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  • Pretty much every time John Cena was on screen in the movies. They even fought Mr. Devlin and Kevin in front of a LIVE WWE crowd! ...But it was All Just a Dream. or was it!?
    Devlin: No human is a match for the strength of the, Undead!
    John Cena: Except a WWE Superstar!
    Devlin: I was going to say that, If you let me finish that was gonna be the end of my sentence.
    John Cena: I'm sorry I cut you off.
    Devlin: You're what?
    John Cena: I-I'm sorry.
    Devlin: Well you don't sound like you mean it so, apology not excepted!
  • Another on from Fred 2, when John Cena went in the fridge and Fred opened it.
    John Cena: You can't see me!
    Fred: Yeah, I can.
    • Don't forget:
    Fred: Are you gonna bite me on the neck?
    Kevin: What? No. The other vampires will think we're dating.
  • In "Fred Goes Reporting" Fred catches a woman jaywalking and physically keeps her from crossing: "No stay on the road, stay on the road you have to face your consequences!"
    • Also from that video Fred randomly rubbing the microphone on the cops face.
    • And later, Fred standing across the street and screaming at the police station for "just sitting around and doing nothing."
  • "Fred: the Show" surprisingly enough had some laughs, such as the episode where Fred unwittingly gets kidnapped by a bank robber.
    Robber: I'm a bank robber!
    Fred: I think he might be a bank robber!
  • From Fred 1: The scene where Fred's mom tells him Judy moved. The lines aren't particularly funny but Lucas's and Siobhan's delivery makes the scene. Those two actors in general have great comedic chemistry, it's a shame it's underused.
  • "My mom loved it, she kissed me gently on the forehead. Actually she French-kissed my forehead but I thought that would be weird to say."
  • In "Fred Finds A Creepy Doll" when the doll is behind him and Fred screams.
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  • Meta-example: Lucas Cruikshank has since reacted to his old Fred videos on his new channel.

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