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  • Mark Sevi, a writer for several movies Lupa reviewed, took them the wrong way and posted a scathing and highly libelous screed against her on his blog, even going so far as to send it to Lupa personally. How did Lupa react? A classy rebuttal calling him out on his hypocrisy which resulted in Sevi removing the blog post and giving a half-hearted apology. Lupa, once again proving herself the better person, chose to accept that and leave the incident behind her.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. When someone rudely commented on the Hamlet The Vampire Slayer crossover she did with Oancitizen, calling him an "asshole douchebag", Lupa responded with this:
    "With all due respect, my friend isn't a douchebag and you should take your business elsewhere."
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  • The epic lengths she went to in order to review Crowfoot. She had to get a VHS off of British eBay in winter that couldn't play on an American VCR, give it to Film Brain at Magfest so that he could convert it to DVD, then got it back at the fourth anniversary to put up a review in June. She's that much of a Kate Hodge fangirl.
  • Following a blog post in which Allison declared that she was sick of being seen only as a "woman" on the site (as opposed to a person who doesn't need to be judged by different standards), a commentor/troll on the forums instigated this exchange, leading to a perfectly placed Precision F-Strike from our host:
    kawau_the_troll: If you know Latin Slang, there is a certain amount of sexual harassment to be expected when you name yourself Obscure Prostitute. Just saying that she-wolf in latin and mostly still in italian is not a good word to call a young lady. I am not saying it is deserved or wanted, just that there is a certain amount that should be expected.
    Obscurus Lupa: I chose the name Obscurus Lupa because it means "dark she-wolf," and I know it's bad latin.
    Apparently it can also be interpreted as "prostitute" so that means I should expect sexual advances? People are going to read my name and assume I'm a prostitute?
    Respectfully, fuck you.
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  • At the end of her Aliens vs. Avatars review, director of both it and The Amazing Bulk, Lewis Shoenbrun, appears. He says that her review of Bulk was pretty funny, and that he doesn't take the reviews personally, feeling that as long as people were entertained, that's what matters. Then he beamed away because his planet needed him.
  • Her performance of "This is the moment" from Jekyll & Hyde at the end of her Evil Dead 2 review.
    • Part of her commentary for the same. "I have to strive to be the kind of person that I'm proud of. And I have to try to be better than I think I am."
  • Her singing a parody of "Science Fiction Double Feature" for the first part of her two Sci Fi Original Movie Double Feature reviews is also pretty awesome.
  • This Tumblr post in which she tears apart the people who accuse her of being the Yoko Ohno to Phelous, pointing out that the two have only appeared together a handful of times and calling out the people on YouTube who have made videos just to slam the two's relationships. What's more awesome is that she doesn't believe it is jealously towards the two's relationship that is the main reason of contention and believes there is more to it than just that.
    • This sentence in particular is really awesome:
    Just because you watch my videos does not make me your property or my personal life part of my character (as loose of a character as it may be).
  • How about that despite being hated by a section of Phelous' fandom for her relationship with him and being sent death threats for the Rape Joke incident with Spoony by his obsessive fans, she never gives up releasing videos on a weekly basis and has a friendly relationship with her fandom to the point of being regarded as a Cool Big Sis to the TGWTG community?
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  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. This Tumblr Post in which she states the TGWTG folks are a "second family" to her, and despite any drama with them, she's happy for all the good times she's spent with them.
    But the people I am close to, the people I’m privileged to work with, they’re like a second family to me. When I meet them at Magfest, at the anniversaries, it always feels like it’s been days rather than a year since I’ve last seen them. No matter what happens down the road, these people will continue to be my lifelong friends. I’m extremely lucky people have put up with me long enough to form these friendships, and I hope we can continue to make you happy with the work we put out. Hopefully I can put the cynicism away long enough to spread some more happiness outside of that too.
  • Her love of Quantum Leap has paid off when, in early 2018, she found a set of negatives that depict the original unaired finale.
  • Her work in detailing the behind-the-scenes problems at Channel Awesome, most notably being the principal author of the 70-page document exposing the management's abuses.


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