name PinkOmega but like with the Joji album, nothing happened. It wasn't until around 2016 Joji basically said "Screw it" and started working Joji music again, re-booting the album to "Chloe Burbank, Volume One" with two new singles. Development Hell was still in effect due to Joji's projects and school, before getting help from label 88Rising where it seems the album will be released on there, as they've begun releasing music from the album on their channel, in particular the famous "Medicine" song and a single called "i don't want to waste my time".
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    • And it seems the Development Hell in regards to Joji's music seems to be shredding, as on October 17th, 2017 at midnight, Joji dropped a song entitled "Will He", along with Empire Records and 88Rising announcing an EP by Joji entitled In Tongues. Cue the Flying Pigs indeed.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Any of the Joji videos. Let's just say they never happened.
    • The cake trilogy got deleted, but reuploads can be found.note 
  • The Merch: He used a Spreadshirt shop in the earlier years of the show's run before upgrading to a more official merch site called FilthyTokyo. While the latter has been discontinued, the former is strangely still running; Joji's involvement in its operation is dubious.
  • Missing Episode: As pointed out by the Lost Media Wiki and this YouTube video, several early Filthy Frank videos (and especially the Joji videos) have been deleted or made private for reasons unknown, and while some have been reuploaded by fans and otherwise recovered, many others remain lost. In fact, some remain so lost, it's not even possible to prove they ever existed.
  • Name's the Same: Oh sweet, I didn't know Joji directed Happy Feet and the Mad Max movies.
  • Reclusive Artist: While he's shown to be sociable enough, very little is known about Joji's personal life such as his family, where he goes to college, etc., a feeling which is further emphasized by his tendency to be a Lying Creator regarding these types of questions (he once replied that he goes to college at Harvard, despite living in New York City and Harvard being in Massachusetts). This also seems to stem to why Joji attempted to detach himself from the fandom and was somewhat confirmed as well when he announced he would be rebooting his music career, out of fear of losing his privacy and image.
    • He revealed a bit more of his life after the release of his In Tongues EP in a Vine interview: he was obviously born in Japan (and even revealed that the rice fields references are actually a personal part of his life) but moved to America to go to college there. Also, despite being from Japan, he is ethnically half-Australian, though it is unknown through which parent. He also talked about the condition he mentioned in the infamous "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" video, which he still takes medication for, and has shown some of his hobbies such as fishing and having a Zen garden.
  • Shrug of God: Joji does this a lot when it comes to why he removed his Jojivlog videos/himself as a character from the show. First it was because the fandom got out of hand following his introduction to the show, and then it was said that he left on his own according, hence why he also cancelled the Joji album. Of course, this may also be a cause of the Streisand Effect as Joji has tried his best to remove the videos/hide the fact he was ever on the show and actively calls out the fan base for this, pushing the effect into dire territory. This sadly makes him look like an Entitled Bastard and Hypocrite concerning these facts, especially later on.
    • Judging from his rebranding of PinkOmega as "Joji" once again and admitting he was at fault for the slew of Streisand Effect over the music (as for the vlogs, it's unknown), Joji seems to have taken account what he's done and decided to screw everything and release his music again.
  • Streisand Effect: Joji's attempts to take down his more serious and personal videos caused this a lot.
    • Joji invoked this when he first started detaching himself from the fanbase, which only went From Bad to Worse as time passed on.
  • Wiki Rule: Over here.
  • What Could Have Been: There was a lot of things Joji had planned, such as an animation, a planned Grand Finale, a Pink Guy tour, a third Pink Guy album, and especially the infamous Joji album.


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