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  • He gives Hey You, Pikachu! a chance, even if he never liked it, he says that he was giving it a chance regardless.
  • He also says that the Putt-Putt games are good, even though they're obviously made for kids.
  • The Hardcore! series in general: in short, a group of friends playing a game together, working towards a common goal, and just screwing around. It's obvious how much fun they have in every series.
    • Some especially notable examples are when Dean and Mcjones are reunited with the crew after getting lost in an abandoned mineshaft, Jon and Barry's victory over the Ender Dragon, and Paul and Jirard's "trade hug" after defeating Diablo.
  • The redemption of ZigZam in the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. Early on PBG considers the Zigzagoon worthless and jokes about how he'll never get a single level from battle. Fastforward past a few gyms and some rough losses, and ZigZam was a tough-as-nails Linoone and PBG's beloved star Pokemon until Episode 30.
  • PBG cooing at Zigzam in the Stinger of Episode 10 of his Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke, after Zigzam managed to kill his first Pokemon, all on its own.
    PBG: You did it, Zigzam! I'm so proud of you! You killed your first Pokemon!
  • His reaction in Super Mario Galaxy, when he realizes that the Spring Mario power-up is in this game. It's obviously genuine joy, which makes it really nice to see him have fun with the power-up and the game because of it.
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  • A small one, but in the PB+Jeff Deal Or No Deal video, PBG insists that he won't take anything less than $200,000, because he wants a hundred thousand for each of them.
  • During his review of the Top 10 Worst Party Games, he plays Truth or Lies, a truth detector game. The game asks him who he want to sleep in a tent with in the middle of the woods. He says his wife, because he loves her. After the game claims it's a lie, he proves it's true by showing off his wedding ring.
  • In Minecraft #5 Episode 15note , during the long battle against the Blazes, while it's not too prominent, PeanutButterGamer can be heard yelling "don't hurt my friends!" at the enemies. It really shows just how much he values them.
  • There are some cute moments during his stream where he watches old McDonald's commercials, such as:
    • Dancing along to one commercial, and then declaring that he wants to be in the commercial too when it ends.
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    • In one commercial, Birdie struggles to learn how to fly, causing PBG to immediately feel bad for her. When she finally does it, PBG and the chat start cheering.
    Ronald: Try once more, just for me!
    Grimace: And me!
    Hamburglar: And robble-me!
    Birdie: I'm trying for you...trying for you...(gasp)! I'm flying! YAHOO!

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