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Nightmare Fuel / PeanutButterGamer

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Main Channel

  • The point of the G-Files, in general. Talking about strange characters in video games or the supposed Creepypasta things like Ben Drowned and Herobrine.
  • The ending of his Pokémon Snap To Kill an Avatar. He gets to take up-close pictures of a Charizard, all right — while it burns and mauls him to death.
  • His Mario Party episode of To Kill an Avatar features a graphic photo from The Patriot after a cannonball tears the leg off of a soldier. The "Ewwww" message that briefly pops up only does so much to distract from the shocking visual.
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  • The DIC vanity plate was used at the end of the episode "Sonic Cartoon". As the spiked star morphs into a ball, the logo is more close-up and Sonic appears over it, having blood-red eyes and a blood splatter on his head and his finger, also sinisterly smiling at the camera.
  • The thumbnail of his Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life video. It's just unsettling to look at.
  • A segment in his Tri Force Heroes video shows two Doppel PBGs appearing in his office. Their faces look more gaunt than normal and they have black circles for eyes and another one for a mouth. The head tilt one of them does adds to the creepiness factor.
  • Goodness gracious, the Weird Dreams video. The game itself is creepy enough already, but throughout the video the Mr. Smiley plush toy that sometimes appears in the videos goes into full-on Creepy Doll mode. The video actually ends with Mr. Smiley apparently strangling PBG in his sleep.
    Chadtronic: (in the video's comments section) This was the wrong video to watch right before going to bed...
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  • The Mrs. Read Jump Scare during his video on Arthur games. No, really.
  • Breath of the Wild Hacking takes a bad turn near the end when PBG starts screwing with the size of Link's head.

Gameplay Channel

  • Wind Waker/OOT Chaos Edition puts ReDeads in the very first area of the game. Before you even get your sword... There's even a moment where PBG falls off the path leading to the summit of Outset, and ends up in a minefield of them. Let's just say if you didn't think the Redeads were scary before, you certainly will after this video. Imagine living on an island populated by ReDeads and having no way to fend them off? Zombie Apocalypse anyone?

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