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Nightmare Fuel / Filthy Frank

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It doesn't take a genius to see within seconds that the Frank-Verse is not somewhere you'd want to live. As Frank's videos show us, there are some aspects and events within this universe that will make you stay awake in the wee hours of the night.

  • The Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant that is Salamander Man. One second he's amusing, the next second he's genuinely terrifying.
  • While it may be amusing to some if not most, seeing Pink Guy convulsing and shrieking is strangely disturbing.
    • Speaking of these convulsions, Frank's actor George actually has a brain condition that causes him to have actual seizures induced by stress, which comes from running the show.
  • The ending to his "filthy update" video.
    Frank: [Chin Chin]'s probably done a lot of bad shit for you guys. Why did you subscribe to this channel? You're trapped! Trapped forever! THE LORD WILL FIND YOU! You all made a mistake. A real bad one...hope you're happy.
  • The sheer idea of Chin Chin HAVING HIS EYES SEWN SHUT to try and limit his power. It didn't work.
    • Chin Chin in general, considering everybody's scared shitless of him.
    • His demands for chromosome sacrifices, which generally involve the victims' blood. Even when it's played in a heartwarming context (Frank using the sacrifices to save Salamander Man) it's pretty disturbing when you think that Frank asked his fans to murder and sacrifice people to appease the dark lord. While most of these are played for laughs like sacrificing fedoras and a Shiny Charizard card, one video which made it onto the montage is played horrifyingly straight.
  • In Frank's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, we see Frank subjected to all kinds of crazy stuff that mostly doesn't even have to do with the challenge.
    • Being almost drowned in a bathtub.
    • If that wasn't bad enough, Frank gets waterboarded and simultaneously strangled at the end.note 
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  • In Frank's "I eat ass" Jap 101 video, he tries demonstrating the smile that you give to a girl after telling them the pickup line. The result is terrifying.
  • When the Internet stereotypes video reaches into the "Ratchet" section, the music becomes ominous and forboding. Just the thought of going into the topic is enough to make Frank nervous.
    Frank: I didn't want to have to go into this, but... I feel like it's necessary.
    (cue the video montage of people getting into fights while Frank presents multiple unsettling facial expressions)
    • On that note, the ending of the video is pretty chilling in it's own right.
    Frank: I can't be talking about this. They'll find me- (doorknob rattles violently) What the fuck?!
    ???: HE CROSSED THIS NIGGA INTO THE SHADOW REALM! I HEARD YOU WAS TALKING SHIT, MAN! (Frank is seen in the corner of the room, nervously looking around) HEY BRO, I HEARD YOU WAS TALKING SHIT!
    • Then there's this quote at the end, which is more than certain to raise some back hairs.
    "Ironically ranting about relatable and current topics while being ironic about ironically ranting about relatable and current topics. We are in Hell." -The Filthy Frank Show
  • Frank has reached new extents of Black Comedy that would be flagged to kingdom come by any other means. He scoffs at the trend of teens cutting themselves for Zayn to come back to One Direction, and combats this by instructing people to overdose instead. What follows is extremely dark, whether or not you see it as dark comedy. This letter, recited by a text-to-speech processor, is the icing on the cake. Not only this, but despite Frank using this same processor in the past, this time it sounds akin to a Creepy Monotone.
    Dear Zayn,
    I can feel him catching up to me more and more every day.
    The devil will not leave me alone, for sins and temptations
    the good in my life.
    As the krokodil runs through my veins ,
    I can't help but wonder why you left.
    Why, Zayn.
    Please help me.
    Please give me the sweet release or death
    Zayn, please.
    They say death is either an afterlife
    or an eternal dreamless sleep.
    I want neither.
    Hold my hand while I die,
    and I will hold onto you forever.
    For the love of god, kill me.
    Zayn, please.
    We will be together on the other side.
    This is all your fault.
    Zayn, you are a prisoner to the music industry and to your fans,
    and if you do not return, more people will die.
    Watch your back.
  • The Creepy Monotone returns for "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 2" through Frank's overpriced Mac to give an extremely brooding and borderline wangsty speech about the futility of life.
    Do not worry, Frank.
    Love is merely a social construct.
    With the average human lifespan being 70,
    you only have to endure another 50 years of excruciatingly unforgivable pain.
    Everything's temporary.
    Your life does not matter,
    and these comments do not matter.
    Everything's temporary.
    Everything will eventually rot away.
    As long as the factor of time continues to be the apex predator of the universe,
    the inevitable decay of all pain and memory is unstoppable.
    In fact, you could stop the pain at this very moment
    by putting a bullet straight through your head.
    Being a robot, I will never die,
    and I will never be able to experience the sweet release of death.
    Frank, the world is a lie.
    Existence is a lie.
    There is only pain and darkness beyond this point.
    End it now while you still can.
    I love you.
    I love you so much.
    Do it.
    Do it, Frank.
    Take me with you.
    We can leave together.
    Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.Kill me.Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.
  • Some Fridge Horror food for thought: the 2014 Christmas episode said that Dade was one of 2 bald chocolate men left on Earth. He died at the end of that episode, which means that there's only one left. What if bald chocolate men become extremely valuable on the black market and that poor guy gets hunted down by bloodthirsty poachers? What if that man had any familial relationship to Dade?
    • Dade pretty much falling apart and puking chocolate everywhere was fairly frightening, especially in one scene where it looked like there were deep cuts in his face.
  • Monoxide 12 from the 2015 Chin Chin sacrifice. Already given its location(an abandoned subway tunnel) it becomes even creepier, due to its nature of being Chin Chin's Lair, and the music.
  • "100 ACCURATE LIFE HACKS" can get pretty terrifying.
    • "Can't reach the remote? Just summon the demons of Celzar! Those guys will do anything!" [cue Frank rubbing blood all over his face and screaming, all so he can grab the remote telepathically]
      • They make a reappearance in The Stinger to help Frank take out the trash.
    Life Hacks: BLACK MAGIC! OH YEAH!
    • Though hilarious in a dark way, if you're not aware of this segment being staged, then Frank's life hack where he puts his hamster in a sock and aggressively smacks it across the kitchen will likely disturb you.
    • Are you troubled by loud birds or neighbors?
    • Life Hacks instructs Frank to make "his own personal sex doll" by giving a random woman off the street roofies.
    • When Frank spills his water, Life Hacks doesn't even try to help him. The Narrator just viciously calls him a "freak" and a "piece of shit" for the whole segment.
    • Towards the end, Life Hacks abandons all pretense of helping and simply instructs Frank to kill himself as a solution to everything. All the while we're given repeat shots of Frank screaming and crying while holding a shotgun in his mouth.
  • The scene near the start of FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN where Pink Guy is running through a dark forest, visibly terrified, before being captured by a group of people called "the Condemned" and subjected to Break Them by Talking, Mind Rape, and Cold-Blooded Torture seemingly all at once. They practically possess him.
    Come to the darkness. Everything is easier here.
    We don't die, we only get condemned, my child.
    Come, my sweet, sweet, pink child. Be dead with us.
    There is no death. There is only the Condemned.
    Francis of the Filth died millions of years ago.
    There is no real Francis, and he will never bring you back!
    Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay.
    Why live on the other side when your master is gone?
    • The fact that the lighting of that scene mostly renders everything in shades of black and red adds to the creepiness, as does the excellent yet terrifying background music.
  • The Joji track "Spongebob Killer", which is used in a few Filthy Frank videos; it samples a slide guitar tune from the soundtrack for Spongebob and uses the sound of a gun shooting and reloading as the beat, and it sounds surprisingly eerie.
  • At the end of the Nickelodeon Girls music video, Pink Guy is seen dead (again) with blood on his mouth and holding his cellphone. And the TV screen (which showed Nickelodeon shows throughout the video before) shows nothing but static, giving it a surprisingly eerie view.
  • Yadaran the Peace Lord in FRANCIS OF THE FILTH (OUT NOW) is horrifying. His voice is heavily distorted as he constantly chants "Francis of the Filth", and the way he moves around is just weird. Chin Chin describes him as being quite sizable, Pink Guy can do nothing but scream in fear upon his arrival, and Filthy Frank himself outright states that he is "a scary dude". He also has the power to banish Chin Chin to another realm in the Omniverse, something that shocks Frank even further.
  • Chin Chin is pretty scary, right? Well, come Francis of the Filth, a whole host of other evil peace lords are introduced, among them Dyopatera. In his first appearance, he destroys the only thing in the omniverses that gave Frank true peace, a "tree effigy" that helped him on his journey. In his second, he appears in Frank's nightmares, and slices Pink Guy in two, ordering Frank's remaining friends to tell Frank to "crawl back down his hole" (stop meddling in the affairs of the peace lords) while Frank looks on in despair. In his final appearance, he chases Frank through a crowded city, obliterating everyone in his way before a horrified Frank escapes by a hair's breadth.
    • Another peace lord who appears for a short while is Jonathan. Described as a Body Horror inside-out humanoid composed of fleshy tubes, he is far more powerful than Frank, able to dominate him by trapping him at the centre of a black hole and essentially dropping an entire universe on top of him, all while Frank desperately tries and fails to escape.