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Heartwarming / Resident Evil Abridged

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In General

  • Any of Chris' 'big brother' moments with Rebecca, from offering to watch over her while they're at the mansion, to being saddened when he thought she'd been killed by Wesker.
    • Thankfully, the shot missed and, only minutes later, he caves in when she begs him to let her blow the place to smithereens.
    Rebecca: (innocently) "Aww, c'mon! Can't we blow it up?? Pleasepleaseplease, PLEEE~EEASE??"
    Chris: (gives in) "Ohh... can't say "no" to that face. Alright, give me 20min. to find Jill, then light it up."
    Rebecca: "YES! Thanks!" (runs off to do it)
  • Chris frees Jill from her cell and she proceeds to hug him in relief.
    Jill: "Oh, thank God! Someone who hasn't betrayed me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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