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  • Dealing with MySims by burying it in the forest.
  • Open Your Eyes, a song PBG collaborated with Yungtown and Garrett Williamson to create that is a tribute to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is absolutely amazing. It's so amazing, that fans are even shocked it's something PBG helped create. While he's usually goofy in his videos, he is DEAD SERIOUS in this one. He sounds incredibly passionate.
    • Not to mention, his singing voice is INCREDIBLE.

PBG Sucks at Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition/Hacked

  • After 9 parts of agonizing struggle against the glitchy nature of the game, PBG finally beat Bowser. He felt so excited and pumped up about it that he decided to continue past that and try his luck with Lethal Lava Land in the castle basement.
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  • After struggling with Big Boo's Haunt for several episodes (often resulting in going somewhere else instead), he finally got two in a row when a glitch gave him well over 100 coins at once.
  • Defeating Bowser in the Fire Sea after everything went wrong.
  • In general, his sheer patience with the game, despite constantly trying to break him. And it took him 24 episodes to finally call it quits, but mentions that he might still go back some time.


PBG Sucks at Super Mario Sunshine

Misc. PB&Jeff moments


Pokemon AlphaSapphire Hardcore Nuzlocke

  • The fact that, despite a very rusty knowledge of Pokemon and a number of slip-ups, he managed to make it to the third gym without a single loss.
  • A couple of his Pokemon have earned spots on this list for serving above and beyond the call of duty here as well. There's ZigZam the Linoone, who went from being considered worthless to PBG's star battler, and "the New Hope" Gyarados, Maginator. Maginator hasn't been around as long as ZigZam but has proven his worth by hanging on at minimal health twice, both instances just so happening to be the Archie and Flannery battles listed below.
  • Any time PBG snatches a victory out of the jaws of what seems like certain defeat. Such as...
    • Battling Wattson. PBG just suffered his first loss in the gym, and during the battle loses Tarty, his starter. Thanks to careful planning and a bit of luck, he manages to win without any more deaths.
    • His battle against Archie, where by the time the Team Aqua leader sends out his final Pokemon he's worn down and positive that someone is going to die. Maginator saves the day by taking a Wing Attack from Golbat and surviving with two HP, then striking first on the next turn with a decisive Dragon Rage.
    • The gym battle against Flannery. PBG just lost Camel the Numel, the key to his battle plan. He's already despairing and predicts the run will end there, but finds the resolve to battle. Maginator nearly goes down, surviving with two HP again (and a burn) but takes out two of Flannery's roster singlehandedly. ZigZam finishes the last Pokemon with ease, concluding the fight without a single loss on PBG's side.
      • No no that's not even the half of it- Maginator clung on with two health because he levelled up (read: gaining an HP boost). Had that not happened? Maginator would have died right then and there. Talk about lucky scrapes...
    • Norman's considered notoriously difficult, and for good reason. Despite this, PBG goes into the gym with just four Pokemon on him. He beats Norman (although losing his Machoke in the process), with both ZigZam and Maginator holding on at low health. Maginator even fights through a dangerous Swagger-induced confusion to deliver the final blow.
    • PBG and gym battles seem to produce this trope. Despite losing Shedinja, whom he had planned to cheese Winona's notoriously difficult Altaria with (Shedinja is immune to anything her Altaria can do), PBG goes in hard. It's also a cross-LP moment of awesome, as Maginator takes out the beastly Altaria in one hit, avenging PBG's bud ProJared who had his entire team swept by it.
      • Heck the fact that despite being a Pokemon novice PBG not only managed to get further than ProJared, a veteran Nuzlocker, did, but made it all the way to the champion.
    • The mere fact that he survived long enough to challenge the champion by itself is amazing, but the fact that he was able to beat him after two of his Pokémon had died beforehand, one of them being Maginator makes it even more incredible.
      • Bonus points for using a strategy as risky and complicated as Double Team to Baton Pass, with the last remaining member of his original 6 Pokemon, no less. And this won him the battle by a hair, with his remaining Pokemon in the red after Lafawnda had been killed by a critical hit from the last Pokemon.
      • The cherry on top is that the two remaining Pokemon were Bee, a Crobat, which is essentially an evolved Zubat, and Nimnat, the butt of his jokes since the beginning of the series and the very Pokemon he used for his successful Double Team to Baton Pass strategy. It is near physically impossible for the Pokemon series to get more poetic than this.
      • Better still? Bee and Nimnat had a mere 20 HP between them remaining at the end. Just 20.

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