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Alex Rochon (aka "peanut3423" and "The Autarch (of Flame)" is a Canadian YouTube producer and voice actor. Much like his friend Josh Scorcher, Alex's channel largely comprises of Top Ten lists, although his newest work includes Hades Riffs, where the titular god (marvelously voiced by Alex himself) MST's bad videos.

He was also set to voice the character of Ghoulloyd and The Boogieman in the indie game Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe, but that game was ultimately cancelled.

After seven years of making countdowns lists on YouTube, Alex finally announced his retirement of The Autarch in September 2015. His final countdown Top Ten Personal Experiences with Video Games was uploaded a few days after the announcement and marked his final work as The Autarch. Despite retiring his countdown videos, he still helps JoshScorcher with making his countdown videos, remains active with his fanbase, and currently does voice work, notably for fandubs of Undertale and as a lead in the upcoming The Amazing Digital Circus. He has also announced plans to work on a web-series in the future, though no other details have been revealed.

Tropes appearing in the Autarch's videos:

Discussed Tropes in the Autarch's videos are..

  • Anti-Climax Boss: invoked Has expressed his dislike for the final boss fight against Jasper Batt Jr. on numerous occasions. In particular he hates how the fight tried way too hard to be an anti-revenge message while sacrificing good gameplay and having many programming issues.
  • Awesome Music: invoked His old videos were lists of video game music that he likes but in particular he is a huge fan of Philistine from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.
  • Downer Ending: How he feels about the endings for Shadow of the Colossus and Mother 3.
  • Fake Difficulty: Discussed in his Top 15 Worst Video Game Cliches list with JoshScorcher and Chewie. Particularly mentions how the hard difficulties of Metroid Prime and Devil May Cry do this by giving enemies more hit points on harder difficulties but with no differences in attack pattern.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: invoked
    • In the Jasper Batt Jr. fight in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, there are windows that he can punch Travis out of for an instant-KO. However he notes that the distance between Travis and the window that registers a KO wasn't programmed properly making the fight needlessly frustrating.
    • Pretty much everything about the Silver the Hedgehog boss fight in Sonic the Hedgehog falls into this trope for him.
  • Junk Rare: invoked In Top 15 Worst Pokemon he addresses this while talking about Chimeco and Delibird.
  • Moment of Awesome: invoked Finding out that in Journey the people on his adventure were actual players all along.
  • Seasonal Rot: Felt that Twin Peaks went through this in its final seasons.
  • That One Boss: invoked Has an entire list of video game bosses he dislikes but Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic The Hedgehog is the prime example of this trope to him.
  • Villain Sue: invoked Not discussed in his videos (other than a brief joke) but he feels this way about Hazama from BlazBlue due to how the story goes to extreme lengths to make him overpowered and how he finds his only characteristic is being evil.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: invoked Part of the reason he loves Teen Titans and Digimon Tamers so much is how for children's shows they were able to tackle darker themes.