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Heartwarming / Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon

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  • Just after the recap for episodes 36-44:
    Cruton: Sir, about three months ago, Sailor Moon was pop-culture background noise to me. It was something like Go-Bots or She-Ra, the kind of thing that sits in your peripheral awareness as a image on children's underwear. Everybody knew Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was a done thing. Nobody mentioned Sailor Moon unless you were cracking an Excel Saga joke or searching 4chan for naughty pics.

    Then you had to go and remind me why it's a story that, more than a decade later, we all still remember.

    What I'm saying, basically, is that if you're ever in Columbus, OH, the drinks are on me.
    Taurus II: I second this remark. Except that I'm in Albuquerque, NM.
    Evil Midnight Lurker: I third that... and I'm actually in Santa Cruz, so there's a fairly high risk of it happening.
    Peter Svensson: I'm close enough to Santa Cruz. I'd join in.
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  • The epilogue. Just getting to see the characters as adults... and then their reunion.
  • From the review of the R movie: Ami remembers, Makoto remembers, Minako remembers, Rei remembers...The Sailors remember together.
    She saw things in me no one else wanted to look for.
    She wanted nothing from me except myself.
    She hardly noticed what others saw only, and saw instantly what I wanted to show.
    She knew what I really was - and embraced it fearlessly.
    Then she taught me how to see myself the same way.
    And she did all this without thinking, like you or I breathe.
    You wonder why I'd die for her?
  • The announcement of Evil Midnight Lurker's marriage.
  • The official thread welcome image macro.

There are a number of meta moments as well, generated by the thread discussion:

  • Amazoness! on how he met his wife.
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  • After the R Movie, in which The Little Prince was apparently killed by being stuffed into a volcano on the orders of the evil flower, there was an immediate Fix Fic where he survived in an Emergency Shelter From Space Elves. Something about the way it's done, as one of the doodle illustrations from the original book, is incredibly sweet.
  • Similarly, a brief fic after the death of Mimette based on the knowledge that the Witches 5 are all humans effectively possessed by Daimon Seeds, where becoming trapped in a computer system allows her to finally expel the daimon leaving her to wander into The Grid from Tron.
  • The fact that, whenever the inevitable forum arguments pop up, the fastest way to stop them is to say "Usagi wouldn't want us to fight."

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