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  • Sam reassuring Mai about Kouta.
  • Mack taking the effort to talk to Kaen after an disagreement with the others.
  • Lupin’s Roidmudes, with some help from Cyclone’s Gaia Memories, gain a personality.
  • Mai’s desire to save Kouta results in the OOO Lockseed combo changing to TaJaDor Arms, emulating Ankh’s desire to save Eiji from the Purple Medals.
  • Mai and Zangetsu helping a little girl find her parents after the battle, said girl is Carrie Kelly.
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  • Zangetsu continues his streak of comforting heroes, this time over Superman’s feeling of weakness towards Shocker.
  • After Brain expresses his displeasure at being considered Chris and Brian’s ‘kid’ the former tells him that he does so because he feels responsible for the Roidmude’s birth.
  • Brian encouraging the Roidmudes to work on their (spoiler: Signal Bikes and Rider Form), even refusing to take a peek so he could be surprised.
  • Batman’s concerned over the Riders facing Shocker, knowing the number of times the legion of hell came back from defeat, Superman states he’ll be there to help them only for Batman to retort with their recent battles where he didn’t show up. Spirit and Chalice corrects the two stating that the Riders only need each other.
  • After a heartfelt speech concerning how he wants to fight for the sake of others, Chase fully accepts Mack as a successor.
Movie War Supernova
  • Mack helping out the Wisp, Yacker, rescue his friends from a Shocker Base. It’s abandoned when they got there, but the gesture was nice.
  • Chase helping the 3 AI-less Signal Bikes by loading basic programs into them, while they won’t be like their canon counterpart, they do get the chance to develop their own personality.
  • Myles assuring Mai that none of the Displaced are upset over her keeping the Rider Cave/Pit a secret.
  • Yacker thinks of Mai as his big sister.
  • When Eagle learns of Chalice taking a liking to the Riders, he notes that they ‘must be exceptional for mere humans if Chalice has taken a liking to you’.
  • The Wisp Memory speaking to Myles after his fight with Ryugen-Yomi: ‘And I am glad that you have the determination to keep pushing forward, irregardless of what lies ahead. I made the right choice in picking you to be my partner, you've earned this.’ and grants him Level 2.
  • Sam comforting Ashly when she has her breakdown, hugging her when she reveals her life story and offering advice:
    • ‘They're wrong. You have worth. You should never forget the value of yourself, nor should you let the darkness of your past cloud your future. You're still pretty young, you have life laid out ahead of you just waiting in fear of your chibi wrath. But whatever you were told or made to believe, that you couldn't do things, that you're worthless? Throw that in the garbage.’
  • Eagle/Takahara agreeing to lend Ichika his power for the duration of the current crisis.
  • Chase considers Mack close to family. Mack does too, even if he doesn’t like verbally agreeing to it.
    • Chase: ‘Though you said it rudely and made it sound like you don't actually mean it… I can sense your feelings. I am grateful.’
  • Chris’s reason for taking the Roidmudes in as his kids:
    • ‘I don't want to be some kind of deadbeat asshole who rejects them and makes them feel like they're unloved. They're just kids, they're not even a year old yet. They haven't done anything wrong, and they deserve to know that people care about them.’
  • Laura finding the members of LLA in an alley and helping them, giving Sandra a Driver and the means to alter it to suit her ‘Please’ method, along with a Clear Ring. And defending them while they’re still drained from the dimensional travel.
  • Winter, Builder, Ultra Fruit, and Trailer Hou transfer their energy to Mad Doctor so that he can help Chaser.
  • Everyone helping Chase as he wonders if his memories had been tampered with yet again.
  • Spirit assuring Sandra that she’s a good person at heart, and confronting Frankenstein:
    • ‘Incidentally, speaking as someone who can look into other people's heads...I honestly believe that Sandra is a decent person at heart. You will not be able to bring her down that easily, Phantom.’
  • Ichika assuring Luca that he’ll help his alternate self if he appears in the DCAU: ‘I may be annoyed by most people, but you're one of the few exceptions. Of course I would help any version of you, as long as you admit you're the Adam to my Jaune.’
  • Leon and Krim have a chat about Eiji as Drive, including how impressed Krim is at his partner.
  • Sandra, Krim, Brian, Chris and the Roidmudes brings the Rhino Roidmude to life, its appearance and Gaia Memory? Xion with Luna.
  • The Burst Memory talks to Chris once it’s free from Nova, and agrees to be his partner.
    • ‘I, as well as Metal and Trigger, know that we'll always be second-fiddle to Cyclone in your heart.'re still the one I', we've chosen to be our partner, and I know you won't let any of us of down.’
  • Ganthet giving Sandra his personal Power Ring. And showing them an image of hundreds of Green Lanterns waiting in Earth’s orbit, all of whom are ready to step in at any moment.
    • ‘You were not alone in your fight. If we were needed, the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps was standing by to help...but you did not need our help, to our astonishment. I have faith that both of you will do great things.’
  • Musashi talks to Dan, approving his actions and calling him by name, both Daniel Fenton, and his real one.
    • ‘Since you have obtained my Eyecon, you have sought to teach your comrades the way of the sword. That resonated with my own teaching experience. You trust in your allies to fight their own battles, which resonated with my spirit as a samurai. And you as well as my compatriot from Sherwood have sought to let that young man reach out and grab his dream! His reason to fight! How could I not be impressed by that? Any one of those actions would have been enough, but you have gone above and beyond what was required! You may have an even greater potential than Takeru does...’
  • Shinnosuke and Krim, from the end of their series had a heartfelt talk with Chase. With Shin revealing that they gave the Roidmude a funeral, passing on Gou’s sentiment. Along with the fact that everyone misses him still.
  • Krim deciding not to take backups of the Signal Bikes, because they would remember their time with the Displaced and miss them.
  • Ichika’s thoughts on his own power, as well as the Displaced.
    • ‘Yeah. I know I can't always rely on the others to be with me all the time. Be it Rouze Cards, weapons or allies, there are times when you have to go it alone. A time I'm not fully prepared for yet, but I'm getting there. Slowly. And until that time comes, I'll be glad to have everyone by my side.’
  • Mai decided to give Signal Legend Idunn to Eiji, on the basis that if Kouta from a different world trusts him, so would she.
  • Sam answers Micchy’s question of if the Displaced would trust him.
    • ‘But you aren't the child manipulated by Ryouma anymore, nor are you the madman working to kill your best friend in some mad attempt to escape your brother's shadow and take Mai for your own need to be important. I saw you face off with Kougane that last time in Zawame, and I saw you challenge Megahex to save Mai and the rest of the world. As you are now, you're as much a hero as your brother or Kouta are.’

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