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In-universe examples

Wave 1&2
  • Spirit stating that his victory in the Battle Fight is a long story. As in, it’ll take a week to finish.
  • Mack’s constant freakouts as people appear.
  • Brian forgetting his resume, leading to him entering then leaving pretty quickly.
  • Brian having to summon the Lupin Car three times in a single day.
  • Myles’s fight with Tornado Hawk has the narration become a Pokemon battle.
  • The newly ‘born’ Roidmudes arguing over addressing Brian as their father or mother.
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  • Zangetsu realizing Chalice’s not gonna hold back in future spars thanks to his efforts.
  • SHOCKER’s scientists are somehow incompetent enough to allow four little Shift Cars get the chance to give them the slip and escape… while stealing the Proto-Tridoron.
  • Mai’s arrival is most certainly welcomed, though it’s not without certain issues.
  • Myles prepares for Mai’s arrival by waking up early and making lots of food, using Wisp’s [[Mundane Utility superspeed]].
  • Mack’s almost late for work, having been chatting with the Space Goddess.
  • Mai blasting Batman into a wall when he shows up at Rider Heights.
  • The Riders freaking out when the power cuts out as Yurusen brings up the presence of an Eyecon, jokingly suggesting it was Freddy's.
  • Ghost made several puns when he sees the (Edison/Robin) Ganma.
  • Lupin asking for a detour to get breakfast after getting the Robin Hood Eyecon.
  • Chalice’s frustration towards Abyss’s tendency to avoid attacks via the Mirror World.
    • ‘COWARD! Quit hiding behind your sharks and fight me like a mantis!’
  • Medic using Gene’s Maximum Drive on Destwilder...only it turns out Mirror Monster don’t have much of conventional DNA.
  • Chalice freaking out as Kaen enters Liner Form, summoning an energy version of the Den-Liner into the room the other Riders take it in stride, either because they’re tired or they’re used to Den-O’s antics.
  • Mack imagining a chibi Supergirl waving around chibi versions of the Ax-calibur and Shingou-Ax.
  • Mack explaining ‘Waifus and Husbandos’ to Chase, then noting that Chase was almost certainly the latter.
    • “'...I did not need to know that last part,' Chase quickly said, before retreating deeper into your head so he couldn't hear anything else.”
  • Ghost and Steel facing a Giant Enemy Crab, Steel even hangs a lmapshade on it.
  • Chalice comments on Wisp’s Spike Spinner. ‘...So it's a yo-yo?’ Wisp later hit Chalice in the head with it, leading to the Mantis chasing him down.
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  • Chase training the 3 Roidmude children in the use of their basic abilities.
  • Heart gets stuck to a wall when attempting to stick to one. Brain’s sonic scream deafening everyone except the Roidmudes, including Chase in Mack’s body who notes humans lacking the ability to shut down audio receptors.
  • Heart, Brain and Medic punch a tree, the first two left a gaping hole, Medic uproots the whole thing and send it flying off into the distance, until Superman catches it.
  • Yurusen explaining Ghost’s invisibility to Danny, demonstrating it, only to find it didn’t work.
  • Specter’s response to the Houdini Eyecon when it refuses to lend his power:
    • ‘I'm not ready? Of course I'm not ready! This is my first day on the job, you know!’
Movie War Supernova
  • Myles meeting a Wisp, and screaming loud enough to alert most of the cast.
  • Heart doing the ‘Are we there yet?’ routine. And Chris quoting Akiko when he sees the Rider Cave.
  • Mai having stars in her eyes when she sees Yacker.
  • Meteor’s tour of Rider Heights, in which he forgets (how) to transform back, until the Roidmudes and Spirit help out.
  • Wisemen mentions the identities of her Rider Rings, she looks away as Chalice (The Joker Undead using the Ace of Heart Rouze Card, not the Mantis Undead) is brought up.
    • Chalice: ‘Well...nice to know you hold me in such high esteem...’
  • Leon brings up the matter of the Ace Undeads, specially Beetle and Stag. While Chalice says they’re assholes, Eagle notes that Beetle’s not that bad and that Chalice’s sore over the ‘Rubber Duck’ incident. Chalice promptly calls his friend out for bringing it up.
  • Laura bailing out after taking care of Launcher Hammerhead:
    • ‘These guys apparently ran into the Nova guy who stole my Rings. They got them back and everything, and man my head hurts, so I'm out. Peace.’
  • Leon/Thomas and Ashly/Ashley meet each other, screaming ensues. Marco screams for everyone to stop screaming while Myles comes downstairs while asking why everyone’s shouting while using his outdoor voice.
  • Brian and Chris explain to the others about their Roidmude children and how they’re not gay, Sandra doesn’t believe them while Melia fantasies.
  • Mack correcting Chase when he mentions never having to worry much about civilians as a Kamen Rider.
    • “You're police! Your fellow officers probably took care of them for you!”
  • Mach’s comment on seeing Chaser’s opponent: ‘We’re dealing with a moving Capcom lawsuit.’
  • Melia getting freaked out over being grabbed by a tentacle.
  • Krim getting the Shift Cars to form Mecha Krim so he can move by himself.
  • The Shift Cars and Viral Cores get into an argument over Shift Speed’s stickers.
  • Xion takes Brian’s comment about Kaixa not mattering a little too close to heart, Chris and Brian scrambles to correct her but flubs their attempts.
  • Marco and Myles take control of a Caterpillar Tank only for it to have none of its control labelled, their plan? Wing it.
    • Myles: ‘I'll drive, you just press buttons that seem like they do something!’
  • Blade rushes in to finish off Gamma, only to quickly back away when Zangetsu fires off a Ichigo/Budou Squash.
  • Ashley and Spike scare Mack twice within a minute.
  • Batman seeing Nova’s Dopant form and admitting he’s out of his league for the battle.
  • Chalice and Ichika snarks about Nova’s One Winged Angel form.
    • Chalice: ‘Meh. The fucking Albino Joker looked more impressive in that Jashin form of his…’
    • Ichika: ‘Still ugly compared to us though. What? Did they both think 'Hey, maybe if I made myself look like a monster I can finally pick up chicks!'? I feel so bad for them now.’
  • Everyone freaking out about pulling an All Rider Kick on a black hole, with only a select few not doing so. Batman in particular, facepalms when he confronts Superman and Kyle.
  • Throughout the entirety of the battle, Ganbarider’s belt kept pelting him with Cards.
  • Batman gets a call from Robin, who tells him that Communist Penguins are stealing the City Hall.
  • During the climactic battle, Mack asked Supergirl to absorb some sunlight to power herself up to help turn the tide. She doesn’t show back up until the battle’s over, leading to an argument between the two.

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