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Heartwarming / Fallout: Nuka Break

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  • Chris Avellone and Tim Cain guest starring in Season 2.
    • Tim gives a good one for old school fans while passing the torch when talking about Twig's pip boy.
      Tim: "Nice Pipboy! 3000 series, right? Very nice. Had a 2000 series myself back in the day..."
    • Furthermore, Chris Avellone had previously stated via Word of God that Goris died sometime after Fallout 2. Since said character shows up here as The Scholar, he may have given his blessing to reverse that decision.
      • Actually he didn't. Interviews revealed that Avellone's reaction to Goris was very negative but he was blocked by Executive Veto. (His profuse love for Genocide Tropes committed by Nietzsche Wannabes can be tiresome.) Similarly, his Fallout Bible is no longer Word of God, with Avellone himself having declared it a non-canonical work of fiction after concerns of a lawsuit from Bethesda (who were already giving him the Death Glare). Which is a good thing since the Bible was a shady exercise in Stealing the Credit to accrue Creator Worship.
        • And speaking of Goris, there's a single line that's easily this to fans of the older games. Turns out he keeps the Chosen One in mind, from time to time. And it turns out he was a bit like Twig.
      "You remind me of someone I once knew."
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  • Ben calling Scar and James his family.
  • Ben's backstory when it's revealed that the guard he murdered to save his wife ultimately saved an entire vault including his unborn son because Vault Tec planned for that vault to have no medical personnel and his wife was a nurse.
    • The Ranger (aka James Eldridge) revealing that despite living to a grand old age in the Vault, his wife never remarried and died clutching her wedding ring. It's been passed down as a treasured heirloom in his family for over 200 years.
  • "Get our family out of here."
  • Twig sacrificing the universal processor for his Pip-Boy to allow the machinery in the Lockre to run again, allowing them to manufacture new weapons and ammunition to ensure that their peaceful community can remain free from slavers, raiders and especially the Legion.

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