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Aah...tastes like resistance to change and butthurt!

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     Countdown Lists 
Top 10 Most Annoying Bosses

Top 15 Craziest Characters

Top 10 Video Game Endings

Top 15 Worst Video Game Cliches

Top 10 Worst Kingdom Hearts Bosses

Top 10 Scariest Nostalgic Moments

Top 10 Music Battles
  • When Josh picks the Goof-Off from "Pinkie Pride" as number 7, people get mad at it, going mad with rage.

Top 10 Stupid Awesome Games

  • His Kid Icarus: Uprising entry.
    Josh: We can smash people with a skyscraper on a stick and be like 'Okay'. We can have classically inspired gods fight off the Borg and be like 'Heheh, that's cool'! We can have Japanese food be in a heavily Greek inspired game and be like 'GGGGGGYYYYARGHNNNNGH!!!'

Top 10 Evil Video Game Characters

Top 10 Games I Wish I could Like

  • Josh freaking out when he can't get the circle action in Ōkami to work.

Top 10 First Bosses

Top 10 Educational Games

Top 10 Scary Atmospheres

  • His Halloween costume: Albert Wesker. Especially the moments when he gets into character for it.
  • His description of the hiding moments in Alien: Isolation is both this and Nightmare Fuel.
    Josh: Hearing Ripley try to silence her rapid breaths and beating heart, and listening to the music slowly build its dissonant chords to an intense peak, and praying to whatever deity is out there that the Alien will not move towards this particular locker, and TRY NOT TO FREAK THE F*CK OUT!

Top 10 Influential Games ft RabbidLuigi

  • The video begins with RL introducing the topic and Josh trying to interject but to no avail.

Top 10 Musician Fighters

Top 29 Injustice 2 Finishers

  • His first entry is Wonder Woman's finisher, which, needless to say, he is not very happy with.
    Josh: Just gonna watch the movie again. That was awesome!
  • Number 18 on the list is Cheetah's finisher.
    Josh: Hi, Vega!

Top 5 Best And Worst Mario Party Minigames

  • Josh decides to spruce up Rudder Madness with DragonForce, flashy text emphasizing the bridge, and an explosion.

Top 10 Potential Warriors Games

Top 14 Organization XIII Members

  • Josh is just as surprised as everyone else that Demyx is NOT the worst member of the Organization.
    Josh: Wait a second! *double-checks list* Why is Demyx not at the bottom [of the list]?! I hate him more than any other character on this list! Ari, I requested a rewrite!
    Aramau: And your request was denied.
    Josh: WHAT?!
    Aramau: Honey, it's your job to be fair and objective. Is he fleshed out more than the other characters?
    Josh: ... Well, sort of, but-
    Aramau: Despite the quality of his battle, was he at least memorable?
    Josh: ... Well, yeah, but-
    Aramau: Is his appearance unique and interesting?
    Josh: *considers this* ... Well, okay, his mullet is a little funny, but-
    Aramau: Doesn't the fact that he's a complete wimp make you interested in how he was able to join the Organization?
    Josh: (Beat) ... Oh, that's just not fair...
    Aramau: Deal with it, sweetheart. *flicks glasses*

Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Bosses

  • Number 6 is Final Ansem, and Josh complains how if you wipe out during this boss fight, you have to start right from the beginning in a boss battle that takes roughly half and hour to beat, and that’s not including the unskippable cutscene (in the original game at least).
    Josh: Have I mentioned how much I love skippable cutscenes?
    (A picture of “Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX” pops up)
    Josh: (whispering) Thank you…

Top 10 Gaming Scams

  • The entry in regards of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, after all the lambasting of the shoddy business practices, in the end:
    Josh: I swear, if they pull this off with Modern Warfare 2... I'd probably gonna buy it.

Top 10 EA Fails

  • What does he chose to put as transitions? Clips from Kaneshiro's transformation and his stage theme, of course!
  • With the #3 entry on the list, he played a clip of the EA logo animated similarly to Pac-Man to highlight their gluttonous behavior.
    Josh: Wanna get the goodies faster? Pay up. Wanna get more of the story or the true ending? Check please. Need more stamina or an entire frigging dungeon!? (plays Pac-Man gag) Nom nom nom! Money tastes good!
  • The #2 of the list, the EA Body Count, looks like a Tear Jerker as it is paying tribute to good companies that got bought out by EA and then shut down. But the ending...
    Josh: Please send your condolences to the nearby EB Games... Ooh! Too soon? (awkward grin)

Top 10 Konami Fails

  • For the duration of the video, Josh replaces his "Flutter-censor" with a clip of The Quarter Guy saying "Konami".
  • After his awesome scathing calling out at the #1 of the list, Josh actually gave credits to Konami that for all his calling out, Konami hasn't done one thing that they usually do when they get called out like this: having the video removed. Which faux-happened in the middle of Josh's compliment.
    Josh: Dangit! Tempted fate!

Top 10 Sony Fails 🦀

Top 10 Capcom Fails (w/ The Quarter Guy)

Top 10 Microsoft Fails

  • Josh wonders who hijacked his script to place puns in the closing parts of numbers 5 (buying Rareware) and 4 (the Kinect).
  • The way he started his Number 3 entry:
    Smily-face guy: Hey, there, you fine young gaming audience! Do you like video games? (Josh nods) That's absolutely fantastic! Do you like online distribution of your favorite video games? (Josh smiles deeply and plays clip of M.Bison shouting, "YES!") Absolutely fantastic. Do you like a service that is customer first, doesn't corrupt your save data, or have a user interface designed by Satan himself? (Josh looks confused) Well, tough [bleep]. (throws Microsoft symbol at Josh) There, sasafrass! You'll pay for what we give you!
  • His opening skit for the penultimate segment featuring clips from the Harry Potter movies while saying the following in a dramatic voice:
    Josh: (low bellowing voice) A long time ago, in the mysterious year of 2013. The wizarding collage of Microsoft decided to announce their new colsole at the gathering of wizards known as E3. They were filled with laughter and excitement. But when the announcement came... *beat and thunderbolt* the crowds that drew whent silent. Looks of unease and hatred pierced the hearts of Microsoft as their excitement died. And despair rose. (normal voice with no more Harry Potter clips) And it all went downhill from there.
  • His opening skit for the final segment has him running a brick stand where he throws out bricked Xbox 360 consoles to anybody who passes by his stand.
    Josh: Bricks here! Get your bricks here! Only $300 for a single brick! Oh, one brick for you, sir? Okay, take a brick! Okay we got one again! Hey, what about a brick for you, sir? Are you from one in the misses or one in the town? Okay, here! A brick for you, sir! Hey, a brick for you! A brick for you! Come and watch the big game! Maybe even play the big game, but sorry, you can't play the big game! Okay, take a brick!
    • The end of the segment has his segment catching fire, presumably from all of the bricked models.
      Josh: I'm the Fiery Joker! *sees his house is on fire with all of the consoles burning up with it* This is fine.

Top Ten Franchise Killers

Top 10 Ubisoft Fails

Top 10 Bethesda Fails

  • After talking about the infamous horde armor dlc for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, he cuts to Firebrand wearing said armor.
    Firebrand: This is both uncomfortable and gaudy. Also, it... pinches in... places. Wait, no no NO NO NO!!
    [He falls over]
  • Following up the Ubisoft's ending skit, after pondering what's next in the end, Josh suddenly gets zapped into having Anime Hair and...

Top Ten SEGA Fails

Top Ten Activision Fails

  • The ending where after reaming out Activision for all the lawsuits they have been involved in. He notices it snowing outside and "Let It Snow" starts playing. He then switches from righteously angry to surprisingly happy when he says next month's Blizzard.

Top 10 Video Games Like Dungeons & Dragons

Top Ten Blizzard FAILS

  • After Josh gives his introductory statement, he plays a series of cutscenes from various Blizzard games with Overwatch music over it, and it seems like this will be his number transition at first. What does he decide to go with instead? Junkrat and Roadhog getting kicked out of a garage! HA!
  • While in the middle of talking on how Blizzard's pandering tends to backfire at times, Josh suddenly blurts out a rather clever pun-based joke that just happens to coincidence with a political term and computer term:
    Josh: I tell ya, I've heard of pandering to the Alt-Right, but nobody ever said anything about the Control-Left.note  AM I RIGHT?!
    (cue Rimshot and Chirping Crickets)
    Josh: I get no respect, let me tell ya.
  • Josh is about to approach the mishandlement and demise of Heroes of the Storm... and to note, he's just married to Aramau.
    Josh: (excited) Ooh, goody! I get to talk about how Blizzard killed Heroes of the Storm again!
    Aramau: Honey, don't you think it's time to let this one go?
  • The ending provides a hilarious Bait-and-Switch. Instead of being in his room, Josh actually went to a local store. After declaring his name, the camera zooms into the text "Plumbing". And he says "Guess!" for his next target... the camera then zooms to the text "Valves".

Top Ten Valve FAILS

  • There is no Number 3 in this countdown. There's only number 2.5.note 
    Josh: (with a huge smile) ...Get it?
  • Josh saying "Triple A" in the same way Jim Sterling does, before coughing and lampshading it by saying he's watched too much of Sterling's videos.
  • The very end of the video has Josh's end speech instantly interrupted by the lights going out... and then you see a reflection in Josh's eye... the face of a certain famous plumber...

Top Ten Nintendo FAILS

  • For Number 9, Josh and his guest, GreenScorpion, make a list of all of Nintendo's peripherals, good and bad, in 10 words or less (with ratings of their quality as well).
    Josh: Only one game used this! (Power Pad, 5/10)
    GreenScorpion: Hyped, then vanished. Good! Could easily abuse microtransactions. (Vitality Sensor, 4/10)
    Josh: ONLY ONE GAME USED THIS! (Dance Pad, 5/10)
    GreenScorpion: FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. (Laser Scope, 4/10)
    Josh: Overhyped Nintendo zapper made immortal by Smash Bros. (Super Scope, 6/10)
    GreenScorpion: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! (Gamecube Microphone, 6/10)
    Josh: Cute but unnecessary made immortal by Smash Bros. (R.O.B., 3/10)
    GreenScorpion: "It's so bad!" Well at least the marketing's honest. (Power Glove, 2/10)
    Josh: It's Digimon Tamers, except you never have a full Digimon. (e-Reader, 6/10)
    GreenScorpion: You just spent 90 bucks on a weight scale, congrats. (Wii Fit Board, 7/10)
    Josh: And you thought the Genesis attachments were bad. (N64 DD, 2/10)
    GreenScorpion: Pay us money for plastic! (Speedboard, 1/10)
    Josh: Pay us money for cardboard! (Labo, 6/10)
    GreenScorpion: So glad Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a remake. (Gamecube-GBA Cable, 6/10)
    Josh: Used by a lot of games. No one used it. (SNES Mouse, 8/10)
    GreenScorpion: Only one game used this! (ASCII Keyboard Controller, 6/10)
    Josh: Selfie generation a decade before it happened, with bad filters. (Gameboy Camera, 4/10)
    GreenScorpion: You only owned this because you bought Link's Crossbow Training. (Wii Zapper, 5/10)
    Josh: At least it made Pokemon fans happy for a bit. (Transfer Pak, 6/10)
    GreenScorpion: You wanna DK 64 and Majora's Mask? (Expansion Pack, 7/10)
    Josh: Useful at first, died off later. (Controller Pak, 7/10)
    GreenScorpion: Incredibly niche... [Cuts to live-action] Though, personally, I love this damn thing... (DK Bongos, 7/10)
    Josh: Mhm, you would...

Top Ten Difficulty Spike Bosses

Top Ten Water Bosses

  • Josh and Aramau blatantly referencing Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) at the end of the Number 5 segment (Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure).
    Josh: Honestly, I’m not sure what else to say, but— (screams as Ari suddenly shoves a bowl in his face)
    Aramau: (sweetly) I just thought you might like some Mac and Cheese made with Vermont white cheddar.
    Josh: What do I look like, an imbecile? Of course I want some Mac and Cheese. (takes the bowl from her so quickly the spoon flies out) I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE IT! (grabs the spoon off the couch and puts it back in the bowl)

Top Ten Games We Strangely Love

Top Ten Hated Characters We're Supposed To Like

  • "You want me to talk about Joel? Well, too bad, because Abby exists!"
  • The ending where Josh finally realized why he never mained Shulk in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Because he shared the same voice actor with the #1 on this list, Anders. Accompanied with an instrument that defines "Epic Fail".

Top Ten Super Bosses

  • He claims that Giga Bowser doesn't look that hard. Cut to said boss laying the beatdown on him.
    (While waving the white flag from his floor) "Make it stop! Make it STOP!"
  • After finishing the list, Josh goes to get a drink, only to notice it's frozen. He then complains that his lead-ins are becoming increasingly inconvenient.

Best and Worst Pokémon Gym Leaders

  • The intro, it starts out with Josh's... Psych! Cue Ari taking over, and her joking her husband is currently indisposed.
  • Throughout her entry on the Best Gym Leader in Johto, Morty, a cow keeps mooing in the background, leading to the inevitable...
  • Like most people, she DESPISES Whitney. The entire entry is all the more hilarious for it.
    • Her introduction for Whitney's entry:
    • Her tangent/rant/meltdown over Whitney's Miltank is epic.
      Let me set the stage. Its early 2000, and you're wee little seven-year-old Ari, playing her new Pokémon game. You picked the cute little fire mouse that evolved into a fire... weasel? You have a Pidgeotto because you loved Pidgeot from when you played Red. You have a Gastly because your friend promised to trade with you for a Gengar later. You just swept through Whitney's entire Gym. All your Pokémon are level 16-19. You are feeling good. She has a Clefairy? Pfft. No biggie, buh-bye. Then... it happens. Rollout! THIS SON OF A CARROT STICK COW HAS ROLLOUT! Why was it a super-effective hit?! Normal's not super-effective on my Quilava! It's not super-effective on anything! EVERYONE IS DOWN?! I NEVER LOSE!!! MOM WHY DID I DIEEEEEEEEE?!!?
    • The end is good too:
      I hate her! I hate the Incredibly Pretty Girl and that she has the FLOPPING OVARIES to start crying and almost deny me my badge! It took me... NO JOKE... 11 tries to win this battle, and then she couldn't give me my badge? B*yay* I AM THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE CRYING, NOW GIVE ME MY MONEY AND LET ME LEAVE!!!!
      (Popping sound)
      (Meekly) I think I popped a blood vessel, give me a minute...
      (Cue ad break)

Top Twenty Favorite Video Game Characters

  • The very Anti-Climax #1, because at that point, it's already blatantly obvious that Josh's most favorite is Kefka Pallazzo, so he treated the number like a Ferris Bueller's Day Off-styled Post-credits scene and offers links to his other Kefka analysis videos instead.
  • Josh revealing that he desperately wanted to make Luigi(who took 5th) number two on the list.
  • Him referring to Palutena as "the benevolent goddess of trolling".

Top Ten Ice Bosses

  • Josh's very clear disgust at all the ice puns throughout the video.

Top Ten 2020 Fails

Josh: With everyone's health at risk, only certain businesses were deemed essential to keep open; such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, Gamestop, and—*Record Needle Scratch* Wait, WHAT!?
Big Bird: *indicating four bowls on a table. one of which is larger than the other three* One of these things is/Not like the others...

Top Ten Out-Of-Place Bosses

  • Number 10 is Photoshop Flowey.
    • Josh discusses the differences between the differences between the final bosses of the True Pacifist and Neutral Routes.
    Josh: The Pacifist Boss Fight has you fighting Asriel, and it feels like a standard Undertale boss fight, with a bittersweet/emotionally cathartic ending. In the Neutral Run, however…
    Josh: …Okay, who’s been playing MS Paint Roulette again?!

Top Ten Theater Villain Songs

     My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Reviews 

The Ticket Master

  • Near the end of the episode:
    Josh: Wait a minute. Princess Celestia only sent two tickets, when she's fully aware that Twilight has five friends who just might want to attend the biggest celebration of the year? Ok, either Celestia's a very tough teacher, or she's a troll.
    Spike: How come I don't get a ticket to the gala? (burp) "And one for you, Spike."
    Josh: Troll.


  • It's not uncommon in his MLP reviews to skip the title theme. But when he has Chewie as a collab partner:
    Opening: "My Little Pony - " *screen flies backwards, past Josh, and crashes into a door*
    Josh: *stares between the crashed opening, then back at Chewie* How did you-?
  • It's quite hilarious how Anthony takes the science of this episode way too seriously. He completely flips out over how horses/ponies wouldn't be able to climb up a cliff that steep and how different horses are from goats.

Look Before You Sleep

  • The many jokes made about Hurricane Sandy being outside his house.
  • His reaction to Applejack in a princess costume.
    Josh: I don't know what I should question first; where she got the dress, how she was able to put it on in less than five seconds (beat) or how grotesquely stupid it looks.
  • For every instance of Applejack and Rarity indirectly insulting one another, a clip of Darth Vader plays with one of his famous quotes modified to reflect their lack of subtlety (Josh even refers to him as "Darth Subtlety"). The problem is that it happens so often throughout the episode that Darth eventually gives up and pulls a hilariously out-of-character Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.

Magical Mystery Cure

Double Rainboom

  • Josh's reaction when Rainbow Dash finds herself in Townsville.

Feeling Pinkie Keen

Mmmystery on the Friendship Express

Bridle Gossip

  • Josh finally gets around to reviewing this episode. It has several moments, but most notably the beginning, where he asks various people (including Chewie, The Autarch, and a couple of Hasbro employees) if they have a problem with him doing the review. Just as he's about to say the name of the episode:
    Xain Russell: Hey, Josh, I -
    Xain: *leans away from camera* I... just wanted to say I got your title card done, and I was really looking forward to this review... *yay*hole.
  • When Zecora first speaks:
  • When Twilight dismisses the "Super Naturals" book, Josh says,
    Josh: "So THAT'S where 'Skeptical Twilight' came from. Oh, Xain..
    Xain: "Go to Tartarus!" (Josh smirks)
  • When Spike makes his nicknames for the Mane Six, Josh holds up score cards in response. When Spike comes up with a punny name for Twilight's condition, he gives it a 0.5.
    • And after that, he's informed what Twilight's floppy horn might imply, and does not take it well.

Over a Barrel

Twilight's Kingdom

Hearts and Hooves Day

  • The review starts with a bunch of bronies noticing Josh Scorcher, angry at him from panning Double Rainboom. Cue Yaxety Sax. Josh and Voice of Reason bump into each other (literally), and Voice of Reason's lambasting of Friendship is Witchcraft has HIM get chased as well. During the chase, Josh and Voice stop running in a panicked fashion and calmly ride an escalator to the next floor. Not only does the angry mob follow suit, they happily chat amongst themselves while riding up the escalator. The chase immediately resumes when everyone is at the top. The two run to the latter's hotel room, and jump in, entering the Rift, which causes Josh to take on his Pony OC's form.
    Headshot! +50 xp
  • This:
    Voice of Reason: After the intro, we cut to-
    Josh: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What the heck was that?
    Voice of Reason: I just said "after the intro" and moved on.
    Voice of Reason: And what where YOU gonna do? Sneeze the intro away?
    Josh: Maybe...
  • When Sweetie Belle delivers her famous "OH COME ON!" line:
    Voice of Reason: Hey, it's the fandom's reaction to Flash Sentry.
    Josh: Hey, it's the fandom's reaction to PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.
  • Josh can't take the lovey dovey talk at first, declaring it similar to Generation 3... but then can't help but to laugh at it.
  • Josh riffs on the whole shipping fanbase throughout the video. At one point, Voice of Reason has to hit him with a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 to get him to shut up.
    Josh: {dazed} Aren't the fireworks lovely today? {collapses}
    • "Double Kill! +100 xp"
  • At one point, Voice of Reason comments that the whole romance bit reminds him of "Keen on Keane" (An episode of The Powerpuff Girls that had the girls play matchmaker with Professor Utonium and Miss Keane). When Josh asks what that is, Voice of Reason says, "It's a Powerpuff Girls-" Cue Josh grabbing a gun, telling Voice of Reason to choose his next words carefully.
  • Right after Cherilee asks the CMC why it looks like she and Big Mac are "getting married at the bottom of a pit", "Let's Get It On" starts playing.
    Josh: Oh, REAL subtle there, Voice!
    Voice of Reason: I swear, it's not me!
  • The ending: Josh leaps through a portal leading back to his couch. However he's still in pony form, but this time in 3D.
    • Made even better by the fact that Voice already knew this would happen, but decided it would be funnier to troll him instead.
    Voice of Reason: I wonder if I should've told him earlier... Eh, this will be funnier!

Swarm of the Century

  • The review opens with his usual greeting while text floats beside him.
    Josh: Hi, this is the Fiery Joker!
    Text: So, you gonna explain why you're not a pony anymore?
    Josh: Y'know what? No intro. *claps to signal review start*
    Text: HEY WAIT!

Putting Your Hoof Down

  • Upon meeting Mr. Enter, Josh instantly panics because all his collab partners always want to hurt him to make him do the team up. Mr. Enter is totally baffled by this.
  • Their Duck Season/Rabbit Season bit over showing the intro.
  • Josh is happy to get through the review with no abuse, to which Mr. Enter replies that no one really wants to attack Josh right now because he's already pretty much living in his mom's basement. Josh predictably explodes at that to end the episode.
  • Josh speculating that Fluttershy's rant to Rarity and Pinkie Pie is the writer blowing off some steam, then Mr. Enter throwing down a container marked "worms".
    Josh: I mean, it does feel slightly unnatural. It sounds less like Fluttershy is saying true words and it's more the writer blowing off some sort of anger or frustration and using Fluttershy as a mouth piece.
    Mr Enter: Oh—oh—oh, dear. *throws down a container marked "worms".
    Josh: What was that?
    Mr. Enter: Nothing! Pay it no heed! *starts stomping* Oh my god, they're everywhere!
  • An extremely dark example is that, in the description of the review, it gives a link to a type of rabbit stew on allrecipes by Mr. Enter's request. Considering how much he hated how Angel Bunny acted in this episode, it's not hard to guess why he posted that link.
  • Celestia watching Josh through the window.
  • Josh practically gushing over Iron Will. Then his reaction when Iron Will says "I pity the fool" has him laying on his bed with the goofiest smile on his face.

The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

  • The review opens with him creatively stopping the intro to the show as per usual. Except this time, he breaks into a take on the "When I'm Bored" meme. It's so unexpected that it becomes hilarious.

The Cutie Re-Mark

  • The Sans cosplayer at the beginning.
    you can feel love and tolerance crawling on your back
  • The montage showcasing all the misfortunes that have befallen Josh during his many collabs.
  • Josh is about to skip the intro like he always does, when suddenly, his persona from his Equestria Girls movies reviews bursts in, demanding that he comes with him. The two then get into a Delorian and travel through time. When they arrive, Josh asks why they had to do that. The answer? To skip the intro.
    • Josh even lampshades that this was pointless because just them talking was longer than the intro itself.
  • Just as Josh is about to talk about the Sombra future, Ink Rose comes in requesting to join the review. When Josh says no, she questions why:
    Josh: Because I made sure there'd be no collabs this time. I have built defenses from the Force, hacking, lasers, magic, mobs, and random slapstick generators. And you're not Canadian. You have nothing to coerce me with.
    Ink Rose: (Puppy-Dog Eyes; split-second image of text saying "DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME")
  • When Ink Rose explains as to why none of the other villians show up in the Sombra future, it leads to this exchange:
    Josh: (impressed) Wow, that's...actually pretty good. Guess I call you the Queen of Headcanons for a reason.
    Josh: OKAY, MOVING ON!
  • The "Really Twilight?" counter.
  • When Zecora says that "Time is like a river".
    Josh: No it's not! It's an ocean in a storm!
    Ink Rose: Actually, I think it's more like a flat circle...
    Josh: NO! That's a stupid explanation!
    (Hades cackles and disappears)
    Ink Rose: What was that?
    Josh: A nuisance.
  • The Dragon Ball Z recaps.
  • Josh getting increasingly frustrated with Ink Rose debunking his criticisms.
    (talking about Chrysalis)
    Josh: Wait a minute, why did she bother trying to fool them if she had a friggin' army right next to her?
    Ink Rose: She's a manipulator. She probably wanted to take them over the "fun" way.
    Josh: Why must you keep finding holes in my logic?!
  • The two comparing Starlight to Dan.
  • As they're signing off:
    Josh: And it's hard to believe this is actually our first collab considering all the... fanart...
    (swarms of FireRose shipping fanart slowly surrounds him) No... NO! What have I done?! AAAAHHH-

Newbie Dash

  • DaWillstanator enters the review and interrupts Josh's opening monologue about the episode's Broken Base by casually using Josh's shower.
    • An easy-to-miss moment is the fact that Will says Josh is out of bath salts... despite the fact that he was using the shower.
  • How is the intro skipped this time? Rainbow Dash's smile upon learning she has been accepted into the Wonderbolts generates so much hype it blows it up entirely.
  • The "brony tears" gag returns... only this time the tears taste sweet due to them being Tears of Joy from RD's promotion to Wonderbolt.
  • Will and Josh find out that the show not only gave the Wonderbolts a Latin motto, but the meaning is actually accurate. They then proceed to discuss the implications of dead languages in Equestria... only for the two to break down laughing at the idea that the show would explore this further.
  • After Rainbow ends up in a trashcan:
    Josh: Well, she ended up where she belongs.
    (A shouting mob is heard outside the room)
    Will: Do you have any survival instinct?!
    Josh: Comes and goes.
    • And before that, the trash can in question was labeled "waifu".
  • After Josh questions what Spitfire's nickname could be, Will begins whispering into his ear, and a chart on the side of the screen shows Josh's innocence falling from "Angel" to off the bottom of the chart entirely. Josh is subsequently left in a catatonic state.
    Will: I warned him.
  • At the end, they realize that Josh has defended the episode so well, no one cares about his opinion enough to attack him. He begins whimpering like a dog before the explosion.

A Very Minty Christmasnote 

  • The opening sequence, featuring a Star Wars style recounting of why he and Dr. Wolf are doing the review and being forced to do it Silver Quill, including these exchanges:
    Silver Quill: (Evil voice)Hello Joshua, welcome to the review.
    Josh: No, no, no, no, no, I am not playing your sick game, whatever it is.
    Silver Quill: Oh, but it's not my game Joshua, it's yours.
    *Clip of the video explaining the wager he lost.*
    Josh: (Beat) Not Canon?
    Josh: Oh really, Mr. King? What do you call my subscription count?note 
    Silver Quill: The world's biggest pity party.
    *Que Apply cold water to that burn image macro*
    Dr. Wolf: What if we refuse to participate?
    Silver Quill: (Evil Voice) Then I have a second track queued, twenty hours of this.
    *Shows the "Stir-whip-stir-whip-whip-whip-stir" clip from the The Star Wars Holiday Special.*
    Josh/Dr. Wolf: (desperately) We'll do the review. We'll do the review. We'll do the review.
    • The fact that Silver Quill's evil voice is accompanied by a plushie of himself.
    • Josh's anger filled rant fantasizing killing Silver Quill repeatedly, referencing several familiar franchises, and Dr. Wolf telling him to calm down.
  • Really, almost the entire review is filled with funny moments. You can tell just how much pain Josh and Dr. Wolf are experiencing from having to review this movie, and it gives no shortage of opportunities to mock it.
  • The "legal" document Josh puts on screen.
    Josh: So, um... if you all could sign this form that says you won't sue me for lost brain cells, I'd appreciate it.
    The form in question: In consideration of the risk and loss of brain cells while participating in watching "A Very Minty Christmas" (the "Activity"), and as consideration to the rights to participate in the Activity, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and is anybody still reading this? Seriously, who among you has the time to sit down, pause this review, and read the whole of a legal waiver just to see if it actually is a legal waiver and not just a bunch of jokes? I don't think anyone does. I bet I could sneak the entirety of the "Bee Movie" script into this "legal document" and not ONE of you would even notice. In fact... According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. There, ya happy? Because that's all of that stupid meme you're getting. Anyway, sign here ____ and here ___.

  • Everyone's response to G3!Rainbow Dash saying that you can never have too much of something you love.
    Josh: Alcohol.
    Dr Wolf: Candy.
    Josh: Electricity!
    Dr Wolf: Fast food.
    Josh: Television.
    Josh's editor: Sushi!
    Dr Wolf: Jokes.
    Silver Quill: Alibis!
    (Beat as Josh, Dr Wolf, and Josh's editor all get shocked expressions.)
    Silver Quill: Oh c'mon, don't pretend you don't enjoy it.
  • At the end of the review, when it comes to Silver Quill's turn to say Merry Christmas, Josh promptly launches a nuke at Silver Quill, launching him into the camera during the usual ending of Josh's videos.

Baby Cakes

  • Alex suddenly popping into the review to explain/rant why the scene of Pound Cake crawling on the ceiling is straight up Nightmare Fuel.
    • Heck, the whole review could arguably count due to Josh's utter disdain for the episode.

Celestial Advice

  • Antony C's introduction.
    Josh: Hi, this is The Fiery Joker—
    Antony C: BEARD.
    (cut to a clip of a crowd rioting)
    (cut to the "MY EYES!" clip from Spongebob Squarepants)
    • Josh's subsequent rant about how 99% of the comments on his most recent videos are mainly about his beard.
  • Josh's utter Squee! when Twilight actually consults Celestia for once.
  • Antony C's joy when it's revealed that there are dragons in this show.
    Antony C: Dragon...Dragonlands?!? There are finally dragons in the show?!?
    Josh: (Giving his best You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! face and proceeds to point out a giant picture of Spike)
    Antony C: Ohftft...he doesn't count.

Power Ponies

  • His parody of the Atop the Fourth Wall theme.
  • His various checklists.
    • The first one is when Twilight asks about Spike's comic book:
    Josh: "1: This is obviously not the first time he's read that kind of comic and you're only NOW asking him about it? That's kinda inconsiderate. 2: You never seem to have the same consideration when he's trying to sleep, Little Miss I-Must-Save-The-World-At-All-Hours-Of-The-Night. 3: When did you start wearing a sleeping cap? 4: Mane-iac. Probs for the pun. Makes you wanna punt kittens."
    • The second one almost immediately comes after the first one:
    Josh: "1: Why do so many female villains have evil living hair as a superpower? 2: Wait a minute, you're introducing her backstory in the very same issue where she's also the Power Ponies' most evil nemesis? Boy, that escalated quickly. Unless this is the pony version of The Killing Joke, which raises a lot more questions. 3: "Power mad owner of a hair care company?" What, did she envy the power of that lipstick had over ponies? [Imitating a random civilian] "Look out! She's out for revenge on Mascara wands!" [Normal voice] 4: What kind of shampoo was she making to give her that kind of superpower? What, is she a Captain Underpants villain?"
    • The third one almost immediately follows the second one, after Spike explains what the Mane-iac's goal is:
    Josh: "1: What is an object that powerful doing just sitting in a museum? You'd think the Power Ponies would put that under some tighter security. 2: How do you just let something like that slip out? If he's that incompetent and he keeps screwing things up for the Power Ponies, why do they keep him around? How have they not drowned him in a burlap sack yet? I mean, if he's explicitly telling supervillains where to find perpetual energy balls, he kinda needs to be silenced."

Dragon Quest

Shadow Play

  • Josh questions the Mane Six giving up so easily when they Ponehenge.
    Okay, hold on, you take three days to decipher a journal and want to keep going, yet you give up 20 seconds after finding lost ruins that you can't translate? "HAHA! After years of searching, I've finally found scrolls from the library at Alexandria! ...Eh, but they're so disorganized... This wasn't worth the trip."
  • Josh taking his "Convenient!" Running Gag Up to Eleven.

To Where and Back Again

  • When revealing that Starlight is now Twilight's apprentice, Josh acknowledges that he skipped reviewing the episode covering that due to having already done a reaction video with other people.
  • The Running Gag of the intro being skipped involves it being hacked away by Sombra.
  • Josh goes over the quirks of each of the Mane 6 that occurs every episode. He basically says that Fluttershy's quirk is in her name, and he expresses surprise at Rarity avoiding her character quirk (which is talking about something pretty).
  • Twilight's quirk of providing a common sense solution that ends up backfiring is pointed out extremely by Josh. She ends up internally screaming about Starlight inviting Trixie. Said internal screaming continues as the two continue to bond.
  • When the ponies of Starlight's hometown start crowding her with excitement, "Need a dispenser here" can be heard among them.
  • Congratulations Trixie. You've won the coveted "Not as much of a jerk as you could have been" award.
  • Josh loses focus of the story over Trixie freaking out at Thorax's presence.
  • When Josh realizes that the focus of the episode is on four reformed villains of the series, he dubs them Horseshoeicide Squad.
  • Josh's response to Discord saying that they haven't run into a single changeling.
    Josh: Discord, you're supposed to be the Genre Savvy one. Stop Tempting Fate, and... Thorax is right there. Be a little more sensitive.

My Little Pony: The Movie

  • Josh's understandable frustration at the removal of the Princesses from the plot. He even caps of his rant with this gem:
    Josh:-and I'm not giving you a point for show accuracy there.
  • The very addressing of Elephant in the Room which is the absence of the Royal Guards during the invasion. You can tell that it hit way close to home in the rant, even lampshading that a certain set of characters would have been much more reliable help.
  • Tempest Shadow being compared to Kylo Ren, except being less complex and interesting than the latter and being a female pony.
    • He even says that the comparison even fits into the whole fake name trope at the end of the movie.
  • Josh comparing Equestria with the rest of the world and actually thinks Capper's bluff that the ponies are infected with a disease that only they themselves are immune to is quite plausible. When Capper says the "parts will fall off" part, he only has this to say.
    Josh: I don't like how vaguely you worded that. (moves his hands over his crouch)
    Josh: Huh, new record.
  • When Pinkie talks about the huge number of breakables in Capper's home, he immediately thinks of her unleashing her inner Link.
  • Apparently, the Storm Guard remind him of Star Wars stormtroopers.
  • When Tempest finds Pinkie's mane hair and immediately knows that it means the Mane 6 are in town:
    Josh: (deciding to continue Tempest's line) It's the only thing in this frame with any saturation.
  • When Capper dismisses Rainbow Dash's claims of doing the Sonic Rainboom, Josh sarcastically says that he must have got it confused with Double Rainboom. He didn't even get to finish the last two words before it cuts away to a technical difficulties notice saying that it was there to censor the use of the term to prevent him from going insane...again.
  • When Verko appraises Tempest like one of his wares, Josh states that Tempest is thinking of a thousand ways to end him in her head.
  • The whole rant with Grubber, saying how his dialogue kills any tension, states the obvious and the jokes aren't funny.
  • In response to the sky pirates' implied threat to the Mane 6:
    Josh: Wow, that was actually terrifying. (starts clapping)
  • When he realizes that the song names aren't that creative, future song names suggested include "Mondo", "Way Cool" and "Duuuuuuude".
  • In response to the Sonic Rainboom which blows their cover, Rainbow gets struck with a "stupid" stamp complete with a guy yelling how stupid she is in the background.
  • When Twilight rigs a hot air balloon for the Mane 6 to ride in like the intro, Josh wonders if he has to skip the sequence.
  • Josh's surprise that Tempest would actually blow Capper and the pirates out of the sky only to deflate when he is told that they all survived.
  • Upon Rarity's complaint that they had to crash the balloon, he recommends her not to play Skyward Sword or she will have an aneurysm.
  • When Princess Skystar takes the Mane Six to the kingdom of the Hippogriffs, Josh can’t help but be reminded of The Phantom Menace.
    Josh: To be fair, this movie would’ve benefited greatly with some hamminess from Sir BRIAN BLESSED! (Cuts to clip of Boss Nass LOUDLY SHAKING HIS JOWLS)
  • When he has to look up Queen Novo's voice actor, he apologizes if he pronounced her name wrong.
  • Princess Skystar being called a new Pinkie Pie.
  • His frustration when Spike gets turned into a puffer-fish.
  • Applejack's magical hat.
  • Josh sarcastically saying if Hasbro has the guts to kill off Twilight in the final struggle. When Twilight survived and is flying down on a ray of light (implied to be using the staff):
    Josh!Twilight: Your goddess Twilight has come to reap the earth of all unbelievers. Basically, everyone who doesn't buy the toys.

     FOB Equestria 
Taking Chrysalis' Invasion Too Seriously

Taking Heartbreakers Too Seriously

  • Dr.Wolf is one of the few collab partners who broke into the base not to be ejected via party Howitzer, because Firebrands choice was either let the psychiatrist leave on his own terms, or take his new running gag too seriously and forever be known as the guy who shot one of the most popular and beloved O.C's in the entire fandom out of a cannon. Firebrand is left stunned and stuttering as doc take his leave.

Taking Gift of the Maud Pie Too Seriously

  • MangaKamen getting increasingly frustrated over the fact that Pinkie never once thinks to just ask Rarity to just make a rock pouch to give to Maud, nor Rarity even once offering to make said rock pouch, leading to Josh having to take rather... unorthodox measures to calm him down.
    Josh: Aramau, do the thing.
    Ari: Yes, sir.
    (Ari goes in MangaKamen’s direction, where blender-like sounds can be heard off screen. We then cut back to see MangaKamen in a giant cherry Slurpee)
    MangaKamen: How...?
    Josh: She’s very good at what she does.
    MangaKamen: But... this is my favorite! How would she know tha—?
    Josh: Very. Good. At what she does!

Taking The Mane Attraction Too Seriously

  • The entire review can be considered this seeing the normally calm MisAnthroPony acting silly and borderline Adorkable, compared to Commander Firebrand who's just used to everything.
  • The Introduction: Firebrand's listening to a jukebox only for MisAnthro to collapse right into the room.
    MisAnthro: Hey dude! HIDE ME!
    • Add to the fact Ari was going to KILL MAP for throwing off her schedule for six months for a collab review with Josh. When Firebrand can't calm Ari down, he just kisses her. With pixelation for the kiss. Makes it funnier when Ari confirmed on Twitter the gag was done because Josh doesn't have vectors of Firebrand and Ari kissing.
    MisAnthro: *seeing the two kiss* Aaaaw that's so sweet!
    Firebrand: Now honey, we'll do the collab and you can chase him later, okay?
    MisAnthro: *expression turns to confusion* What?!
    Ari:: *spins away with hearts in her eyes* Ooookaaaaaay!
    Firebrand: SOOOOOOOOOOO~! *uses his magic to get his gun*
    MisAnthro: AW COME ON! *facehooves*
    • What makes it funnier is MAP explains how he delayed the collab for six months due to personal drama that happened a while back and eventually got up the courage to do the collab...only to see Firebrand using listening to his jukebox again:
    Firebrand: Huh, what? Were you saying something?
    MisAnthro: *groans* You're a jerk sometimes, you know that?
    Firebrand:: I get that a lot.
  • Firebrand shows annoyance at Rarity's line how unicorns always exaggerate necessities...only for Ari to come in the room and give Josh a sandwich with weird toppings, including popcorn chicken "for motivation".
    Firebrand:...-________- Thanks.
    MisAnthro: That sounds gross. (beat)...Can I have a bite?
    Firebrand: NO IT'S ALL MINE!
    MisAnthro: O_O!
  • The two interpreting a Fridge Horror theory how after Svengallop ditches Coloratura, he went off to work with Songbird Serenade. Cue them showing shock and horror.
  • MAP breaking into more Adorkable nature when Josh makes an interpretation on how AJ probably told Coloratura about the death of her parents.
  • After MAP breaks into a Heartwarming Moment speech about how the episode was Amy Keaton Roger's final episode on the show and how she was able to give Lauren Faust's wishes to be explored in the show (Rarity getting her big boutique and the CMC getting their cutie marks) and her own good elements in her own writing (Giving Gilda closure and reuniting her with Rainbow Dash, the aforementioned Rarity getting her big boutique and the CMC getting their cutie marks) and the episode showcasing Applejack's best traits, Firebrand invokes the Mood Whiplash:
    Firebrand: Alright, get in the party howitzer.
    MisAnthro: What? No, why would I do that?!
    Ari: *off-screen* TIME'S UP!
    *Ari proceeds to explode the wall and appear next to them, all while glaring at MAP*
    MisAnthro: O_O!!
    Firebrand: Get in the party howitzer, or get eviscerated. Your choice.
    MisAnthro: HOWITZER IT IS! BYE! *runs off to the left and is shot across the room by the party howitzer''*

Taking Not Asking for Trouble Too Seriously

  • The Green Scorpion’s introduction. Josh and Ari finished installing a new security system, only for Green Scorpion to easily enter due to his small size. At first Josh and Ari don't notice him and wonder where his voice is coming from, which leads to a frustrated yell of "DOWN HERE, IDIOTS!" Pan down to reveal Green Scorpion, who lets out a small “Hi!” that is very reminiscent of a certain adorable spider...

Taking Parenal Glideance Too Seriously

  • The opening features Ari going spare over her parents' upcoming visit; this leads into several hilarious moments.
    • Firebrand questions whether or not he should ask what's up, only to be reminded by Lunacorva he's engaged to Ari now so he's entitled. When he asks, in a sugary sweet "What's wrong, Sweetie?" no less, Ari snarls "They're coming!" and when asked if she means Cthulhu, adds "WORSE!" which makes Firebrand realize she means her parents.
    • Firebrand then tries to calm her down after a rant about how awful her parents are by saying it's nice that her parents are coming. Ari responds with "If by 'nice', you mean Nightmare Inducing Cranial Entropy, then yes." Firebrand compliments her on how that sounded and she chirps that she learns from the best.
    • When Lunacorva overhears Ari's complaints about her parents, he offers to feed them whichever organs Ari requests.
    • A second attempt at calming her by showing her Windy Whistles and Bow Hot Hoof winds up getting him dragged into reviewing the relevant episode with her and when he complains that they've already done a review, Ari fires back that he's done multiple reviews with Dr. Wolf and Silver Quill so why not his wife-to-be? She then counters his complaint that the episode makes her cry with "Well, excuse me for having a past!", which he complains isn't fair.
    • Lunacorva is sent off to fix up a room for Ari's parents. As she's handing him the list of requirements, she remarks "Follow these directions exactly and I'll kill you." Lunacorva asks "Don't you mean or I'll kill you?" to which Ari responds that he's going to fail anyway so she wanted to get the kill threat out of the way.
    • Firebrand and Ari playfully mock Scootaloo's antics in the episode, including Firebrand mimicking Bow informing his wife that the pony he found in the yard "is loud yet strangely adorable!"
    • At the end of the episode, Lunacorva comes back and to Ari's shock, says her parents were quite polite. He then continues that they were lovely and he's well-aware it's fake because he's not stupid, like all of the guards Firebrand is trying to train; Ari realizes that the good behavior can only mean bad things so she runs off to confront her parents and then can be heard whining "Mother, I don't want a black wedding dress! I'm getting married, not going to my own funeral!"

Taking Marks and Recreation Too Seriously

  • Really, we could just say "Jasper Pie" and be done with this.
    • His Establishing Character Moment: bursting into the base in order to deliver Firebrand a "Cheddarzuma Revenge" pizza (half-pepperoni and sausage, half-cheese, with tons of extra cheese.
    Jasper Pie: "No seriously, this is his favorite. We're very concerned for his arteries, and his colon. We-we're probably going to have to arrange a funeral for the toilet after this."
    • Ari reveals that she's the one who ordered the pizza, in order to see whether or not the guards would actually let Jasper in; if they didn't, they're learning, and if they did, she and Brand get pizza and Brand gets to yell at them again. Jasper is not happy that he was being used like that, and demands to do the review as compensation.
    • Brand notes that he was able to find the episode in its entirety on YouTube, despite Hasbro being notorious about its copyright claims.
      Jasper: Huh. Guess Hasbro doesn't care enough to take it down. That's gotta be a surefire sign for the episode's quality! C'MON, KIDDIES! LET’S TAKE A LOOKSIE, SHALL WE?!
    • Jasper wonders why Pipsqueak doesn't have a Cutie Mark yet, thinking that he would've gotten one for being pointlessly British by now.
    • Brand expresses disappointment at the fact that the CMC's camp isn’t a boot camp, wanting to see Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom) repeat her infamous "Y'all are a bunch of sissies!" incident at BronyCon.
    • "The power of TFS references COMPELS YOU!" "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!"
    • Rumble's sudden change in voice actors (from an actual kid to Vincent Tong) being represented by him literally getting hit with the puberty truck.
    • Jasper Pie comparing Thunderlane signing Rumble up for the Cutie Mark camp to getting signed up for soccer.
    • This dialogue:
      Jasper: Well, it's like my Uncle Fettucine.
      Firebrand: In what way?
      Jasper: IT BEATS ME!! He spent a good quarter of my career drunk as a skunk, yet he still gets management royalties!! He took at least five baths in the pizza sauce!!
      Firebrand: ...thank you. Those images are just what I needed.
      Jasper: Ain't you glad I came around today?!
    • The duo's reactions when Rumble declares that he doesn't want a Cutie Mark.
      Firebrand: JUDAS!!
      Jasper: NONCONFORMITY!!
      Firebrand: SACRILEGE!!
      Jasper: SHAAAAAAAAME!!
    • Jasper's reaction when Scootaloo claims that Rumble not wanting a Cutie Mark is the strangest thing she's ever heard.
      Jasper: Really? J-just really. Really now? You're really saying this. In a world where magical SNAKE CHICKEN THINGIES turn you into STONE, and you have to feed RICOTTA CHEESE to a CHIMERA, THIS IS YOUR LINE IN THE SAND?!
      Firebrand: Uh, you wanna take it down a notch?
      Firedbrand: (staring at a cup of coffee in shock) How did I become the calm one?! Collaborations bring out very weird roles for me.
      • Later, after an Angrish rant about Starlight Glimmer, Jasper wonders when he became the angry one.
    • Jasper complaining about background characters being sheep, followed by a clip from "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep" with the background kids' faces edited over them.
    • "Tonight on Animal Farm: blank flanks goo-oo-oo-ood! Cutie Marks baaaaaaad!"
    • The Running Gag regarding Brand and Jasper’s annoyance with the haiku filly.
      Firebrand: That's gonna get annoying for everyone around her real fast.

Taking Flutter Brutter Too Seriously

  • Zephyr Breeze's presumptuous flirting with Rainbow Dash eventually proves too much for Eliyora and she vomits. Copiously. Twice.
  • Because of Rainbow Dash and Millie's reactions to the word "peeved", Fluttershy gets Fluttercensored.

     Let's Play 
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • In Part 1, Josh starts to say, "Dawn of the First Day", but then stops to actually figure how many hours are in a week before finishing the quote.
    • Even funnier when you realize that he got the number of hours wrong. He was calculating 12 hours a day, instead of 24.
    • Also, as a Running Gag throughout that and the second part, whenever the characters are unable to say "photos", he substitutes in a random rhyming word like "dodos", "hobos", and "bolos".
    • In part 9, he devolves into utter Angrish when he gets killed no less than four times by Assassin Nobodies, three in succession in The Woods. It's made funnier by the episode's description box: "I can eat Lingering Will for breakfast... yet this happens..."
  • From Part 42:
    • Vaatiwithblue describing Vivi as a "Jawa with a wardrobe malfunction."
    "The hell's a Vivi?"
  • During Part 52, Josh COMPLETELY forgets about what he was doing during that part, neglecting to finish Halloween Town (Where many people pointed it out in the comments). In part 53, he then remarks that the Pridelands level was supposed to be a level done after Halloween Town, where at that moment, remembers that he forgot to finish it, the description of the video lampshading it: "I... skipped a thingy... an important thingy..."
  • In Part 55, he then has a choice between saving Santa or going to beat up Scar. He chooses to beat up Scar, remarking that Santa could "rot a little more".
  • His rant + Cluster F-Bomb in Part 61 upon The Reveal that The Ansem in the first game wasn't really Ansem.
    "F**k you! F**k you! F**k you! F**k you! F**k you! F**kyouf**kyou!! F**K YYYOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the STUPIDEST, STUPIDEST Plot Twist I have EVER heard!! M. Night Shyamalan would look at this Plot Twist and say: "Wow! That was incredibly stupid!"! This is the dumbest RETCON of ANYTHING I've EVER seen! YES!!! It COMPLETELY DESTROYS the value of the first game!! I! hate this Plot Twist! This was the point in Kingdom the Kingdom Hearts canon where I realised that This! Story! Was! Not good!! Where Tetsuya Nomura is making up the story, as he goes along! This! Is! Terrible!!!!!"

Kingdom Hearts III

  • Josh's reaction when he found Demyx is in this game, with implication of another boss battle with him, though there are not any.

  • His over-the-top Squee! later about Hyrule Warriors also counts. Like his Alicorn Twilight reaction, The Quarter Guy loops this one, complete with "It was a joke" caption at the end.
  • Several interactions between himself and Doug and Rob Walker in this video. Memorable moments:
    • At the very beginning, Doug brings up Josh's Awesome Mc Coolname and says how it sounds like a superhero name. "THE SCORCHER!"
    • Josh mentions how he'd like to see a gag on one Nostalgia Critic video where the Critic is ranting, then the camera pans back and he's just standing on a soap box. The idea is talked about briefly and soon becomes an idea for a Running Gag where the Critic is standing on bigger and bigger soap boxes each time until he's on a box photoshopped to be as big as the Sears Tower, then becomes a joke where the Critic has no idea how he got on the soap box.
    Doug: That's not bad! We might use that joke...
    Rob: We have to kill him though, before he can tell anyone else that it was his.
    Doug: Yes, please chop your head off after this is done.
    Josh: (cheerfully) Will do!
    Doug: I like this guy!
    • Josh suggests they get on to the part where Doug critiques Josh's videos (that's what the call was supposed to be for). Doug gets right into it. "Well, it sucks. Uh, I hate every minute of it, your face is ugly, and I don't like it at all."
      • Similarly, later on, Doug says that Josh's editing is "too slow". Josh thinks he's being serious and actually writes that down before Doug says he's joking.
    • Doug and Rob apparently thought Josh recorded his videos from a prison because of the brick wall behind him. Which leads to this exchange, after they bring up how Josh's window and curtain cause an odd light effect on one side of the wall when he records:
    Rob: Paint the windows black. People will think you're a serial killer-
    Josh: (cutting Rob off frantically) No, no, no no no! I cannot do that, I cannot do that. If I do that, I will get in trouble. I will get NJP'd. Do you know what that means?
    Doug: But what does it matter? You're in prison already! So what does it...
    • Josh asks Doug what his father's MOS was. Doug and Rob do not respond, and the onscreen text says "I detected their brains did not compute." before Josh rephrases the question.
  • Beata Nomura is both hilarious and epic at the same time.
  • This exchange on his Tumblr blog:
    Anon: Diamond Tiara X Firebrand (Colt). I ship it!
    *two pictures of his OC being shipped with Diamond Tiara show up*
    Josh:! WHAT? THE! MOTHER-... Gah, walked RIGHT into that one...
  • The end of Unscripted 52. Josh is asked what he thinks of the Kamen Rider franchise. His response?
  • His 3rd Live Unscripted was full of funny moments.
    • Near the beginning, when Josh is asking the viewers to send him questions to answer, Decker can be heard offscreen:
    Josh: No, Decker, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horse radish is not an instrument either.
    Decker: Tartar sauce!
    • Josh's rant about Devil's Due, which slowly degrades into Angrish.
  • In Shenanigans with 1: Musically Tangled, while discussing Frozen, they talk about Kristoff being the least popular character in the fandom, which leads to Josh calling him the Flash Sentry of Frozen.
  • In Shenanigans with 2, HSpirit is disconnected at one point, so Josh responds by casually beating his avatar over the head with a guitar, because why not?
  • Josh Scorcher reviews A Dog and Pony Show after downing ghost pepper sauce
  • This Dr. Wolf video. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • He, along with other Military Bronies do a live reaction to the Season 5 premiere, and upon seeing the Mane 6 trapped, we get a reaction from Josh, and it's the way he says it that makes it funny.
    Josh: What is wrong with this?!
  • The origin of the Beata Nomura song. Josh and some of his friends were talking about the possibilities of a Frollo boss in a Skype chat, and Josh had spent 15 minutes typing the song.
  • Josh, along with ToonKritic, NickyvMLP, and IMMATOONLINK got together and played Superfight. The result is hilarious.
    • Just one amazing moment: Iron Man... but there's fifty of him... and each one is walking twelve wiener dogs.
  • How does Josh wait for a Team Fortress 2 game to end? He lip synchs Nightwish's rendition of ''Phantom of the Opera", which was playing in the background. Gets funnier when the moment also lands in his highlight reel for the month, courtesy of added text and some zooming in:
    Tickets are now available for Josh's new lip syncing tour called "I'm Waiting For This TF2 Match to Finish", for just $50.
    Tickets are now sold out.
  • In his 4th stream of playing Dust: An Elysian Tail, starting at 39:30, he starts going "Ooooh," "Ahh," and other such noises to express everything he's feeling as he plays. He keeps this up for over TEN MINUTES.
  • At Whinny City Pony Con 2016, Josh lip-synced to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Albuquerque", and clearly had a ball doing it. Watch it here.
  • This MST3K-styled review of The Hugga Bunch has quite a few hilarious moments, mostly relating to all the Accidental Innuendo in the movie. This has to be the best bit, though:
    Hugsy: Shh! Talk quietly through here.
    Bridget: Why?
    (camera pans to show an entire field of napping Hugga Bunch babies)
    Silver Quill: Wait...they procreate?
    Lightning Bliss: NOT SAFE FOR BLISSY!
    Dr. Wolf: Moving on!
  • His Nintendo Direct Reaction 3/8/2018:
  • Slice of Base Life 1 is a mix of this and Heartwarming, as it explains how Firebrand and Aramau met (in-universe, at least), and Aramau’s backstory, which reveals that she grew up in a funeral home of all things. And then we get the reveal that “Aramau” is actually just a nickname. Her full name is Arid Mausoleum.
  • While he didn't appear on-screen, let's just say that Josh, being one who preferred Final Fantasy VI more than the body-shatteringly (KA-BOOM) popular Final Fantasy VII... isn't that amused on who Square-Enix picked for their villain rep in Smash. Doubles as Heartwarming, because the end of the video still conveys that Josh is happy for the VII fans despite his disappointment.
  • The opening segment of "Fixing Fire Emblem Fates", guest starring Aramu and The Green Scorpion:
    Oscar: Oh, yeah, Josh is aware of a few people who have words about Fire Emblem: Fates.
    Josh: No surprise you're one of them.
    Oscar: You knew what you were getting into when you came up with this topic!
    Josh: Yeah, yeah, all right, ANYONE ELSE WITH AN OPINION ABOUT THIS!?
    Ari: Ahem. We wouldn't be married if it wasn't for Awakening. So it's something I feel very (screen covered with red and her voice gets amplified and mechanically distorted) PASSIONATELY (screen and audio return to normal) about. Can I join??
    Josh: (flattened against his couch) ...Yes, dear.
    Oscar: (Eye Take) Oh sweet Naga...
    • The first segment covers the gameplay. However, since the three have no real gripes about it...
      Josh: Hey guys, this [script] is blank!
      Ari and Oscar: (nonchalantly) We know.
  • Josh did a stream for research on the consoles he would put on his Top 15 Worst Consoles list, but if you really want schadenfreude, he uploaded a montage of his LaserActive Meltdown for your viewing pleasure. (Well, technically, someone else did the editing, but permission given!)

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