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  • The "Thank you" message at the end of her 50th review.
  • Her and various TGWTG people singing Feliz Navidad at the end of her review of Pee-Wee's Christmas Special
  • It goes to shit when Todd shows up, but Lupa getting the Chick to loosen up and have the kind of fun that doesn't involve hurting people.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. When someone rudely commented on the crossover she did with Oancitizen (Hamlet the Vampire Slayer), calling him an "asshole douchebag", Lupa replied with THIS:
    "With all due respect, my friend isn't a douchebag and you should take your business elsewhere."
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  • The creator of The Amazing Bulk and Avatars vs Aliens visits Lupa. The look on her face is absolutely precious.
  • The 100th episode. Lupa getting torn down by a bunch of other Channel Awesome producers attacking all her insecurities is genuinely painful to watch. But then her Spirit Advisor shows up to give her a pep talk, telling her, "You're only as good as you let yourself be." When Lupa gets her confidence back and ends the review the way she planned (singing "This is the Moment" from Jekyll & Hyde The Musical), it's all the more heartwarming when you know that, in Real Life, Allison Pregler has had a lot of insecurity and discouragement concerning her singing ability, so this was her reasserting her self-confidence in-character and in real life.
  • When Pushing Up Roses ([1], [2] and [3]) and MarzGurl ([1] and [2]) went through rough patches during 2012, Lupa offered them support, well-wishes and condolences during these difficult periods in their lives.
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  • After Lupa briefly left the internet in February 2013 due to, amongst other things, death and rape threats sent to her home, her TGWTG colleagues, most notably Linkara, Pushing Up Roses, Oancitizen, Film Brain and Nash, condemned those involved, and voiced support and well wishes for her.
  • This response to a post on TGWTG Secrets, with her offering support to people who have had depression and other problems and have used her and the other TGWTG producer's videos as escapism, stating that "what I'm saying is, no matter who or what helped you out, I’m glad you’re still around. That’s the important thing."
    Sometimes when people are going through rough times, through tragedy or something smaller, it helps to have some form of escapism or laughter. It’s nice to have places to turn that aren’t so dark and sometimes a bit disconnected to you. Or sometimes it does the opposite and makes the connection stronger, because you associate it with something positive. This can be a movie or a TV show, an internet review, a song, a painting, a place. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying that as long as it makes you happy. And when you’re ready, there are people that are there for you too. No matter who you are, you are always loved. Just sometimes the comfort comes from something else. I guess what I’m saying is, no matter who or what helped you out, I’m glad you’re still around. That’s the important thing.
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  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. This Tumblr Post in which she states the TGWTG folks are a "second family" to her, and despite any drama with them, she's happy for all the good times she's spent with them.
    But the people I am close to, the people I’m privileged to work with, they’re like a second family to me. When I meet them at Magfest, at the anniversaries, it always feels like it’s been days rather than a year since I’ve last seen them. No matter what happens down the road, these people will continue to be my lifelong friends. I’m extremely lucky people have put up with me long enough to form these friendships, and I hope we can continue to make you happy with the work we put out. Hopefully I can put the cynicism away long enough to spread some more happiness outside of that too.
  • This post to TGWTG Secrets about Phelous, best summed up with by this line from it: "He is uniquely Phelan, and I wouldn’t have him any other way."
  • In the sizable end credits for the final Charmed video, she credited the Charmed wiki and forum posters whom she collaborated with and thanked them for being good sports regarding the humor.
  • Thanking everyone who gave her such support after proof of her mistreatment from Channel Awesome came out, and reassuring them all that she's moving on happily.
  • In the official series finale of Obscurus Lupa she thanks everyone of her fans for the support over the years.
  • In the Movie Nights episode to Showgirls she shows pity for Elizabeth Berkley saying despite not liking the movie she understands that Berkley didn't wanted to be attached to children's television shows like Saved by the Bell for all eternity.
  • Her video titled "This is the Sign", which was posted the day after the 2016 Presidential Election. One part of the video shows Allison going on talking about people tell her that watching her videos has helped them. Allison also tells the viewers to know that they're loved, strong and she and everyone else has their backs. Regardless of the outcome of the election, it's nice to see a loving, caring internet critic like Allison can take the time to let everyone know that everything will be ok and things will get better.
  • Allison and Phelan finding it increasingly difficult to review the Mary Kate and Ashley movies (at least, the ones where they were pre-teens/teenagers), since it's obvious that the girls were becoming jaded with their acting careers as they got older, and they started to feel sorry for them.

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