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  • It's a small example, but in the Top Fifteen Worst Clichés two-parter, there's a part where Chewie unexpectedly dies (to represent the cliché coming up next). After the scene is over, Chewie is still dead, and both Josh and Autarch actually seem sad at this, even though the three have been at each others' throats (on two occasions, literally) throughout the video.
    • In a deleted scene, while talking about accidentally defeating a Pokémon you wanted to catch, Autarch simply says "Lugia and Ho-oh". Josh and Chewie look shocked and try to comfort him.
  • Seeing Josh practically squeeing over meeting Doug Walker in this video is rather heartwarming, and the conversations they have as though they're old friends are constantly alternating between this and being funny. Or both at once.
    • The images and text Josh puts onscreen in the video to show his feelings of the situation often include an actual squee in the form of "He likes it!" and anything of the sort when Doug or Rob compliment his videos.
    • When they inevitably start talking about My Little Pony, Josh outright says he likes the show, which should put to rest any fan theories that he was reluctant about watching it or hated it outright. On a related note, the excited way Josh proclaims that he was in Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (in the military bronies segment at the bar).
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  • In his first part of his Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts II, seen here, he says a few times how much he loves the game and the Kingdom Hearts series in general.
  • The episode For Whom The Sweetie Bell Toils struck a personal chord with him. He sees his relationship with his younger brother mirrored in Rarity's relationship with Sweetie, down to both he and Rarity overshadowing their younger sibs without meaning to or realizing it at the time. He admits that he wasn't always the best big brother because he didn't realize how much his brother looked up to him. The review ends thusly: "If on the very miniscule chance you're listening, I just wanted to say: love you Jason. I take being your big brother very seriously."
    • He elaborates on this in his 'Ten Personal Episodes' video, admitting to have been a Big Brother Bully until 'Sisterhooves Social' caused him to have a Jerkass Realization to the point of crying. Him going from a Big Brother Bully to trying his best to repair his relationship with his brother is both a testament to him as a person, and to the power this show can have.
    • Even better? In the same video's comment section, The Autarch admits his own jealousy, wondering why he isn't the most popular considering he started the countdown community, yet knows that everyone else has developed a lot and encourages it. Cue Josh himself, as well as the other members of the Chaos Theatre, joining in thanking and reassuring him.
  • In his review of "Feeling Pinkie Keen", he admits to Xian (an athiest) that he is a Christian. He basically ends the video by saying that just because the two of them don't agree on that front doesn't mean they can't be friends.
    • Helped by the fact that the comment section is unusually civil on that video.
  • His review of "Over a Barrel" features… Lily Peet, AKA Bhaalspawn, whom fans will likely recall as being the target of one of Josh's response videos that led to massive backlash. And yet, aside from the beginning and ending, the two were actually friendly to one another, with the only animosity being about on par with how much there normally is between Josh and his collab partners. Not only that, their collab actually ties into the themes of the episode and their main complaints about it.
    • Harsher in Hindsight after their friendship ended in June 2016, and ESPECIALLY after Lily spent most of her time trashing him on both tumblr and some of her videos starting in August 2016.
  • Shenanigans with 3. The fact that they all try to help their fellow downed players instead of taking the easier option and just saving their own skins. sure it gets them all killed, but it shows some great integrity.
  • THIS. ENITIRE. VIDEO. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • In Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, Josh apparently created an avatar for Ink Rose and had his avatar marry her.
  • What's the first thing Josh does in Top Ten Female Characters? Show the commemorative plaque he received from YouTube (for reaching 100,000 subscribers) and thank his subscribers. You're welcome, Josh.
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  • There is something oddly heartwarming about the fact that Mr Enter was one of the few collab partners Josh had that hasn't caused him any physical harm and was utterly baffled when Josh thought that he was going to threaten/blackmail him into the collab.
  • The utterly adorable animation of his and Ink Rose's avatars singing Love is an Open Door after commiserating about their siblings.
  • This video where he talks about his experience with Journey, is both intriguing and heartwarming. He uses the game for some pretty interesting and honest self-examination, and the way he shows dedication to helping others, particularly in the face of unknown peril, just gives that perfectly fuzzy feeling.
  • The blooper reel for his "Newbie Dash" review. While the whole thing is freaking hilarious, you can tell that both Josh and Will are having a ton of fun on camera together.
  • At the end of the A Very Minty Christmas review, Josh takes the time to explain what's wrong with Generation 3 of My Little Pony and turn it into a praise of how his mother would watch good movies with him and his siblings, closing off with a Merry Christmas from himself and others involved in the review.
  • In the aftermath of the Toon Kritic scandal, Josh specifically noted Lily Peet's aide to one of Toon's victims, a nice touch for a former friend.
  • In Taking The Mane Attraction Too Seriously, Aramau is angry with Mis Anthro Pony for for throwing off her schedule for six months, and when talking her down doesn't work, Firebrand is successfully able to calm her down with a kiss. Awwwww!
  • His Magic: The Gathering Interviews series has art, animation, and voice acting set to the original Magic: The Gathering Interviews. However, in Josh's series, each of the colors is also given something positive to say about their opposing colors.
  • At Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2018, he had a double whammy surprise for his girlfriend Kelsey (aka Aramau); first he gave her a commissioned plushie of her OC... then proposed to her. She said “Yes” before he could even pop the question.
  • Though it's mostly a joke, it's rather nice that he expressed disgust at the idea of only "paying" Animechristy in exposure, even calling doing such a thing to artists a tacky practice.
  • When he and Aramu review "Parental Glideance", their relationship shines. He's sweet and understanding when her issues with her parents makes her feel down and is clearly eager to share his parents with her.
    • And speaking of his parents, he has absolutely nothing but good to say about them, talking about how they were incredibly supportive of him, even when they didn't agree with him.
  • The Surprisingly Happy Ending of his "Top 10 Franchise Killer" video. The sight of Josh Squee-ing over the inclusion of Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an example of how much their inclusion warms the hearts of a man formerly disillusioned by the fate of their series.
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