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Awesome Music / Filthy Frank

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    Pink Guy's Album 

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  • REAL HIP HOP, DON'T YOU EVER FORGET IT! Or, to drop the pretense, it's a Piss-Take Rap built around repetitive rhyming with less meaning and authenticity than it seems to have at first. The whole thing encompasses Stylistic Suck to illustrate the exact problem with pretentious amateur rappers outlined in Frank's BAD INTERNET RAPPERS video.
  • TRAP DUMPLINGS, our amazing introduction to George's PinkOmega project. Who knew pots and pans could sound so awesome? Suffice to say, fans were ecstatic when Joji announced his return to making "serious music". Granted it isn't as serious and has a comedic nature to itself unlike the original Joji music, people were still happy to hear new music from Joji that while still funny, retains the same serious and creative style from the planned Joji album. Not bad.
  • For Fake Frank's death(s) in FILTHY FRANK VS CHIN CHIN, a pitch-lowered version of Chopin's Prelude in E Minor was put to surprisingly effective use.
  • TERIYAKI GOD. With a bombastic beat, greatly used sample, and the beautiful last 30 seconds of George's vocals and ukulele, this is a song even non-fans would like.
  • What happens when Pink Guy collaborates with a dubstep producer (Getter) and a Vine superstar (Nick Colletti) for a song? Hood Rich is the result, and it's far better than it sounds. Bonus points for sampling the music box from Elfen Lied.

  • The theme song specially made for Frank by MajorLeagueWobs (the same guy that produced "Dumplings"). It's Continuity Porn for any fan of Frank.
  • The remix of Cal Chuchesta's "Cocoa", which features Frank and Pink Guy.

    Pink Season 
  • STFU, an acoustic guitar tune turned into a infectious trap beat and a catchy rap about telling people to shut the fuck up. It shouldn't work, but it really does.
  • The absolute banger that is Are You Serious.
  • Nickelodeon Girls really shouldn't work. It really shouldn't. But it does. Nobody knows how.