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  • Throughout her review of The Room she uses an "Oh hey" counter to count the number of times the characters say "Oh hey". When several characters greet each other with "Oh hey" in rapid-fire succession, the counter overloads and makes the movie spontaneously combust.
    Lupa (in a voice of mock enthusiasm): "OSCAR GOLD!"
    • "I just got the results of the test, I definitely was hit by a car/mauled by a lion/just pooped myself."
    • Playing the Full House theme over a recurring Stock Footage scene of the Golden Gate Bridge.
    • Her reaction to Johnny's suicidal temper tantrum; she's laughing herself to pieces and can barely breathe, the poor girl!
  • From Hard to Kill
    Lupa: "Ohai, street sign!"
    Lupa: ''(as small boy) Hey, Dad, can I have a glass of therapy?
    • The intro.
    Lupa: Pff! You call this a Dr Pepper?! It's completely flat!
  • From her review of "Gymkata:"
    Movie character: They call him the stork.
    Lupa: Because he's where babies come from?
    • During a scene where a villain is chasing the hero:
    Lupa: (As hero) I hope no-one notices how girly my run is!
    Lupa: (As villain) Did you see how girly that guy was runnin'?
    • "Ready for some forced sexual tension?"
    • "Why do all the hits sound like gunshots? Is that why guns are banned so no one gets confused?"
    • The "Terrorist Chase Sequence", Complete with The Benny Hill Show music.
    • "Fear my dubbing, you horrible Yank! Look how high my pants are!"
  • "But what'll we call it?" "...Teen Sorcery?" "...:D"
  • The end of X-Treme Fighter, where she plays "Just Dance" over the final karate competition.
    • "DEDDY"
  • A Day in the Life of Tommy Wiseau. Especially the phone call sequence.
    • And this:
    Cinema Snob!Wiseau: You're TEARING ME APART, LUPA!
    Lupa: What.
    • The Critic's take on the character deserves special mention. It's a mixed bag of childlike idiocy and Steven Wright-esque jokes.
    "[Coconuts] are a type of chocolate."
    "I was flying over New Mexico once. Not in a plane, just flying."
    "Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night because your knee is jerking? I think that's because of the knee elves."
    • The ironic classical music that begins as soon as Linkara!Wiseau appears and continues through the rest of the scene.
    • Critic!Wiseau is making a new movie called Vampires Suck.
    • "You are tearing me apart, person on the other side of the phone!"
      Todd in the Shadows!Wiseau: Oh hi. Oh hi. Oh hi. Oh hi. Football.
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  • In the Cinema Snob's Caligula outtakes: "Robo-cocks!"
  • Her Lampshading of her sub-par self-made title card for "Beer Bad."
    Lupa: I already have a title card for this week. I worked on it real hard!
  • Shark Attack 3:
    • Jeremiah reenacts a shower sex scene - by standing in a shower, fondling, rubbing and kissing two cantaloupes.
    • "Here, you'll notice that John Barrowman has two acting modes, one being 'shiny teeth' and the other being 'hammy'."
    • "I was just hanging out in my low-cut sexy top, doing marine biology. Won't you come in and ogle me?"
  • Trapping Angry Joe in footage of Gerry if nothing else for Joe's reaction.
  • Blood Red Moon
    • Her description of the movie is it is "what Twilight would look like if it was shot in Canada and the actors were paid in silly string and broken dreams".
    • Lupa has this to say about the protagonist:
    "Unfortunately for Meagan, if Bella has the personality of a paper bag, in comparison she has the personality of the tree it was made from."
    • Also: "He (i.e. Victor) was transformed as a teenager with no social skills! He's doomed to be perpetually mediocre!"
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    • "That's not a blood red moon! Touché, movie - you've thrown me in for a loop!"
    • "The special features include, but are not limited to, 'Behind the Sceens'".
    • Her reaction to this little gem of dialogue.
    Alyssa: With most of the people in this town, if you're not a blood relative you're an outsider. And unfortunately, just about everyone's related.
    Lupa: Ewww!!
    • "Fun Fact: In all of the establishing shots of the school, the kid in the green shirt is trying to get to his buddies on the left. Go, green guy, go!"
    • Her singing "Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail-fail-fail-fail-fail!" to the tune of Vivaldi over Victor and the Jock's... erm, 'fight'.
      • And again during the, ahem, 'fight' between Victor and The Sheriff.
    • Salacious Crumb's appearance.
  • Vampegeddon, another Z-grade vampire movie movie:
    • Pointing out the main villain looks like The Nostalgia Critic with vampire make-up.
      • Also, the villain, Giovanni, is rumored to be a vampire. While wearing some incredibly obvious (and badly put on) make-up.
      Lupa: Keep in mind, those were just rumors.
    • The theme music of Bulk and Skull playing over the two bullies who harass the goth kids.
    • Pointing out the Dawson Casting.
    Liz: (brings out alcohol) Thanks to my parents, tonight's going to be very memorable.
    Lupa: You know you're old enough to buy it yourself now, right?
    • And later...
    Lupa: They are supposed to be in high school? I was joking earlier!
    • She also constantly points out how the actress playing Mona, a rather busty woman, looks like a porn actress.
    Lupa: By the way, I may be wrong but... I'm pretty sure "Sugar Cox" isn't that actress's real name.
    • Later, while Mona is changing clothes...
    Lupa: You know, it occurs to me that she probably wasn't hired for her acting talent.
    Melissa: I thought we were close this time...
    Lupa: Damn you, Anne Rice! Your fiction has fooled me again!
    • At one point in the movie, the main villain begins to perform some ritual that forces him to strain his body. How does Lupa make this otherwise boring scene hilarious? She plays random fart noises while he's doing it.
    • Remarking on one of the extras: "I like this guy's expression here, it's like he can't believe he's in this movie either."
    • During some sort of dream sequence, Lupa sarcastically says how Giovanni is oh-so-sexy.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Oh, what charming rubes they are. I know I like guys who are constantly drunk."
    • Anytime she points out how incredibly creepy almost anything Merrick does is. There's even a montage!
  • Whenever people in Witchery get sucked into another dimension, it's accompanied by a red swirly tunnel effect. So Lupa proceeds to add the '07-'10 Doctor Who theme song.
    Lupa (as Victim #2): Oh no! I'm being sucked into a better shoooow!
  • "Meanwhile, Aladdin is trying to swat some flies away, but decides he'd rather do the Riverdance instead."
  • Her response to overapplication of the Rule of Cool in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III:
    "It's official. This movie rocks."
  • Her mocking one character's acting in The Howling IV.
    Lupa: Richard robot, activate!
  • THA eagles *DRAMATIC STING!*
  • Sleepy Hollow High: "Zoinks, Scoob, it's the frog monster!"
    • "Did he just fall into nighttime?"
    • "Holy shit, that's the precher from Stakes! ...You know, some people get to review multiple movies from great actors such as Robin Williams or Fred Savage even. I get the guy from Stakes."
  • My Boyfriend's Back: "You'll notice most of the people in this movie are living cartoon characters. Because that equals comedy, right?"
    • "Hey there, Phillip Seymour Hoffman! You can dry your tears over being in this movie with your Oscar."
    • The Wacky Meter.
    • "I feel some... comedy music coming up!"
    • "I guess this is kinda like that... but stupid..."
  • From Pocket Ninjas:
    • "I am now five minutes closer to death"
    • "Ron Hall? What's he doing here, looking for Slovak?"
  • From Fatal Deviation:
    • "Why is there a wizard?"
    Lupa: I'll take the time now to apologize for my Irish accent. I'll also apologize to Diamanda Hagan for good measure. Oh wait, I don't have to! She's dead! Hahaha - oh...
    • "I'm gonna give you a moment to try and guess what the next scene will be about. (beat) You're not gonna get it. Jimmy goes to a carnival."
  • From her review of Rapid Fire:
    Lupa: Hey everyone. Welcome back to Obscurus Lupa Presents. I'm not feeling so great this week, don't ask me why...
    Flashback to Lupa wearing a suitcoat and glasses
    Lupa: Hey everyone, welcome to "Lupa Tries". Today, we're gonna be drinking Windex!
    • As well as being adorable, the outtake with Ash the cat.
    • "Not just any running - slo-mo shirtless running!" [Baywatch music]
  • The training montage during the Lady Dragon 2 review. Especially Jeremiah as "RICHARD NORTON". This is done with a piece of paper with the words RICHARD NORTON written on it and taped to his shirt. The look of utter disinterest on his face tops it off.
  • The cameos in the Birdemic review:
    Oancitizen: That was a good movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
    Nash: [smiling] What a day! The sun is bright and shining, I just won the lottery, and there is nothing bad happening in Florida. All is right with the world. (killed by a kamikaze bird)
    Todd: I'll save you, Lupa!
    • After the cameos, Lupa tells the viewers that they dramatized some "real" consequences of global warming.
  • From her joint review of The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes with the Cinema Snob:
    Cinema Snob: Uhhh, this is gonna be one of those kinda movies, isn't it.
    Lupa: *Grins wildly at him*
    • "Sherlock himself is played by Ben Syder, an actor's man, an everyman, a man you should recognize from his stunning role on nothing, nothing at all, because he has had no other roles."
    • From the same, when Holmes and Watson face the gas trap.
    Lupa:"..and then Holmes and Watson are attacked by a giant fart."
    Snob (disgusted): "A fart joke? What are you, five?"
    Lupa: *giggles* "Yes."
    • After revealing that Watson is played by Ianto Jones, they cut to Ianto crying whenever Watson "takes it well".
    Lupa: [as Watson is writing] Dear...Mister...Davies, I would...very
    • The Snob trying to use the credits from The Geek to get out of the review.
    • The entire scene where they see the main villain in a costume resembling Iron Man
      • "Next thing they'll be fighting Iron Man (shows robot) I WAS FUCKING JOKING!"
      • "Let's find out who the carnival ghost really is."
    • Lupa's shocked reactions to the reveal... the second one being spotted by the Snob who wonders what the hell is going on.
    • "Next thing you'll tell me he throws a dragon at them-" *Shows dragon* "OH COME ON!"
    • "I'd never thought i'd ever say this but the climax of the film involves Holmes in a hot air ballon fighting Iron Man in a giant robot dragon while Watson rides on horseback to stop an android from blowing up Buckingham Palace. I can't even make a joke about that!"
    • "How exactly do you plan to frame him for your giant robot dragon?"
    • "Just how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle imagined Sherlock Homes, busting a cap in someones ass. Surely Sherlock takes no shit."
  • She's wearing an eyepatch and talking in a gruff voice for the entire Nick Fury review.
    • Linkara's cameo.
    Linkara: Um...what's with the eyepatch?
    Lupa: What eyepatch?
    *several seconds of silence*
    • "Butt-Monkey! Ahoy!"
    • "You are too late!" "The scenery, it has already been chewed!"
    • "We need to go deeper." *vooooom*
  • From her review of Cursed:
    "You might be wondering right now what this has to do with the werewolf movie. (beat.) So Joanie mentions Ellie's boyfriend..."
    • Her use of the She-Wolf of London theme during the werewolf attacks in the room-of-mirrors scene.
    • When Jesse Eisenberg begins climbing the walls (just like a real werewolf):
      • "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can..."
      • Made even funnier by the fact that Eisenberg's costar from The Social Network - Andrew Garfield - Is Reboot!Spiderman.
    • "Are you okay?"
  • From the Gooby review:
    Iron Liz: I know what this is. This is the last known footage of the kid, isn't it?
    Lupa: Aw, snap! This is going into Slender Man territory!
    • Iron Liz comparing Gooby to Pedobear.
    • Lupa and Liz passing the curse to... someone else.
  • Her disgusted shooing away of the 'Pointless Raping Scene Time', in The Black Ninja.
    • Her reaction to the "I gotta find a Ninja bathroom" line:
    • "No! No! Movie directed by 'Me'?! How far are we into this?!"
    • "This song's gonna make me."
    • Todd composing the theme song.
  • American Ninja 2: Lupa using a picture of Film Brain when talking about "our British overlords".
    • The final fight earns the Mentos Finger soundtrack as it ends with the characters giving thumbs up to each other.
  • From American Ninja 3:
    • "Okay. It's an American Ninja movie, so there are going to be montages. But that doesn't mean they have to be good ones." Cue fight scenes set to "Kiss the Girl", "Toxic", "Blue on Blue" by Bobby Vinton, Backstreet Boys, "How I Beat Shaq" by Aaron Carter, and finally, long fart noises.
  • American Ninja 4: Lupa getting increasingly desperate to make the "action" more exciting via montages, eventually finishing with a Heroic BSoD when the rescue of one of the characters involves...a smoke bomb.
  • American Ninja 5: Lupa's unstoppable hatred for Hiro.
    Lupa: "I will murder this child!"
  • While Lupa's livestream isn't as well-known as Lord Kat's or JewWario's, it has still given us a number of comedic gems:
    • Lupa's "impressions" of her TGWTG coworkers, all of which consist of her saying, "Hi, I'm [insert name], and I [insert job]!" in the same high-pitched voice.
      • She once demonstrated her "Spoony voice" for the man himself on LordKat's livestream chat:
      Lupa: [high-pitched voice] Hiiiiii, I'm Spoony, and I play video games! Mah spoon is too big!
      Spoony: [cough] Wow, Lupa. It's uncanny.
    • On one occasion, Lupa's cat was sitting next to her computer, listening intently to the chat. The cat began meowing loudly...prompting another Skyper's feline to do the same. So, Lupa held the microphone up to her cat and let the two animals "talk".
    Person in chat: I'm awake at 4 AM listening to cats meowing on a Livestream. Yup, my life is headed in the right direction.
  • Her cameo in dascottjr's literal video for Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box".
    Blonde Girl: I put a tree baby in this guy's IV! Ha ha ha! Isn't that funny?
    Kurt, Dave, Krist: No.
  • The Nostalgia Chick and Lupa reviewing Honor and Glory. After Lupa decides she needs someone classier to share the film with, we see the Chick lying in bed wearing a stylish evening gown, drinking wine and reading a book...and then the pillow behind her slowly lifts up to reveal Lupa with the goofiest grin you have ever seen her wearing.
    • Lupa's hilariously creepy Slasher Smile when the Chick demands to know how she got into her apartment.
    Chick: Have you been there all night...and day? It's like five p.m. (And Lupa just keeps smiling at her).
    • Chick attempts to analyze the deeper elements of the movie. Lupa just farts at her.
      • The commentary reveals that, despite playing the serious, deeper character who can't just let go and have fun, it was Lindsay who made all the fart gags.
    • Nella's reaction to a Cynthia Rothrock movie.
    Nella: I'm going to go make celebratory cookies!
    • Which later turn out to be cheetos.
    • Chick, Lupa, Nella, and Elisa reenacting a scene from the movie with intentional Bad "Bad Acting", bad lip-syncing, and bad camera movements. At one point someone farts, and Chick almost breaks character trying not to laugh.
    • During the fight, Obscurus Lupa takes Nella hostage... only to clearly feel guilty about it and have a friendly chat with Nella, to the Chick's irritation.
      • Chick also doing the Home Alone face when Nella gets grabbed.
    • The characters in the movie have a green bean fight. Thus we cut to the Chick fantasizing about her and Todd doing the same, but with cheetos.
    • Todd suddenly appearing, as he is wont to do when Lupa is around, and descends into Gibberish of Love. When Lupa lays into him for persisting, the Chick cracks her knuckles and a fights Lupa in defense of "her man". While they're both wearing Twilight shirts
      • Said Cat Fight is a Call-Back to Undefeatable. Including the opening, with the Chick licking a knife.
    Chick: It's Nutella, bitch!
    • Todd decides to ignore the two women fighting over him to take up Nella's offer of cookies.
    • Lupa and the Chick's inner thoughts:
    Chick: One day, you whore, I will avenge the dignity of my love. One day...
    • Paw Dugan/ Elisa saying "CAMEO!" in The Stinger.
    • From the bloopers: Lindsay has her arms wrapped around Todd's head so that nobody can see his face, and sings "I am the mask you wear".
    • From the commentary: Lindsay saying that the first thing anyone tells her when they meet in real life is how short she is.
    • The fact that everyone seemed to be hiding in Chick's bedroom without her knowledge. Meaning that she was unaware that Lupa, Nella, Todd, Paw, and possibly Elisa were all in the room with her without her noticing.
  • Using the Jeopardy Theme to illustrate how long it takes Leatherface to kill someone in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.
    • "Dialogue hurts!"
      • "No more dialogue for you movie!"
  • From My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade: "That's it! I've made a royal decision—" "—we'll kill and eat Spike, it's a delightful plan!"
    • Reviewing it in her Snow White dress.
    • Lupa's disgust and disappointment when she finds out the movie is from 2006 rather than being based on the original cartoon from the 80s.
    • "Four of these ponies are dead. I won't tell you which ones."
    • During a meaningless argument over a float collision, she plays "Duel of the Fates".
    • Her increasing irritation with Zipzee and the running gag where she keeps hanging around flowers even though they always make her sneeze.
  • From Fright Night Part 2: "Charlie uses bookcase, but it's super ineffective!"
    • In the obligatory 80's movie dance sequence, Regine moves her arms in a bird-like manner. Naturally, Lupa couldn't resist making chicken sounds.
  • Her affectionate pisstaking dub of the Suburban Knights trailer.
  • During her review of "City Dragon", her using MC Kung Fu's face as a Censor Box.
  • From her review of The Fly II, referring to Eric Stoltz: "How sad, he went from almost being Marty McFly to being...Marty McFly."
  • From Howling III: The Marsupials, Lupa pointing out Donny's stalkerish-actions towards Jerboa.
    Lupa: Ah yes, the first reaction you have is to chase her down like you're going murder her.
    *Later on*
    Director(?): [...] For example, in your first scene you'll be gang-raped by four monsters.
    Lupa: *Impersonating him* -Yes, and all of them are played by Donny. Funny, he really wanted that part.
  • From The Howling V, her summarizing a seven minutes of the film:
    *Overlapping* "Pip-pip, cheerio, we're in a castle, I'm mildly interested in things, Oh I say!"
  • In The Howling VI review: *Pointing out a boom mic* OH HAI
  • Allison's Halloween Candy Spooktacular:
    • Her cat, who was previously "killed" by a werewolf, jumping on things in the background. "Suddenly, alive again! Aaah, continuity!"
      • And then it starts meowing. "I know he's excited! You want some candy? Yeah? Mm, candy's good for cats, I heard."
    • Total jaded, bored reaction to the noisy candy dispensers that go off every time there's movement. Which don't turn off. She bought them a twenty-minute drive away. "Twenty minutes."
    • Mixing together all of the novelty Kool-Aide things into "sewer green".
    • Complaining that the booger candies do not taste like real boogers.
  • In the end of The Howling VII review, her reaction upon learning that there is one more sequel left to review
    • Also pretty much her reaction to Pappi throughout the review counts.
    • Zombie group dancing. Country version of thriller. That is all.
    • "A bullshit on both your houses!"
  • In the Desire review:
    • "A perfume-based serial killer? Sounds like some shitty art house film!"
    • "Oh man, major boner killer!"
    • The main character lacks common sense, Lupa responds with, "YOU IDIOT!"
    • Any time she says "bro".
  • The Bloody Mary Killer review:
    • "In what universe is this music appropriate for a rape scene?!"
    • "Apparently one of his thugs recognises Robin, and ... falls in love with him?"
  • In the Ben & Arthur review:
    • During the shootout at the end, Lupa plays "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap every time someone fires, parodying the Saturday Night Live skit "Dear Sister".
    • Dubbing epic music during the tedious argument between Arthur and Mildred
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the horrors of heterosexuality."
    • Her reaction to the "holy water recipe"
    Lupa: I have now become dumber from watching this.
  • The Hidden 2. Calling the good and evil aliens "sparklefarts" and "squiddlydoos", respectively.
  • Her We Wish You A Turtle Christmas review. All of it!
    • "Ooooooh I wish you a turtle Christmas, I know James Rolfe did this, it's still a piece of poop-as, so shut the hell up! Yay Christmas!"
    • "Where's my present?" "I'm not telling!" "BOOOOOOOOO!"
    • Phelous in a cheap tinfoil Shredder costume singing "I'll be home for Christmas"
    • "GUUUUMS!"
  • Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.
    • Reading the title out loud and frowning, then throwing her arms up. Yay!
    • It would've been hard for her to see it in 1978, since she was -11 years old then.
    • The Cookie Monster as a horrifying addict and being referred to as a "fuck-up".
    • Referring to Roscoe Orman as "Gordon's third regeneration".
    • "In addition to Big Bird's chronic depression, is this special gonna be nothing but the Muppets trying to kill each other?"
    • When talking about the Bert and Ernie subplot: "So these two losers realized they both got each other a gift for the thing they traded in. Forever together, but forever alone."
    • The gift being from "Fuck Face".
    • When Big Bird is trying to figure out how Santa can fit down a chimney with all those presents. "Clearly the only way Santa can get down that chimney is in pieces".
  • From Magic Island: "My name is Lupa! You may call me 'human.' It is what the cats call me!
  • The Blooper Reel for Lupa and Oancitizen's "Hamlet the Vampire Slayer" reveals that Lupa is a CMOF incarnate in real life, as Kyle has serious trouble keeping a straight face. He's Corpsing nonstop, and a couple times she points out that he was in film school, yeah right.
    Kyle (trying to contain the laughter): Just... just let me hear the line.
    Lupa: It's funny because its poop!
    Kyle: Again.
    Lupa: It's funny because its poop!
    Kyle: Again.
    Lupa: It's funny because its poop!
    Kyle: Again!
    Lupa: It's funny because its poop!
    Kyle: Again!
    • In the actual review, Lupa makes reference to Shakespeare...and Kyle hears it from across the hotel.
  • Lupa's Suddenly Voiced cat in Robo Vampire.
    • From the same review, "That was really plan A? You just immediately jump to the trained vampire solution?"
  • Her and Phelous' crossover review of Julie and Jack- particularly all the Birdemic references.
    • The 'wedding video' of Checkers and Ash.
    • "But who would want to date you?" [silly faces] "Get it?"
    • Lupa and Phelous' bad dancing to the song "Spiritual Love".
    • "Stand back! This painting has painting-flu virus!"
    • The Stock Footage clouds intro suddenly turning into the Stock Footage shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from The Room.
  • In Subspecies 3, "So anyone who wanted to see William Shatner's daughter naked, you're welcome." [beat] "I just killed a *lot* of boners there, didn't I?"
    • Pretty much anything she says as Radu is gold, especially "boobs".
      • And DAMMEET!
      • Her portrayal of Radu as an awkward Manchild who just wants to get laid is hilarious.
    • "I think [this scene] pretty much sums up this series. There's Mummy Radu laughing her ass off at things that aren't even remotely funny, Michelle screaming and crying, and Radu standing there with the most ridiculous face he could think up at the time."
    • Her reaction to complaints about the "titty bars": Censor bars EVERYWHERE!
    • The Flying Radu!
  • The Top Ten Hottest Animated Dogs. Let that sink in.
  • In much the same satirical vein as the above, her review of Star Wars: A New Hope, a film so terrible that it "fell into rightful obscurity". Though she does praise its few good points, like the budding romance between Luke and Leia, and how Greedo shoots first.
  • Lupa has brought back Radu to review other movies. And it is hilarious.
  • Her ecstatic reaction to the frog band from Return to Frogtown
  • Heidi 4 Paws, which includes her reinterpreting the Grandfather as plotting Heidi's demise. And racism against pomeranians.
    • "Anyway, this is Peter the goat-herder who is in charge of the- *sees the 'goats'* dear God no."
    • Good God, so many in the Heidi 4 Paws review. The "Biscuit? Biscuit?" montage. The Pomeranians plotting the murders of their caretakers, especially Heidi after she calls one of them fat. "I poisoned your cheese." "Someday you'll pay ... you'll all pay." Not to mention the Psycho violin sting playing while the goat Pomeranians pop up in the background. During night scenes, they cry, "Life is an abyss! We own the night!" and withdraw, hissing.
  • In her Little Mermaid II review, pointing out an animation mistake in which a fleeing merman is grinning happily while fleeing the villain. "Look at this guy. Not a fuckin' care in the world."
    • "Shut up, Sebeastian!"
    • The long, awkward pause after Lupa fires Dr. Crest is just fantastic.
  • In Lupa's review of The Amazing Bulk, her description of what the Bulk looks like.
    Lupa: It's like if the Hulk turned his strechy pants into a gimp suit that gave him a wedgie, that'd be the Bulk.
    • "Look at this fucker run."
    • To parody the film's rampant green-screening, she puts an off-kilter photo of her room up as her background. When the film's backgrounds get even more poorly drawn, the room is replaced with an MS Paint drawing... which is still somehow better than the film's "sets".
    • "Sex jokes. Sex jokes. We're telling sex jokes. We're telling sex jokes, and the background moves too fast..."
    • Her reaction to the glorious Mind Screw near the ending. "I... I asked all of the questions. There are no more questions to be asked."
  • From No Retreat, No Surrender:
    "After Ghost Lee beats him up a bit, Jason fights the urge to retreat and surrender, and instead has an eighties training sequence. This involves him doing push-ups at a child’s playground, getting hit in the nuts, wearing short shorts, and this." *A grinning RJ sneaks up and sits on Jason's lap, (who is doing some sort of suspended pelvic-thrust…thing), causing them to both crash to the ground*
    • "Ah yes, drink a nice a cool glass of... Playboy magazine?"
  • After watching the pizza scene in Robot In The Family:
    "I... I just wanna die now."
      • Actually, the entire pizza scene is this given how it's a big bundle of noise and confusion, of which Lupa says can drive someone to suicide.
        ...I have seen Death. ...and its name is Golddigger.
      • So, naturally, she splices in the scene of Ash going nuts and cutting off his hand in "Evil Dead II".
    • "The punchline is a man dying in traffic. ... (throws up her arms) Robot in the Family, everybody."
    • Andrew Dickman's upbeat song about the robot going on a killing spree.
      "He put the baby in the toilet.. I can't even do that without laughing."
  • Lupa's intro to Vampire Assassin: "Today we're talking about vampires. *shows a clip from The Lost Boys, then laughs* Not good vampires, these vampires!" *Shows the bad-wig vampires, and Slovak*
  • "Vampire Cop is about a cop who is a vampire, and there's lots and lots of boobs."
    • "Only one of those things is important, and it's neither of the words in the title."
    • Her reaction to one of the hookers in the movie saying they accept credit cards.
    "They better give him a receipt for that! That shit's tax deductable!"
    • "Well, that just plaidens my chair!"
    • On the excessive amounts of boobage in the movie: "If you want to be a porn, movie, just be a porn! There's no audience for this! ...Except me, apparently."
  • From The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens, her reaction to Roddy Piper's exceptional moment of Chewing the Scenery. "YOUR SOUL! WAS LOST! IN DA RIVAAAAAH!!!!"
    • In the sequel, the lead character jumps from his magical treehouse and starts flying very awkwardly. Cue the Puma Man theme.
    • Also from the sequel:
    Creepy Twins: "Hello, Billy."
    Lupa: (Recoils in horror) "Ah!"
  • In Lupa's Let's Play of Xena: Death In Chains, there's her reaction to the Disco ball option. Then, after accidentally repeatedly killing the protagonists, she intentionally picks what she thinks is a silly option (a stick)... Which turns out to be the correct option!
    • She doesn't let Gabrielle live down her "dreamboat" comment, and sprinkles it on her dialogue whenever she can. It's amazing.
  • Saying "tell her you want to go home and eat her pussy" completely deadpan in the Samurai Cop review.
  • Lupa gets A Special Sesame Street Christmas as another present from "fuck face".
    • In the introduction to the review, she says that the special must be more revered than Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, since it got an Emmy nomination, but then learns it lost the Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.
    • Sometimes, she makes Tiny Tim the cat talk with a screechy, whiny voice.
    • After Ethel Merman tells Imogene Coca, "You look like an idiot!", Lupa grins and says that she can't hate Merman for saying that.
    • Lupa declares Michael Jackson's placement on the DVD cover "false advertising" after learning that his two guest spots each run less than one minute, and says that the bonus techno remix of his dialogue doesn't make up for it.
    • As Lupa is about to open said present of "fuck face," the jingles from Die Hard play in the background.
  • From the Alpha's Magical Christmas crossover with Linkara:
    • "Aaaargh! Alpha and Zordon kidnapped children!"
    • This exchange with Linkara:
    Lupa: Yeah and he sucks!
    Linkara: He does not suck!
    Lupa: Does too!
    Linkara: Does not!
    Lupa: DOES TOO!
    Linkara: DOES NOT!!
    Lupa:You win this time, Linkara Brown.
  • From the Witchcraft 5 review:
    MikeJ: (holding his mug of tea) Hello, I'm a British person.
    Lupa: (holds up two boxes of canned soda) And I'm an American!
  • Her Tumblr account is, most of the time, built on Rule of Funny, but this particular response to a question is one of the funniest thing's she put on there.
    • Another gem is her response to a goofy picture of her used in a post by TGWTG Secrets.
  • From "Allison Reads Her Barbie Fanfic":
    • Lupa lampshades how such characters as Brock, Ariel, and Bubbles have names blatantly copied from cartoons she often watched back then.
    • For the villainess, Lupa pulled out a Barbie with ugly eyeshadow and named it, "Evella".
    • The first chapter distills the failures of Evella's past crimes into a few words each.
  • Her Running Gags in her Charmed Manic Episodes:
    • "The Elders are dicks."
    • "If it sounds like a good idea, Charmed will find a way to make it stupid."
    • Her love/hate for Neighbour Dan
    • Her intense hatred for Piper and especially Phoebe
    • Pointing out how awful the Charmed Ones progressively become at saving innocents
    • She loves pointing out how death has no meaning on the show since the main characters die very often and always come back. (Well except for that one time with Prue but that was a case of Real Life Writes the Plot)
    • How often the Charmed Ones abuse Leo
    • Pointing out all of the WTH, Costuming Department? moments in the show. There are a lot honestly.
    • Showing the multiple Special Effect Failures
    • Every season she is able to make a huge list of Whitelighter continuity errors, she even points out in the sixth season episode that's she's shocked that she can do this each episode.
    • Her shrill voices and unflattering screenshots when speaking as Piper or Phoebe.
    • Pointing out how often the Charmed Ones use magic for personal gain accompanied by a triumphant "Makes it easy!!"
  • Other Charmed jokes:
    • The description of the Bizarro World Rick Astley. "Always gonna give you up. Always gonna let you down. Always gonna run around and desert you."
    • Her name for Charmed fans since Charmeders didn't sound right? Charmanders!
    • The sound she makes when Wyatt refers to Coop as "Uncle Coop."
    • Superimposing the sobbing Kaley Cuoco's head over the "Sucks to Be You" video might be the most darkly hysterical thing she's ever done.
    • "Because there were two blue moon's that year, the girls have become PMS Werewolves. PMS Werewolves. PMS Werewolves!!"
    • Piper kept neighbor Dan's, and his niece Jenny's severed heads, and she later adds an electrician that pissed her off.
    • Finally unloading on Phoebe's thoughtless treatment of her boyfriends:
    "However, I did find it pretty apt that every week, the show is telling me "all my hope is gone." Refreshingly honest, Charmed."
    • Starting her review of the eight and final (not to mention postscript) season with The Imperial March playing over footage of the sisters exiting an elevator and walking through the FBI defiantly, and her opening sentence: 'This was not supposed to happen!'
  • In her Witchcraft 666 review: "You got two guesses as to what's on screen next: boobs, or delicious chocolate cake." The answer: boobs censored by delicious chocolate cake.
  • In her Witchcraft 7 review, about the drastic changes in casting of characters:
    I'm just saying, don't be surprised if, next review, I'm a Mexican dude.
    *Smash Cut to The Film Renegado wearing a very obvious red wig*
    "Hello, I'm Obscurus Lupa, and welcome to the review of Witchcraft 8. Ai yiyiyiyi!" *shakes maracas, screen flashes the colors of the Mexican flag*
  • During a Livestream, Lupa streamed Cop Rock. A typo in the chat turned the Mayor into MAMYOR, a Memetic Badass that shoots first, asks questions later, fights Godzilla, questions why everyone has flat tops, lets Hoby sleep in her hair, and is also probably an alien from the same planet as Tommy Wiseau.
  • In the Witchcraft 9 review (done with Phelous), because the main character has become a ghost, the two reviewers become Ghostbusters. Cue Lupa in a Ghostbusters uniform... and Phelous dressed as the animated Janine. They switch in the next scene (and Lupa's Janine cosplay is excellent), but damn was that brilliant.
    • The "Hooker Math" and "Hooker Magic" employed by the deuteragonist.
    • When the Hooker with a Heart of Gold trope is referenced, a picture of Brad Jones accompanies it.
    • Censoring a sex scene with the following: Guy Fieri, The Critic, Linkara, Lupa's cat Ash ("...Why was my cat in there?"), and the sun.
    • When the protagonist finds it impossible to touch anyone because he's a ghost, "Can't Touch This" is played over a montage of the Running Gag.
  • The opening to her ''Baywatching'' series contains the credit "Created By An Idiot."
  • From A Talking Cat!?!:
    • The title card, based on the bad, obscure 1989 NES game A Week of Garfield.
    • Lupa sneaking up on The Nostalgia Critic who is casually eating a burrito, pushing a VCR up next to him, then sticking the film's DVD in the VCR slot. She must have the same skills as JonTron.
    • Both of them reading the title in various inflections.
    • Lupa calls the director "David De-Can't-Pronounce-His-Name."
    • "Did The Cinema Snob voice the kitty, or did his cat Lloyd just want to give his son a liftoff project?"
    • Their With Lyrics rendition of the opening segment's jaunty music.
  • Most of the Miami Connection review is stupidly funny, but especially her ridiculous glee at the band-within-a-movie, Dragonsound. By the time they come back on screen a third time, Lupa looks like she just achieved enlightenment.
    • Also, this is just one of her many, many ribs on the poorly-delivered dialogue throughout the movie:
  • The dull, bitter stare from the Creepshow 3 review, after a nonsensical Reveal. Which she maintains for a good fourteen seconds. And then does it again.
  • From her review of Moon Of The Wolf, there's this moment:
    "Hey, this here's his sister. How do we know she ain't gonna turn out to be some kind of a wolf?"
  • From her and Phelan's "Supernatural Podcast", enjoy the opening lines to the "Dark Dynasty" episode:
    Allison: (load groan, devolving into chuckling in the background)
    Phelan: (depressed-sounding) Welcome to the "Dead Side Characters Podcast".
  • Phelan and Allision getting increasingly sick of all the secrets and death in Supernatural, and describing a future season where Sam is blind, everyone else is dead, and every episode is about Dean trying to hide that fact from Sam.
  • Sinbad: The Battle of The Dark Knights: Comparing the editing to that of a bad YouTube Poop.
  • From Movie Nights: Thunder in Paradise "CUSTODY CHAMPION!"
  • In her review of Showgirls, she accidentally says "breast friend" instead of "best friend," and the text "'BREAST' FRIEND LOL" is shown briefly onscreen.
    • A similar thing happens in her review of Mr. Wrong, when she accidentally says "wanted for police" instead of "by police," and the words "FOR POLICE" are shown briefly onscreen when she says it.
  • Her review of the infamous Star Trek: Enterprise episode "A Night In Sickbay" has a LOT of these.
    • The intro:
    Allison: Let me be upfront with y'all. I"m not a Trekkie, I'm just a Scott Bakula fan. But even I, with rudimentary Star Trek knowledge, can easily say that Enterprise is a pile of hot steaming garbage. As I sit through the interminably long episodes of this mess I find my sanity slipping away. At times it feels like maybe space is a boring, horny expanse. Maybe women do randomly loose their shirts during important missions. That's just how life is. Who knows after Enterprise has fried my brain like ice cream on a hot sidewalk?
    • "Just to prep you for how bad things are going to get, "A Night in Sickbay" is a continuation of the episode where they fight a giant pile of space semen. By the way, there's an episode where the crew fight a giant pile of space semen."
    • "Porthos has picked up some kind of pathogen and will be spending most of the episode in the dying box AWW LOOK AT THE LITTLE DOGGIE HE'S SO CUTE!"
    • Allison playing "Turn Down For What" after T'Pol calls Archer out for letting his pride get in the way of things.
    • The "Trained Diplomat Captain Archer" sequence, where she punctuates each "Trained diplomat Captain Archer" with a freeze frame of him being an asshole.
      Allison: "Trained diplomat" Captain Archer is told about the tree pissing incident and when told T'Pol apologized for him, he gets upset. "Trained diplomat" Captain Archer is mad because the aliens get offended too easily, forgetting that "Dog pisses on sacred tree" is less an alien offense and more of a "regular" offense". "Trained diplomat" Captain Archer says they should've checked to see if there was a pathogen in the air that his dog and that it's their fault. "Trained diplomat" Captain Archer refuses to do their proposed act of contrition. "Trained Diplomat" Captain Archer takes back any sort of apology and spends the rest of the episode whining like a xenophobic idiot even though they need this part for their ship to run. "Trained diplomat" Captain Archer.
      Captain Archer: If anything happens to Porthos, I'll be the one watering their Alvera trees.
      Allison: "Trained. Diplomat."
      Tucker: Well yer a trained diplomat!
    • "He proceeds to angrily watch Water Polo because he's the whitest person to ever white. And now he's throwing a ball against the wall like a kid who just found out their parents are getting a divorce. Probably thinking up some more zingers about pissing on things. He's so likable!"
    • "Yes, Captain, tell me the stories of your wang. Your dog's life depends on it."
    • Her flabbergasted reaction to the show in general is just great.
      Allison {Panicked nosies} I'm losing my damn mind right now! In a series full of poor ideas "Dog funeral nightmare that turns into a sex dream" is the worst of them. Somebody wrote this! They acted this out!
    • Responding to the infamous "I"m doing the breast I can" line by dryly saying "I hate this show" and then showing a promo for the episode not only leading with that but playing up Archer and T'Pol's sexual tension as a featured part of the episode.
      Allison: Oh god why?!
    • "Let it be known that on October 16th 2002, Emmy Award winning actor Scott Bakula was forced to say the line 'Porthos, my Beagle, my pal.' "
    • "Stop talking about how much you want to bone T'Pol while he's performing surgery on your taxidermied juice dog!"
    • Allison being happy that Captain Archer is being forced to swallow his pride and make up for his awful actions by doing the aliens act of contrition... only to snap once she sees that involves a shirtless tattooed Scott Bakula in dreadlocks with a chainsaw.
      Allison: Well that's good. An actual apology that can help the character grow- [cut to dreadlocks chainsaw scene] what the fuck IS THIS? Why is Scott Bakula in dreadlocks with a chainsaw?! Who is this for?! [Archer winks] NO don't wink!


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