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  • The entire party teaming up in the first module, using their many skills and Glanvar’s bow skills… to open a door.
  • Sigmund delivers an epic beatdown to Hussar the vampire when attempting to rescue Dave from his wolf-jaws.
  • On the part of Great Aunt Tilda, who once rescued a fully armoured Sigmund by dragging him out of the ocean with one hand, clinging onto a rope with the other.
  • Thyra summoning all of her clerical powers to save Rarl from a Demonic Possession - she not only succeeded but may have also finally made her first conversion.
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  • The mission to the Sahuagin base on Pulp Beach Island. Not only did the party avoid death, capture and major conflict they also managed to get all five pictures for the Apparat Sphere, and useful ones at that. And then there was the dramatic chase sequence afterwards when the boss Baron Sepsis himself noticed they were there, and they still managed to escape unscathed!
  • Gillhelm Mark 2 charging in mid-battle during the fight against the Boggards, barely recognisable but for his signature helmet, and proceeding to tank the hell out of those frog men.
  • A huge, spiny dire frog appeared on the battlefield and half-swallowed Apollyon during the same fight as mentioned above, which Thyra promptly cast out with an epic use of Dispel Magic.
  • Using Ear Piercing Scream, Dave manages to stunlock the incredibly dangerous assassin Vladimir, giving the rest of PATHCO a chance to beat the snot out of him. Then, after Vlad surrenders, they nick his mithril shirt and give it to Dave, boosting his AC up to 22.

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