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  • The extended gag about M. Night Shyamalan at the end of his video on The Last Airbender.
    Foldy: We're going to play the blame game, and the person to blame is Shyamalan.
    "Foldy": Hey, Foldy?
    Foldy: Yes, fictional viewer being used as a rhetorical device?
    "Foldy": Isn't that a little harsh? Movies are a collaborative effort! How can you say something is entirely one person's fault?
    Foldy: Well, okay. I'll pull my punch a bit. I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure if Shyamalan pulled rank or whatever and wound up pissing in the stewpot, but let's take a moment to look at all the department heads and see if we can identify a weak link.
    (Dan discusses the cinematographer and editor, pointing out that both have solid pedigrees, one has an Oscar, and they even worked together again on the much better edited Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
    Foldy: Okay, so, the key creative decision-making roles are the cinematographer, the editor, the director, the writer, the producer, and sometimes the lead actors.
    Footnote: Sorry Sound, we love you all but in the end you are our slaves. - Love Picture
    Foldy: This isn't an actor-driven movie, so we can assume that, by and large, the cast showed up, did their jobs and collected a paycheque. We've already eliminated the editor and cinematographer as suspects, so that leaves the writer, director and producer.
    The Last Airbender End Credits: Written, directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan
    Foldy: Hey, if you want to take all the credit, you get to take all the blame...
  • From "The Art of Editing and Suicide Squad":
    • Dan explains the film's way of introducing major characters, and posts images of 8 of them (Waller, Deadshot, Harley, Boomerang, Diablo, Croc, Enchantress, and Flagg). As he continues his explanation, an image of Katana barely scoots into frame along with some Caption Humor.
      Katana: What about me?
      Enchantress: lol nobody cares abt u
      Katana: (scrolls away)
    • Dan manages to snark at the film's poor pacing by simply playing Rick Flagg's infamous Katana Infodump and captioning every single word, followed by a still shot of Will Smith giving a very unimpressed and awkward look.
    • Dan's breakdown at some of the film's infamously on-the-nose soundtrack choices, which ends with this, said from a distance from the camera and mic:
    • Dan points out how the main plot of the film is nonsensical due to the Enchantress being too absurdly powerful a villain for the main squad, most of whom don't even have superpowers. To boot, he describes Killer Croc as "a linebacker with a skin condition", Boomerang as "a thief with a gimmick", and Harley as "pure liability."
  • The scene from "Language of Editing: Basic Cuts" regarding Match Cuts where a small devil puppet pops up to remind Dan of the often-discussed example from 2001: A Space Odyssey, slowly getting closer and closer to his head and blank expression (as does the camera).
  • His entire recollection of The Book of Henry in his "Postmortem Vlog", especially as he goes over some of the film's more ridiculous or So Bad, It's Good elements, he seems to begin losing his composure.
    Dan: The... the visual implication... is that [Peter] has scattered... Henry's ashes over the crowd. (struggles to speak) HE SCATTERS HENRY'S ASHES OVER THE CROWD.
  • In "Weird Kids' Videos and Gaming the Algorithm", Dan shows off his impeccable ability to read off the Word Salad Titles of sketchy kids' videos like "Superheros Pregnant Soccer Balls Fidget Spinner Spiderman Joker Hulk Cartoon Funny Kids Video Pranks" with a completely straight face. It gets even more ridiculous when he gets to the network producing all videos, not missing a single beat as he reads off "3hUOx5ATuSrN6hwhoKzJSQ". Twice.
    Dan: It's case-sensitive, by the way.
    • Earlier in the video, Dan makes a little quip at the idea of "YouTube, but for kids."
      "You know, YouTube. Minus all the cussing."
    • Also, the ending of the same video, after discussing the very shady reasons why these videos are still allowed on YouTube despite being seen by untold amounts of small children:
      Dan: If we're honest, and if we're using the 1980's as an indicator, there's an awful lot of advertisers who are ultimately okay with their ads being bombarded onto toddlers, and plenty of creators willing to churn out low-effort content to facilitate that. (beat), that's a Downer Ending.
  • From "The Art of Storytelling and The Book of Henry":
    • The video opens with a monologue in which he discusses how he Drowned His Sorrows with cough syrup in the Suicide Squad video. He reveals that his original plan was to parody the trope by using cooking oil, before deciding to go with cough syrup at the last second, realizing too late that cough syrup ruins the joke by still working as a straight example. Going into The Book of Henry, he settles it once and for all by drowning his sorrows with helium.
    • After going through a scene where Henry angrily bursts into the school principal's office with "Goddamn it, Janice! How much longer does this have to go on?", Dan proceeds to dryly refer to her as "Goddamnit Janice" for the rest of the video.
    • Dan goes on a mini-rant when Henry's mother playfully flips him off and he criticizes his mother's technique.
      Dan: Now, the middle finger is a gesture with a high degree of plasticity. You have your classic style, the Detroit style, the web shooters, and, of course, the Logan. There is nothing wrong with her form, you're not being accurate, you're just being a dick, and you deserve to get flipped off.
    • Dan's reaction to the behind-the-scenes footage of director Colin Trevorrow's justifications for the film's inconsistent and drastically whiplash-laden tone and writer Gregg Hurwitz's acknowledging that it was a challenge.
      Dan: (rubbing his temples) Oh... Jesus, they think they nailed it.
  • In "A Lukewarm Defence of Fifty Shades of Grey (The Movie)", Dan manages to occasionally slip in some... interesting word choices in the middle of his straightforward narration.
    "This engagement [on] was further lubricated by..."
    "With that as foreplay, let's talk about the final scene in the playroom..."
  • Dan effectively and hilariously demonstrates how much the first film automatically improved on the first book by removing Ana's narration by simply re-inserting it, pausing scenes to allow her to babble inanely.
  • Outside the normal channel, this video features Dan, Lindsay Ellis, and Nella at a pub drunkenly sharing surprisingly passionate opinions on... corn.
  • "An American Tail: Fievel Goes to Video Game Hell" begins with a nearly five minute long analysis of the 1986 film covering such serious topics as the history of immigration in the United States, revisionist history, historical constructions of race and ethnicity and how the film both succeeds and fails at depicting all of these things, and then:
    Dan: And twenty-one years later it was made into one of the worst video games ever (title sequence plays, actual video begins)
  • From "Annihilation (2018) and Decoding Metaphor", while discussing the importance of discussing metaphor-heavy media on its actual thematic terms rather than taking everything as a literal puzzle, Dan comes up with this extended digression:
    Dan: ...if you resist a thematic reading, you're just going to get caught up in weird nonsense circles asking if the Shimmer is an alien terraforming device as though the next movie, Annihilation 2, is gonna be a bunch of rainbow aliens coming down in spaceships and getting into gunfights with Aaron Eckhart. (beat) Okay, let's be honest, Gerard Butler.
  • "A Christmas Story: A Tale of Technological Nostalgia" begins with Dan excitedly introducing the topic of the video, slowly becoming more of a ramble as sleigh bells audibly pick up, before ending with "I love Christmas so much" and very messily chugging a carton of eggnog.
  • Dan and Crystal's cameo in Atop the Fourth Wall's "Yet Another 15 Missed Opportunities of AT4W", where Linkara laments the tendency for reviewers like him to end up interrupted by stressful fantasy scenarios, then considers doing video essays because those creators apparently don't.
    Dan: a result, it is the medium itself that has an outsized impact on—
    Crystal: (offscreen) Oh no! Mecha E.L. James is attacking!
    Dan: ...third time this week! (pulls out a knife) Video reviewer, transform! (flashes into suddenly wearing the head of a rabbit costume and runs off)
  • "Glass Isn't a Very Good Movie - A Spoiler-Rich Vlog:
    • Dan mentions that he thinks he likes Unbreakable actually a little less after seeing Glass.
    • After some confusion over whether it was Split or Splice that was in the same continuity, Dan cheerfully says "I just saw Split for the first time last night. Hated it. Awful movie."
    • His description of Lady in the Water as executing its metaphor in "the most head-up-ass way possible".
    • The villain of Unbreakable is a guy who "read Watchmen too many times".
    • Crystal's increasing bewilderment and disbelief at the movie's plot.
      Crystal: I'd ask why they decide to fight [in the parking lot] but it really doesn't matter. Is he sad that they don't go all the way to the towers he picked out to fight? Like, do they decide to fight there to screw with him? Like, 'fine, we'll do your show fight, but we'll just do it here, because our feet are sore, we don't really feel like walking'.
    • "Don't worry, there's - this gets even worse" - Dan Olson, 2019
    • Fifteen minutes in, Dan announces that we're 1% of the way through his notes.
    • The faintly unnerving plush toy ear of corn staring from the corner throughout the video.
    • Dan has trouble keeping a straight face when they do a near-immediate flashback to a line that wasn't even good in the first place.
    • It's a Shyamalan movie.
      Dan: I need to back up one twist.
    • Crystal's response to the Ancient Conspiracy twist is to become so irritated and bewildered that she doesn't even have words.
    • Dan bluntly describes the climactic battle as being security camera footage of two buff guys wrestling in a parking lot (Crystal dubs this "hobo fights") and comments that the powers on display are not going to blow open the masquerade because they're the kind of thing you can see on Spike TV in any given week.
    • "There's a flashback to Unbreakable when Bruce Willis has acting skills again."
    • When the footage gets posted to Youtube, Dan mentions that he'd like the final scene to be the characters looking at their stats page and seeing that the video had, like, seven hits.
      Crystal: I was going to say fifty-three hits.
    • The entire thing "peaks at Florida Man".
    • Dan compares it to a student film that's managed to snare a couple of big-name actors, prompting a heartfelt "oh dear" from Crystal.
    • Crystal comments that James McAvoy's character's actual superpower is just being an actor.
  • That 2019 Movie Called Serenity About A Fish Called Justice vlog:
    • The opening of the video is Dan deciding that he needs to see "normal movies" again.
    • Serenity (2019) is apparently three different movies, only one of which the poster is connected to.
    • "I need to do something other than compare this to other movies that make you go 'What was that?'"
    • The three movies in question: a man-vs-nature big fish movie, a noir kill-my-husband movie, and a movie like Elephant or We Need to Talk About Kevin. And also The Truman Show and Dark City because why not.
    • Dan brings up a twist, then clutches his head in pain.
    • "Part of the problem is that nothing about the videogame layer matters? At all?"
    • Dan's rambling parody of how blatant the movie is with its metaphors.
  • During Dan's no-context stream of Kingdom Hearts 3, accompanied by Crystal and Superbutterbuns, he found it hilarious that Sora opens treasure chests by hitting them with the keyblade, even though they have enormous keyholes on the front. Crystal then theorized that this is some kind of metaphor for what a virgin teen boy assumes sex involves.
    Crystal: "You just smack it, right?"
    • During the opening cutscene, Crystal immediately assumed that Terra-Xehanort was Sephiroth, simply based on them both having gray hair. Then when Dan starts talking about Lulu's infamous belt dress, Crystal assumes he's talking about Leeloo.
  • "Manufactured Discontent and Fortnite:
    • Much of the video is spent in the new double digital studio, that being a digital studio that is, itself, digital - or, in other words, Dan's character standing in an empty white room. There's no "talk" emote, or at least if there is one Dan doesn't have it, so his character spends the talky parts waving at the camera and grinning like a loon.
      Dan: It took me like 20 hours to unlock this-
    • The video was originally "Folding Ideas Pivots to Fortnite" as an April Fool's gag. As part of this, Dan engages in some hot player on player action.
      Other Dan: It's player VERSUS player!
      Dan: Wait, what did I say?
    • During the gameplay montage, he guns down "Kitthekat420" and invites you to subscribe to him at "". Even better, it turns out he actually made that account.
      Dan: Because you can enjoy what the Earth Mother gave us, but that isn't the same as having a personality.
    • Also during the montage, his character pauses midcombat to start "talking" while he delivers a lecture, only to be rudely interrupted by a bullet. This happens three times.
    • Various points during the montage have the screen decorated with messages like "WHAT? WHAT?!", "EPIC SITUATIONAL AWARENESS FAIL", and an entire screen full of "#NOSCOPE #NOSCOPE #NOSCOPE".
    • He admits that something is maybe a pointless hair to split, but after all, that's what the Folding Ideas channel is about.
    • When he's discussing the Marshmello concert, a caption pops up:
      I was going to point out the unique assets but the answer is "pretty much all of it"
    • The phrase "LIVE SERVICE" gets big sarcastic caps and quotation marks.
    • When he explains the in-game currency system, which he refers to by several terms, such as "funny money":
      Dan: If you're confused, that's the point.
    • The end of the video:
      Dan: Fortnite is a glimpse of the future: an awful, perpetually monetised, vertically integrated, vaguely hostile future.
      Dan's character is shot
    • The video proved...controversial, put it that way.
      @JackIsSerious: Have you gotten any decent discussion from Fortnite fans?
      @FoldingIdeas: Hmm, let me see...
      [Dan posts a Youtube comment saying "Boo hoo capitalism is bad and we should blame evil corporations for the fact that parents these days don't properly educate their children"]
      @FoldingIdeas: No. No I have not.
      @FoldingIdeas: I've now breeched the realms of "kids who make up elaborate lies to try and discredit what you said"
  • In his review of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Dan decides to give it an "objective" numerical rating out of 100 based on laughs, adventure, feels, and Haunter (each rated out of 5, respectively weighted by x0.6, x0.6, x0.8, and x18 multipliers). While he gives the first three pretty solid individual ratings and concludes that the film is overall very enjoyable, Haunter's absence from the film causes Dan to consider it mathematically one of the worst he's ever talked about.
    • Extends to its stinger conclusion: He liked the film... but there still wasn't any Haunter.
    • After returning from the film, the very first thing Dan details is what's on everybody's mind: "How much did they pander to the perverts?"
      Dan: And the answer is "very little"! I didn't see a single Gardevoir.
    • During his section on "feels", Dan briefly descends into Cuteness Proximity describing the herd of Bulbasaurs before jump-cutting to an abrupt "Yeah, it's a pretty damn cute movie."
  • After the series finale of Game of Thrones, Dan posted a video on his Twitter parodying the ending with a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, filled with numerous Fridge Horror and Sudden Downer Ending.
  • His Gemini Man vlog has a lengthy subsection called "How to Gradenote  like Gemini Man". Needless to say, it's a long, stinging Take That!.
    Dan: (in a vaguely Valley Girl voice) Now, since this is the Gemini Man look we're going for, we will naturally be exhibiting in 3D, which means we need colours that really pop, pop, pop, to make up for the 3D glasses, so, just add a node and crank that saturation right on up. And, y'know what? Let's, ah, do it again - just add another node and just keep on turning it up, just crank it right on up. A good rule of thumb here is that if the audience can look at a colour without experiencing physical discomfort, then you've got some room to turn it up.
  • Dan's vlog on Cats begins with him leaving a seemingly empty theatre with a dead-eyed expression, and the rest of it consists of his deadpan description of the uncanny, sexually Kafkaesque spectacle that is the film.
  • At the end of The Art of Editing and The Snowman (2017), Dan scribbles his own take on the notes the killer was apparently going to be leaving in the finished version before it ended up being cut:
    • Dan points out that the film tries to play the inherently silly concept of a serial killer leaving a snowman as a calling card completely seriously, resulting in frequent moments of unintentional comedy. He illustrates this by showing a scene in which a character passes by what appears to be a regular snowman with a carrot nose, only for the camera to swing around and reveal that on the backside, it's actually the killer's trademark, frowning snowman (which doesn't even look particularly scary in and of itself), accompanied by a loud Scare Chord.
    Dan: It's a very, very funny moment, but I'm not sure the movie agrees.
  • "Cooking Food On The Internet For Fun And Profit":
    • Dan's little gag cooking videos, which are about things like microwaving a pizza pop or opening a can of soda.
      Dan: First thing, we need to stress that these are Pillsbury pizza pops, not pizza pockets made by the slatterns over at McCain.
    • During his cut of multiple people talking about their new-agey fad diets, he ends on an English Youtuber named Timothy saying he drank his own urine for two years. Then there's a long, horrified pause before Dan says:
      Dan: Do urine-drinking videos count as cooking videos? Let me know in the comments.
    • He compares making your own cooking show to starting your own restaurant, in that it's a bad idea, everyone knows it's a bad idea, and everyone does it anyway. He even tried his own, focused on weird mid-century party foods.
      Cooking Video!Dan: (wearing a The Noodle Experience shirt) Why would you make that much blue cheese flavoured cream cheese and then mold it into a snowman?
      Dan: It didn't go well.
      [cut to the food being eaten; Dan is on the edge of tears after his first bite]]]
      Crystal: That mayo does not do it any favours.
      Dan: NO. WHY.
    • Dan sounds legitimately disgusted by the effect of the 8-watt bulb above his oven on the footage he's taking.
    • Dan getting repeatedly sucked into bad lifehack or 5-Minute Craft videos with an air of horrified fascination.
  • "On Context": At the end of a string of Take Thats at the expense of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which Dan compares it to a "High Mass in which we ritualistically recount the exploits of untouchable demigods" and "an expertly sculpted puff of air", snarkily informed the audience that the CGI is so well-done that you probably won't notice that there's more live action in Wall E, and called it a "dour, exhausting 150-minute ode to creative bankruptcy" and "the kind of movie that makes you question your faith in cinema itself", Dan wraps up with this:
  • Dan follows a long discussion of Shinji's self-loathing, fecklessness and refusal to change in End of Evangelion with "And then everyone melts into Tang."
  • "In Search of a Flat Earth": The intro features him explaining that the video took so long because of the concept of "reviewer dibs" forcing him to delay it until a suitable interval after "known moon criminal Hbomberguy" put up his flat Earth video. For added silliness, Hbomb is brought up with this image.

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