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Tear Jerker / PeanutButterGamer

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Examples from PBG's Hardcore! series can be found here.

  • Austin mourning the loss of his dog Namira, who had appeared in many of his videos. To the point where, in his Goodwill Games #2 video, he was seen wearing her dog tag.
    • Someone noted that on his Twitter, he mentioned hearing the train tracks near his house and becoming sad since Namira would bark at the sound of the train.
  • The Twitter meltdown that almost lead to him and Jon to stop being friends. Without going into details, some disputes lead to Jon and Austin delivering some very hateful replies which lead fans to worry if the two were really done being friends. It goes into heartwarming mode when Austin apologized to everyone on Twitter and Jon, which lead to Jon telling him all was water under the bridge and they should go out for a drink next time.
  • Given its nature, it's hardly surprising that PBG's Nuzlocke of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire would be prone to these.
    • Losing Frank, who had had many a close call beforehand shortly followed by Tarty, his starter.
    • Episode 17 is a pretty low point. He loses three Pokemon - Rupto, who was slowly becoming one of his favorites; Marlet, who was beginning to redeem himself for killing Elmo before being caught; and Lawlup, who'd been one of his longest-serving members. The last one is particularly tragic. As is the last bittersweet "Lllllawlup!" PBG sends his Lombre off with.
    • PBG's Despair Event Horizon after the death of Camel, the linchpin of his strategy against Flannery. PBG preemptively calls the run over, but chooses to keep fighting on anyway. Mitigated somewhat by the fact that he actually beats Flannery.
    • The fight against Norman proves a bittersweet victory. Due to a misjudged timing of Slaking's Truant, SlappyMagee, who had previouly evolved into Machoke and been proving herself very useful, ends up dying. With Nimnat in the day care, PBG was down to a dangerously low three Pokemon.
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    • After the last gym had gone fairly well, PBG battles Liza and Tate, not knowing the fight will be a Double Battle. His Gloom ends up dying as a result of this, and given how attached PBG had been getting to her, this is heartbreaking.
    • Episode 31. The death of ZigZam, the longest lasting member of the crew, from Episode 3 to 31. He was killed by Mega Sharpedo during the battle against Aqua Leader Archie.
    • The battle with Drake has Maginator getting OHKOed by a Thunder Fang. By a non-Electric type as well, making the loss all the more sudden.
    • The battle against Steven has the death of Lafawnda, who could have defeated the Mega Metalgross, had PBG chosen to attack once more instead of healing. Especially bad, since this left PBG with only Bee and Nimnat as a team. And then he still won.

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