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Heartwarming / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series

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    Episode 1 
  • Emu wanted to become a doctor to save lives like the doctor that saved his life. Of course, in practice Emu's a bit of an asshole, but it's the thought that counts.

    Episode 2 
  • Right after Emu says he's glad Hiiro's girlfriend is dead, he apologizes, saying he went too far.

    Episode 4 
  • Emu seems genuinely torn up about Kiriya dying, even when he says it was obvious he would die.

    Episode 5 
  • After Emu gets his ass kicked by Parad, Asuna assures him that she still thinks he's awesome.

    Episode 6 
  • Taiga and Nico have a brief bonding moment after he gets a Gashat, where he shows appreciation for her help in getting more screen time and even considers buying her the Henshin DLC.

    Episode 8 
  • Hiiro actually worries about Emu and briefly considers giving him some of his cake.
  • Emu's worry for Poppy's wellbeing and her status as his Only Friend is very apparent this episode. Him getting her back to their side by echoing her "stop being a b**ch" line is funny and sweet.
  • Despite admitting to being the outlier, Emu reminds Nico that Taiga and everyone else is trying their best to save everyone.
  • Nico admits that she wants to be a hero just like Taiga.
  • Taiga getting the protect Nico after she becomes a Ride Player is both this and an awesome moment, but what emphasizes this the most is that this is the moment where he first uses Bang Bang Simulations.
    "I need to get up and start doing something. Not just for myself, but for Nico's future. For all of our futures. […] Let's finally use this thing!"
    • This episode cements that Nico really does consider Taiga her real father.

    Episode 9 

    Episode 10 

    Episode 11 

    Episode 12 
  • Emu’s sincere concern for the civilians infected into Bugster mooks by Gamedeus Cronus, showing a more doctor-like attitude to others’ lives than he started the series with.
  • When Emu calls for everyone to say their catchphrases to fight Cronus, he uses a hitherto unheard of variant of his own; “We’re the only winners here!”
  • Serendipity, a heartfelt sendoff to the abridged series and its cast and fans, briefly heard in the end credits and fully available on Mighty Album X. In particular, the lyrics about the cast having made lifelong friends among each other in the process of making the series.

  • The team behind the series really does care about the show, no matter how much they mock it. They also love every moment of working together on making the abridged series.
  • During the Cards Against Humanity livestream, when Taiga joined the others saying that the card "Indescribable Loneliness" described him perfectly, Nico quickly reminded him that he has her.
    • In general, the two display a close relationship with each other throughout the stream.
  • Nico jumping to Takeru's defense whenever someone insults Kamen Rider Ghost.
  • Kiriya did remember to get Emu a Nintendo Switch like he promised. Albeit, we only find this out after Emu brags that he got one without needing Kiriya's help, but still.
  • At the end of the commentary for Chou Super Hero Taisen: The Abridged Movie, Mage gives a heartfelt speech about how much it means to her to be part of the tokusatsu community and made so many friends in making the abridged series. Marcos and Maddie follow suit, thanking all the people who contributed to the experience and all the fun in their own similarly tearful speeches.
  • The lyrics of NICO NICO ★ RIDE FEVER include a line addressed to Taiga where Nico expresses that one of her reasons to fight as a Ride-Player is to show him that You Are Not Alone.
  • Karn did a cover of NICO NICO ★ RIDE FEVER. In the description, he wishes a happy birthday to Mage, the original vocalist of NICO NICO ★ RIDE FEVER and his girlfriend.
  • At Metrocon, Poppy's voice actress Mana got James Marsden himself to give a message in-character as Max Goof to Hiiro. Also an awesome moment.
  • Mage and Karn finally meet in real life. You can hear Mage practically on the verge of tears while hugging him.

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