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  • In one article, Peter admits that a comic book he recently bought at the time had nothing he considered humorous. However, he never refers to the comic or its cartoonist by name, aside from showing a photo of the cover, to lessen the chances of that person getting his feelings hurt. (We won't link to that article here for that reason.)
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  • This volume of "The Ancient Lost Art of TV Guide Advertising" contains a 1992 news story about Ted Turner planning to start a channel devoted entirely to animation. Peter then recalls how that channel, Cartoon Network, nearly fell victim to Network Decay in the mid-2000s, and thanks the likes of Adventure Time and Regular Show for keeping it on track.
  • Peter begins "The First Video Game Magazine" by reporting on the hospitalization of Matthew Green, author of the gaming blog Press the Buttons. He explains that Press the Buttons has promoted Platypus Comix in the past, and encourages readers to support Press the Buttons in return.

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