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Headscratchers / Allison Pregler

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  • Obscurus Lupa saying that you may remember John Barrowman from Doctor Who, but you "probably don't" remember him from Torchwood bugs me. I know it didn't get a serious audience (at least in the UK) until its third series, but... I dunno, there's
    • That's why she said "probably" and also why it was a joke.
    • Yeah, but the joke still bugs me. And it bugs me why I can't pin down what bugs me about it.
    • I took as a bit of sarcasm, because everyone knows John Barrowman was in Torchwood. Seriously, I've never seen the show, and I knew that because of fandom.
  • The name Obscurus Lupa. I think it's a good choice, but I just can't forgive the grammar fail.
    • She's said before that she's aware that it's not correct, but she's used the name for herself online for so many years that she can't really bring herself to change it.
  • What happened to Lupa's review of Max Hell Frog Warrior and her video essay on Scott Shaw & Zen Filmmaking?
    • Scott Shaw himself sent in a complaint to Blip about them and they were removed. Lupa wrote about her side of what happened on her blog and on her Twitter account.

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