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  • Beata Nomura is both hilarious and epic at the same time.
  • The fact that Josh is both ready and willing to chew out his fans when they do something stupid. Mostly when they go after people he tries to poke fun at.
  • His entrance at the end of The Autarch's "Top 25 Boss Battles in Video Games" video certainly qualifies.
    Joshscorcher: Gentlemen...
  • His reaction to hearing about some negative critiscism on FIMFiction. Overlaps with Funny Moment.
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  • Not only being able to admit how he mistreated his little brother publicly on the internet, but having done his best to do better and mend his relationship with his sibling. Admitting your mistakes and being willing to change takes a lot of guts.
  • Dr Wolf gets one in Shenanigans with 2. Where he achieves the highest score despite having little experience playing Mann vs Machine. All while maintaining his usual demeanour.
  • During his Kingdom Hearts II Let's Play, he fights the Savannah Overlord Heartless. Being what it is, plus the scenario of dodging its attacks, he sets the initial stages of the fight to Guren no Yumiya.
  • Josh absolutely Curbstomping Lingering Will, in LESS THAN THREE MINUTES!!!
  • The song "Rules of Nature" playing as he executes the last attack on Roxas during the KHII Final Mix LP. Watch it here
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  • Doing the entire Xemnas fight in one go without dying once and with just the normal Kingdom Key, and reflecting every single one of Xemnas's attacks during the very long Reaction Command sequence, then utterly destroying him with a Limit Break set to Rhapsody of Fire's Dawn of Victory.
  • Doing a tutorial on how to beat Lingering Will and beating him in less than TWO AND A HALF MINUTES.
  • Being very open about his conservative views. Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, it takes big brass ones to go onto the Internet, especially a website like Tumblr, and in no way try to hide being conservative but still be polite about it. (It helps that he isn't the bigoted, Bible-thumping type of right-wing that people stereotype the term as.)
  • A Firebrand Magic Lesson with Lightning Bliss. For both of them; Firebrand proves to be a skilled fighter and teacher, while Bliss shows greater magical control than she has before. In the end, his taunts turn out to be intended to help motivate Bliss, and things end relatively well compared to Bliss's other magic lessons. He also notes that she did learn some things. The lesson is visually spectacular too.
    Firebrand: Every fighter must be alert and ready for danger at all times. An unfocused opponent is an easy opponent.
    Lightning Bliss: You're supposed to be teaching me magic!
    Firebrand: I am. Magic is more than power or knowledge. It is application. Size up the problem and learn the most efficient way of overcoming it. Right now, my tactic is to keep you from focusing. Overcome it.
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  • When discussing the most controversial scene in Ponyville Confidential, Josh and his shoulder selves talk about who's the one to blame for the CMC's predicament. Do they analyse and discuss it calmly through theories? NOPE. They perform an entire freaking parody musical number of Your Fault from Into the Woods. It's as amazingly hilarious as it sounds.
    When asked how hard it was to compose and perform, Josh responded: "Let's just say people don't give Doug Walker enough credit."
  • While it was painful for him to do, Josh's entire Response to Lily Peet. Let's break it down:
    • For starters, despite being upset by her actions, Josh never raises his voice, and come off as whiny once. He remains calm, clear, and concise. The only times where you can tell he's angry is when he addresses Lily's statement on him not being a real Marine (more on that in a bit), and when he point out that she started bullying Ink Rose because she had a different opinion on certain ships than she did.
    • Then you have Lunacorva, Alex Rochon, and Xain Russell (unfortunately however, he has since disowned the response video), who all have different opinions than Josh on many of his beliefs and stances, stepping in to call out many of the things she had said or done.
    • When Josh gets to the moment where Lily stated he wasn't a real Marine because he was in the Marine Band, he calmly refuted that claim, not only explaining the people in the Marine Band still go through boot camp, get trained for combat, and even get deployed and serve tours overseas, but also pointing out how a quick Google search would've had plenty of evidence to the contrary.
    • All in all, Josh spends most of the video calling out Lily for being so hypocritical when it came to attacking differing viewpoints, and that her excuses for doing so are weak and gives her absolutely NO right for doing so. But...
    • How does Josh end his video? By apologizing to Lily for how their friendship ended, and asking for forgiveness for the embarrassment he put her through. AND, he also apologizes for offending people with some of the comments he made on his Newbie Dash review. The humility in his final statements are incredible.
  • Josh's speech near the end of Semper Filly. While most of the video was either mocking how useless the Royal Guard is or Silver, Dusty, Doc, and Antony C failing to train them, Josh's speech about what soldiers go through, putting their lives on the line, is a thing of beauty.
    Firebrand: The military exists so you can ignore the harsh reality of the world
    Sweetie Bloom: What reality?
    Firebrand: We're all going to die. Every day we desensitize ourselves with our YouTube, anime, video games, books, all to do our best not to think about the ultimate truth that everyone spends their entire lives trying to ignore. The fact that everyone is suffering and everyone is going to die. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. You and I have a 100% mortality rate. And war, it makes death happen much earlier than we want which is why we hate it so much. It makes the reality of our limited lives become harder to ignore. No one wants to think about those things, everyone's natural instinct when confronted with danger or suffering is to run away. However, those who join the military, they have to run towards chaos and evil. They have to reject the illusion of safety and put themselves in danger to maintain our wistful fantasies of peace. They are required to embrace these worries and fears so you don't have to. They are forced to leave their families and travel to hostile lands thousands of miles away and fight the worst of humanity just so you can pretend you're safe. That's the reason people in the military get so stressed and depressed, because they have to confront reality on a daily basis. That's why they deserve our respect. The military looks for those who are mentally and physically tough, strong of character, and show values of honor, courage, and commitment. Because of this, this is a job that not everyone can do, and not everyone should do. Freedom doesn't come free and never came free, and these are people who pay for that freedom with their minds, limbs, futures, and even their lives. This is a group whose action have continuously extended far past the grave and affected all of us today, and I'm nothing if not proud to be a part of that legacy.
  • In his review of "Spike at Your Service", when he gets to the infamous scene where Twilight is too engrossed in her studies to listen to Spike, Josh calls out the big reason why hardly anybody likes Spike-focused episodes: they drag perfectly good characters' names through the mud.
  • In his review of Fame and Misfortune, he gives Hasbro a MASSIVE calling-out for how they treated M.A. Larson's original idea in favor of an episode where the townsponies are assholes to the Mane Six as a fandom allegory.
    • There's also his Tranquil Fury turned unyielding rage when Diamond Cutter and Daisy make Rarity cry.
    ...First of all... how dare you hate Best Pony? Best Pony does everything best. That’s why they’re Best Pony. Second, HOW DARE YOU MAKE BEST PONY CRY?!
  • In 2019, Josh started producing a series of countdowns that is dedicated to pretty much calling out many many AAA game developer companies for misconducts or things that just don't sit well within gamers. This guy definitely has balls of steel for that. No game companies that has sinned in the eyes of fans are safe from his calling out:
    Josh: Konami is run by Dolores Umbridge and Agatha Trunchbull combined together and a sacrifice by Mr. Burns on Mount Orwell!
    • Top 10 Sony Fails: For the number 1 clip about Sony's arrogance, Josh managed to bring in people from the Brony Analyst Community and the Chaos Theater, including Linkara, to speak actual quotes Sony developers made over the years.
    • And the calling out of big AAA companies continues with Top 10 Capcom Fails (featuring The Quarter Guy), whereupon they both rail at Capcom for all of its sins, ranging from ancient problems like the horrendous design of some of its NES games to modern controversies like invasive advertising and its prolonged abuse of its former cash cow.
    • And as a reminder, Josh also called the hell out of Microsoft, Ubisoft and Bethesda. And even Square Enix, which housed one of his most beloved franchises ever. Just because they made that doesn't mean Josh will exempt on such calling out if he spots bullshits amongst them (which we're sure Square had plenty). And throughout the series, starting from Ubisoft, Josh kept teasing that eventually he'll do a 'fail' list for Nintendo. Yes, just because one is some sort of Sacred Cow amongst video games doesn't mean Josh would exclude that too.
  • A Huge moment that also must be shared with British Ninja, but them in real life gathering the evidence on all of Toon's crimes and forcing Toon into a confession that josh then recorded to be used as further evidence against Toon. All while doing their absolute best to keep victims names private and trying to keep the rest of the community from breaking down. If it weren't for them, Toon would still be manipulating people right now.

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