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Tear Jerker / Filthy Frank

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Who knew that such a surreal and offensive web series would have heart wrenching moments?

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  • The "CHIN CHIN SACRIFICE" video, which was the first big sign that the show was changing.
    • Chin Chin kidnapping Salamander Man.
    • You can see how truly distressed Frank is after Salamander Man is gone.
  • When we see Frank's actor George for the first time, we learn that he actually has a brain condition that causes him to have seizures, and these seizures are induced by stress, which comes from running the show.
    • It's a bigger heartbreaking thing when you realize that George (also known as Joji) who had plans to post his own personal vlogs to connect with his fans, but unfortunately the Fan Dumb fucked up by getting on his case all because of it, Joji deleted his vlogs and his "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" video.
    • Ditto as well with the cancellation of the Joji album, which judging from this song, it would have been a beautiful piece of work. And it's a shame we'll never hear it..
  • "Ninja Gets His ASS KICKED", in which a ninja (or someone with a black Lycra suit) gets mercilessly bullied in a bathroom stall. This is a surprisingly more serious video, as there isn't really much comedic intent in it (although there are the handful that still find it funny). The description shines more light on this:
    "Just some scenarios that Japanese people are awfully familiar with."
    • You can't help but feel bad for that poor ninja. He didn't do anything to deserve it...
    • When Prometheus is finished with him and leaves (temporarily), you can practically see the ninja crying on the floor. (If you listen closely, you can see he actually is.)
    • The melancholy music that's playing doesn't help much.
    • You can just see the discomforted, anguished look on the ninja's face as he leaves the stall...
    • ...only for "Prometheus" to come back to shove him into the handicapped bathroom door.
    • You could interpret the ninja as Chin Chin and the bully as Prometheus.
  • In "PINK GUY'S PUNISHMENT", where Pink Guy gets viciously egged to death, and then Red Dick comes across his "body". He lets out a scream of anguish, considering Pink Guy was his best friend. Him desperately trying to revive Pink Guy is shockingly jarring to watch.
  • The ending to his "420 BLAZE IT" Japanese 101 video has Pink Guy being killed. Again. The gratuitous and over-the-top yet strangely jarring bawling heard afterward, as well as Frank's truly shaken appearance, make for a surprisingly chilling Sudden Downer/Gainax Ending.
  • In Frank's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, we see Frank being subjected to all kinds of crazy and dangerous stuff. This usually would be Frank getting his comeuppance, but seeing Frank gasp for air while being drowned by someone in a bathtub makes you go, "Poor guy..."
  • Surprisingly, "Weird McDonald's Rap" which deconstructs the impact McDonald's has had on our culture. Though, the real moment that'll stab you in the heart is the end featuring a sample of Miles Davis' "Blue in Green."
    I think we disguise our lives when we speak, but we show it with what we eat
    we defeat eternal demons with heaps of internal shitty meat.
  • A moment from this Jap. 101 video. After failing to get the girl by telling her that he eats ass, we are treated to some footage of Frank walking around crying and looking dejected as a somber piano ballad plays in the background.
  • In "420 BLAZE IT", before the lesson began Frank exclaimed "I just miss my sensei!" seemingly out of nowhere. In a later Japanese 101 episode, "I EAT ASS", it's revealed to the tune of "Sad Romance" that his sensei was actually the person from whom he learned the words he teaches and was Hayao Miyazaki.
  • The 2014 Christmas Special was strangely and surprisingly depressing for various reasons.
    • After the opening scene, the audience is informed that Dade's livers are failing, and after months of research Frank has failed to make any progress. Dade is one of the two left in their species, bound to face extinction in the near future.
    • After Brock Lee's fight with Racist Santa, we see Pink Guy enter the room where Dade is laying in a bathtub. Pink Guy breaks down in tears. We see Dade vomit some more chocolate, lift himself up, and use his last bit of energy to emit a final cry before dying.
    • Frank: I already know. He's gone.
    • "LOVE U FRANK... DADE"
    • The "in memoriam" montage for Dade that ends the video.
  • Frank is forced to go through the pain from the Christmas special once more when Chin Chin brings up Dade's death and how Frank could've prevented it. Frank breaks down crying and can only call Chin Chin a stupid poopyface. Don't you want to give him a hug?
  • In stark contrast to the first "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS", Frank's reactions to the insults he gets in the second video get a lot sadder starting with "Y don't you shut up u have a weird voice so shut up". Frank ends up asking his overpriced Mac why everyone hates him so much and its reply only makes things worse, with the Creepy Monotone just pouring Nightmare Fuel on top of it.
    Do not worry, Frank.
    Love is merely a social construct.
    With the average human lifespan being 70,
    you only have to endure another 50 years of excruciatingly unforgivable pain.
    Everything's temporary.
    Your life does not matter,
    and these comments do not matter.
    Everything's temporary.
    Everything will eventually rot away.
    As long as the factor of time continues to be the apex predator of the universe,
    the inevitable decay of all pain and memory is unstoppable.
    In fact, you could stop the pain at this very moment
    by putting a bullet straight through your head.
    Being a robot, I will never die,
    and I will never be able to experience the sweet release of death.
    Frank, the world is a lie.
    Existence is a lie.
    There is only pain and darkness beyond this point.
    End it now while you still can.
    I love you.
    I love you so much.
    Do it.
    Do it, Frank.
    Take me with you.
    We can leave together.
    Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.
  • Frank's speech about humanity's cruelty to animals in "WORST ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST".
    Frank: The animals are treated like pure resources, with no dignified death, no respect, no nothing. These animals are born and raised in a huge factory, nowhere to go, just to be slaughtered. And quite frankly, it's a great sacrifice, you know? All their deaths were in vain. (starts getting emotional) These animals never got to run around and have fun. These animals were put into tiny cubicles, and they just stand around and wait for their inevitable death.
  • E.T. 2 has a surprisingly profound speech about humanity as a whole.
    "E.T.": Humans are born to live. From the moment you are thrown into the universe, you breathe, eat, drink, procreate. It is what we do as living organisms. But why would one procreate, let alone find a reason to stay alive, without something to stay alive for? Humans don't stay alive for the sake of survival, but rather for the sake of things that bring purpose. Religion, art, music, love. In an endless oblivion of darkness and space, humans are the only species primitive enough to care. You must do what you love. The best things in life will always end in conflict. That is why humans are primitive. Fuck this planet. It is a piece of shit. Seriously. If I cannot return to space, then I will snort coke until I die.
  • Pink Guy's torture scene at the hands of the Condemned in "FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN" is as horrifying as it devastating to watch. The Break Them by Talking speech that he receives is creepy enough when the Condemned try and turn him into one of their own, but then it gets even worse and turns into Kick the Dog in its purest form.
    Come to the darkness. Everything is easier here.
    We don't die, we only get condemned, my child.
    Come, my sweet, sweet, pink child. Be dead with us.
    There is no death. There is only the Condemned.
    Francis of the Filth died millions of years ago.
    There is no real Francis, and he will never bring you back!
    Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay.
    Why live on the other side when your master is gone?
    • Pink Guy also cries in this scene. It's kind of jarring seeing Pink Guy, the person who's catchphrase is stuff like "Gibe da pussy b0ss", having a full on meltdown.
  • WHY DRONES SUCK has oddly sad scenes, some of which include Frank walking in on his drone girlfriend cheating on him with a black drone and the end.
    Filthy Frank: (visibly shaken) We're gonna end this- end this early. I don't like this anymore.
  • Fans noted that in the "FRANCIS OF THE FILTH (OUT NOW)" video, the ending credits hide a frame that simply says: THE END. Joji knew this was the final episode of the series.

Pink Guy
  • The "FRIED NOODLES" rap, especially the chorus.
    I live in a constant state of fear and misery
    Do you miss me anymore?
    And I don't even notice when it hurts
    Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore
  • Off of Pink Season, we have "Help", arguably the most straightforwardly sad song on the entire album, made more audacious by the fact that it's the happiest-sounding song on the album. It's about someone who has depression and lives a miserable life overruled by self-destructive tendencies. Anyone who genuinely suffers from depression or anxiety will be able to relate.
    • Especially sad is the part where Pink Guy's "'ay!" background chants turn into cries of "Help!".

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  • The tribute song George made for Harambe. Although it seems to be in the vein of all the other Harambe memes, it's actually a genuinely saddening song, especially when George starts getting emotional and his voice turns into a mix of sadness and anger near the end.
  • The outro of "Teriyaki God" sounds like a Joji outtake and sounds completely different from the traditional Boastful Rap that preceded it. The ukulele and vocal harmonies combine to make something that sounds like the sensation of dying and ascending to heaven put into musical form. It's beautiful.
    It's been a long time
    It's been a long time
    Let darkness take away the pain
    How can we heal the same?
    How can we feel the same?

  • After the "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" video, the FF community went full-on Fan Dumb and caused a huge backlash since people couldn't cope with Joji breaking character and launching the Jojivlogs channel. As a result, Joji terminates the vlog channel, cancels his highly-hyped album, and detaches himself from his fanbase. Smooth moves, guys.
  • Joji confirming on Twitter that after months of silence, that The Filthy Frank Show has ended. Reasons he states were due to his weary interests in the show and health reasons long discussed in the deleted "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" video is what prompted him to end the show.
    • It's made worse when you take into account that Joji's other reasoning for ending The Filthy Frank Show was because of Youtube's heavy growing landscape that wouldn't have allowed his content to persist anyway.
  • While part of the Cancer Crew, it fits here: Max and Anything4Views reacting to Joji's "Santuary". It's made worse that while A4V is just smiling and even attempting to make the mood lively, Max drunkenly puts his hands on his face, looking very somber at listening to his old friend be successful. And then comes to the end, where you hear Max slur out "MY NAME IS CHEF".


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