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  • In Plinkett's review of episode 3, he talks about how he adopted a kid named Johnny from a grocery store parking lot. We only see this kid one other time in the entire review. Does anyone know if he was supposed to be part of some larger schtick that got cut or didn't work out?
  • So wait, if the floating pizza roll was just a product of Plinkett's insanity, how did he get a video clip of it for the review?
    • It wasn't a hallucination?'
    • Plinkett's editors typed it in to make him feel less crazy
  • So, towards the end of the Episode III review, Plinkett cites The Incredibles and Toy Story as examples of movies made entirely with computers. But he also states that neither of them are made with "real actors". It's unclear if this is in character or not, but is he implying that voice actors aren't "real actors"?
    • They aren't actors. They're voice actors. It's a completely different process.
      • True, but he seems to imply that there's no legitimacy to voice acting.
      • I think you're reading into it too closely. It's clearly a throwaway gag poking at Plinkett's senility, with no real further message intended.
      • The actual point of the gag is to say that Transformers has no real actors in it. If Plinkett had said "no voice actors" then the joke would have failed, because then it wouldn't work as well for the Transformers reference.
    • The point of Plinkett's joke is that he's saying the lead human actors of Transformers have no real acting talent.
  • If Mr Plinkett was born in 1906, how was he able to sell clothes to President Taft? And how can he claim to be 119 years old if he was a little kid on the Titanic?
  • There are 2 Harry S. Plinketts, right? Wouldn't Nadine know she was talking to an imposter? She's seen the real plinkett's face.
    • At this point it seems that if they are different or the same person flip-flops depending on the video. So in that instance, Rich's Plinkett and Mike's Plinkett are the same person.

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