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  • The end of her review of Battle of the Bone. Though the movie is terrible, she cuts them some slack for having a tiny budget, and thinks that it could have been better had they been able to invest more in it. She also admits that she reviews these terrible movies in part so that people might buy them, and ends by saying that low-budget cinema needs to be supported.
  • Was so flattered by the Animated Analysis April Fools' Day episode, she made it canon.
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  • A very subtle one, but it is there: Whenever she talks about how big of an asshole God is in one of her reviews of a movie about the rapture, she never says "Jehovah" or "the Christian God." Instead, she says, "The God of this movie is an asshole," or says "Their God is an asshole," when talking about people, meaning that she isn't attacking real Christians or their beliefs, she's attacking the makers of this movie and their interpretations.
  • Her utter adoration of Bernard Cribbins in the Doctor Who reviews, calling him a national treasure and one of the few things she actually liked about Ten's era.
    • In addition, her choice for theme music for her guide to Classic Doctor Who: Dream Away by George Harrison. It's absolutely perfect to describe the show, and it shows how much she loves it.
  • In their commentary for Heavy Metal, RL!Diamanda joins the set of people trying to coax Doug into not always apologizing for needless stuff.
    • The part of the commentary where Hagan mentions how huge of a TGWTG fan she was prior to joining the cast was really something.
  • Her message about the end of The Nostalgia Critic, including that she's getting married next month to a woman she met through Nash pimping her videos.
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  • During Oancitizen's review of Melancholia, he progressively becomes more and more depressed, and it's Diamanda who sets about what helps him out of his rut (unintentionally, mind you). By posting his cellphone number on Twitter for all of his fans to see.
  • Watching some of Diamanda and Omega interacting with each other during their "You Probably Shouldn't Cook This" videos will bring a smile to your face.
  • Diamanda's determination to help Nina Galas at the beginning of the Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold review.
  • Hugging the minion that brought her mirrors in the Siege review is adorable. Made oddly cuter by the minion's joyous "yay!" after being ordered to jump off of something tall.
  • Mentioning in her Zsazsa Zaturrnah review that playing Ada, the transgender woman who transforms into Zaturrnah, most likely helped influence the actress that played her to come out as trans herself.
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  • Diamanda's twitter rant in defense of millenials.
    I for one welcome our new capitalism-hating, problematic-spotting, 9-million-genders-having, Tumblrina overladies. They can't do any worse.


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