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  • Approval of God: When he did his top 10 worst licensed games video, a Teletubbies game was included, with him noting Tinky Winky wants to do things "Again, again!" regardless of how mundane it is. The official Teletubbies YouTube channel had a good sense of humor about it and left the quote "Again, again!" in the comments section.
  • Blooper: In his Super Mario 64 hacking video, he showed a hack that was an "always Wingcap Mario" hack, but without the Video Game Flight. He said that that wasn't what it was supposed to do, which he can't remember. Another hack just caused a white screen, which was also not supposed to happen.
  • Fan Nickname: Okay, more like a Self Nickname, PBG.
    • He calls Mario "Maro" for some reason. (Probably Rule of Funny.)
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: The infamous "squee" sound can be heard in Super Mario 64 hacking.
  • Throw It In!: Unable to type "PBG" with Hubert The Teddy Bear's lousy onscreen keyboard, PBG decided that the result of his unsuccessful efforts, "EESDESESESRDT" was a good enough name for his character.
    • In the next game he does it in, MySims Kingdom, he doesn't have enough room for the T, and makes do with what he has.
    • As a result of it, every time he gets a chance to choose his name in a game he doesn't care about, PBG names the character EESDESESESRDT, with one letter taken off each time.
    • In Harvest Moon, he actually has a pet snake named EESDESESES, the next name in the collection.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Peanut Butter Gamer Wiki and Peanut Butter Gamer Hardcore Series Wiki.

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