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  • At the Strip Search panel at PAX East:
    • Responding to the first question, Mike and Jerry explained how the tradition of them joining the losing contestant after each elimination for a final pep-talk came about. When they saw Alex in the car giving the parting speech, they were overcome by how much they were reminded of themselves when they first started, and realized they needed to do something more, so burst in for an impromptu farewell.
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    • Later, we learned that several artists got the same strip search themed tattoo: three blank panels.
  • In the third elimination, Mike and Jerry refused to destroy the losing comic strip (as they did in each other case) because they felt both of the strips were too good for that. Instead, they handed back the strip to the contestant.
  • The moment in Episode 14 when Amy says that she has realized — in defiance of reality-show cliche — that "It's okay to like these people."
  • The confession cam cuts between Amy and Erika in episode 14 are either this or a tearjerker.
  • Amy again, with her post-elimination comic at her strip, Cardigan Weather. Amy has got to be the most huggable "villain" in reality show history.
  • Erika's teary gushing after her elimination about how much she loved being on the show and getting to know the other artists.
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  • Mike and Jerry choosing not to destroy Monica's losing strip in Elimination #7 because it was a representation of her dream to be a cartoonist.
  • Katie skipping and crying of happiness after the final challenge is revealed.
  • After the show, Amy's tweeted a picture of the twelve contestants that she set as her laptop background. The filename? myfamily.jpg.

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