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  • What happened between him and Lily Peet/Bhaalspawn? Does JS support Trump or something?
    • Josh never said he supported Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries and general election. Now to answer your first question, he ended his friendship with Lily on June 2016, because he can't take any more of her abusive behavior towards him. Which had been going on for the past several months.
      • It might be my tendency to not trust conservatives at face value, but does he give any sort of context as to what that means?
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    • If you're referring the end of Josh and Lily's friendship, then the context of what that means is, over the past several months, she had been very passive aggressive towards him, dismissing all of his opinions (that she frequently labels PRATTs, even to this day), being increasingly short-tempered with him as time went on, and treating discussions with him that have any degree of seriousness with the same disregard and callousness as she would a typical YouTube comment. Yet while those things were happening, he was still patient with Lily nonetheless (more so than she had ever been with him), until it got to the point where such issues could no longer be tolerated.
    • It probably also didn't help that Lily had been pretty much bashing Ink Rose, one of Josh's closest friends, whenever the chance arose for no clear reason.
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    • This video provides all the information, at least from Josh's side of the story, on what has happened before and after his falling out with Lily (also the links for all the sources/citations that were used are in the description):
  • Does he even count as military? From what I understood, he was a musician in the military. He wasn't a frontline soldier.
    • The likes of doctors and engineers are military without being on the front lines, so why can't a musician be the same? Josh went through an actual boot camp and even rose in rank during his service (he ended his service as a Corporal, if I recall correctly). Just because someone isn't on the front lines doesn't mean they can be written off as "not military".
    • Not to mention he's gone into detail in the past about how military musicians are pretty high up in terms of importance with regards to the military, as they keep public morale up and are often in charge of representing the military during parades and such. Just because he's never shot anyone doesn't make him any less of a marine (especially since he's inevitably gotten combat and firearm training to an extent, and probably could do so if the situation called for it).
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    • It is worth mentioning that during his time in the Marines, he could have been sent to the front lines to fight. But because he was in the Marines during a time of military sequestration, he didn't have to be sent to fight. He explains this in his Lily Peet response video.
  • Dunno if this is the best place to ask this, but when was it Josh got together with Aramau? And is that why they decided to sink the FireRose ship?
    • Josh and Aramau got together on August 2, 2017 after he asked her for her help and she became his secretary a couple months prior. They got engaged at CMPC on August 31, 2018. However, this had little to do with the FireRose ship sinking in the TF2 Analysis Anarchy video, as the audio for that video was recorded weeks to months prior. Some (Sweetie Bloom, for example) have speculated that it was because he was starting to realize his feelings for Aramau that he wrote the sinking ship in, alternatively, the fact that people were starting to seriously think of Josh and Ink as a future couple in Real Life (They've confirmed multiple times that they're just friends and it was just them having fun) may have been starting to get awkward, which could also be a contributer. But it has not been confirmed by Josh himself if either one is the case.

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